It's all history

Posted on Tue Mar 17th, 2020 @ 9:37am by NVeid tr'Rehu

Mission: Kobayashi Maru
Location: USS Imperator

"Do we really have to go back?" Jarron was walking circles around his father, to the point of driving the poor man insane as he tried to keep track of his son. The ten year old boy was feeling restless, despite having enjoyed his shore leave.

Nveid nodded. "I think we're about to receive orders," he said, "we've all been recalled to the ship."

"Can't I go to grandpa for a while? Or to one of my aunties?" He looked thoughtful. "Or's family. You know...." The boy felt awkward bringing his blood family up, knowing full well they wanted precious little to do with him because he was a bastard son, a hybrid no less in a family of proud German pure blood history.

"Jarron, it's okay if you want to talk about your birth father. You know I encourage it, and I don't want you to feel any less because of it. There's a reason you still have your own name, aside from mine." The Romulan hybrid looked down at his adopted child. "Our bond is special, you are my son in all but blood. But I don't want you to feel like being denied part of who you are."

Jarron stopped walking. "Tell me about my uh...real dad?" He felt awkward because part of him felt he might hurt his father's feelings, especially since he didn't really remember his real father.

Nveid looked thoughtful for a moment. "He was a marine," he started slowly, "you have to remember I didn't know him really well, aside from the fact that he was part of our rescue. Your shuttle had crashed and your caretaker had been killed. My people.." He frowned, part of him wanting to deny that past, part of him needing to acknowledge it as part of his history. "My people had captured you and ordered interrogation. When we fled we were rescued and your father was meeting us. I don't really remember what specialisation he had, but I do remember him saying he came from a very large family, and that he has a lot of brothers and sisters. I also remember him being cast out for having relations with an alien woman, I think he was disowned for it."

Jarron frowned. "I can't understand this, why would family not want to know family? Your dad wants to know you now right?"

The Romulan nodded slowly. "He does, and he feels bad for not having been around. His new wife doesnt really want much to do with me, but maybe that'll change. My sisters feel elated, but they're keeping a careful distance. I can understand that. I'm giving them time, it's new to them too. But you are just a child, and I do feel we should be open to contact if your uncles and aunts want it."

"THey're not going to take me away from you are they?"

This time, the Romulan's eyes flashed briefly. "I'd dare them to try," he answered thinly, "you're my son. My child." He wrapped his arms around the boy. "Nothing in this universe will separate us."

"Good..." Jarron gave a satisfied smile. "Now all we need is.." He stopped, smirking at his father.

"Need is..." Nveid promped. "A mother? Wife? All in due time Jarron...I'm in no hurry."

"Neither am I... just promise me one thing dad? Don't do anything rash? You're all I have...."

Again the Romulan nodded. "I'll try, that's all I can promise. Come...we must get back home now, I have to report for duty in a few hours."

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