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Reporting back again

Posted on Tue Mar 3rd, 2020 @ 10:47pm by Captain Thomas Winter & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy

Mission: Kobayashi Maru
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD1, prior to starting mission

Having arrived only minutes ago, Naois had sent his family ahead to find their old quarters. He was lucky they hadn't been reassigned, as it really had been only months when he had gone back to Earth. Stretching himself out a little, he glanced around, re-familiarizing himself with the ship. "Computer, locate the commanding officer."

Logically, he would be on the bridge but one never know, did one? Listening to he computer's response, the Vulcan doctor headed straight for the bridge. A place, he barely ever spent any time. Not only because his duties were in sickbay, but also because he wasn't a qualified bridge officer anymore. Even as a counselor he already spent little time there, he found it unsettling.

Stepping out of the lift, he paused again to look around. Though he should know what the captain looked like, he realized he actually had no idea. "Captain Winter?" he called out, hoping to draw the man's attention.

Tom's head cocked up from the position he was stood at, reading some maintenance reports on the larger display of one of the Engineering stations. He spun on his heel, clocking the Vulcanoid who was addressing him.

"Hello there." He said as he walked over "Can I help you, Commander?"

"Yes sir..." Naois handed over a PADD. "Doctor Naois Mercy, I have been reassigned back to the Imperator sir. I served priorly with Admiral Lancaster and I am looking forward to serving here again."

"A long-term temporary re-assignment?" Tom questioned "Not something you hear of often. Enjoy the vacation?"

"Not quite a vacation sir. I found I was lacking some specific training so I chose to spend the time at the academy." He offered a minute smile. "I have always prided myself on being up to date on medical techniques and I had found myself falling short. Now, I am ready to serve here again."

"I see." Tom replied, holding out a hand "Well then, welcome back, Doctor."

Unconsciously, Naois placed his hands behind his back, but offered a slight bow instead. "Thank you captain," he replied, "might I ask how matters have been aboard the Imperator? Have I missed anything important? Aside from the admiral having been replaced, apparently."

“Chasing down a renegade Captain and some general border patrol.” Tom shrugged “Thing have been quiet.”

"Best way to settle into a new command, is it not?" Naois asked curiously, "have you been able to get acquainted with the crew?"

"You sound like a counsellor." Tom said with a wry smile "I've not had much of a chance to get to know many of the crew. I'm working on it."

"I am a counselor," Naois chuckled, "well, I used to be anyway. I suppose old habits die hard. Perhaps you could organize a get together? A team building effort perhaps?"

"I might have an idea for that." Tom said "No special dietary requirements I need to know about?"

"No citrus fruits of any sort, otherwise no allergies that I am aware of," Naois replied, "I fear even the smallest amout will make me very ill.

“So no lemon chicken.” Tom noted “Pineapple?”

"I do like pineapple and it has not given me issues before.." The Vulcan tilted his head a fraction. "No chicken either however... I am vegetarian."

"Makes sense." Tom said, pointing to Naois' ears.

Naois chuckled. "Do not let the ears fool you... I am half Human."

"Yeah but don't Vulcanoids struggle with meats?" He asked "I mean, since Vulcans have had a plant based diet for centuries, surely natural selection would cause issues with meats then?"

"That is an interesting concept captain, however not all Vulcans are vegetarian. And I know for a fact that Romulans are not either... my son does eat meat. And I do occasionally eat fish, but not often." He paused. "If that is all captain, I would like to see my family settled."

"Of course, Doctor." Tom nodded "Welcome back."

"Thank you sir, it is good to be back."


Captain Thomas Winter
Commanding Officer

LtC Naois Mercy
Chief Medical Officer


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