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Family Dinners

Posted on Sat Feb 29th, 2020 @ 10:51am by Captain Thomas Winter & Kelly Winter
Edited on on Sat Feb 29th, 2020 @ 10:51am

Mission: Kobayashi Maru
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: MD01 1800 Hours

Kelly walked up to the door of her Father's quarters. The brunette had a PADD in her hand, going over what she'd been working on in class. Her Father was never much of a conversationalist over dinners, so she needed something to keep her attention.

She pressed the chime, waiting outside the door. She could still do a runner, go back to her own quarters before he got to the door. The turbolift was less than ten metres away. If she made a dash now, it would only take her-

"Kelly, thanks for coming over." Her thought was interrupted by her Father's greeting as the doors to his quarters opened "Come on in."

She smiled lightly as she stepped inside, being pulled into a tight hug by her Father as she got inside.

"Dad... Breathing..." She noted to him, being released "Thanks."

"Sorry." Tom said, gesturing to a dining table where two plates were sat "Have a seat, you're right on time."

Of course she was. She knew what he Father was like in regards to keeping time. If he said he was preparing dinner for 1800, you'd better be there by 1800, or it would be cold by 1805. She remembered the time she'd showed up three minutes late and had a barely warm, very burned, barbecue chicken fillet with an equally under cooked jacket potato.

She took a seat, and looked down at the plate in front of her.

He'd tried. However, the sheer amount of gravy that was at present drowning the cremated remains of a beef brisket, carrots, onions and Brussels sprouts, did not serve to hide their overcooked state. At least the mashed potatoes weren't burned, even if they were visibly lumpy.

"Just like Grandma used to make." She lied as she picked up her knife and fork, struggling to cut a slither of her meat off "How long did you cook this for?"

"It was cooking for about 8 hours then simmering in the gravy for another two." Tom replied as he cut through his own meat, taking a bite and almost wincing at the texture "...Definitely not as good as Grandma's."

Kelly laughed slightly. Her Grandma, Tom's Mother, was something of a savant in the kitchen. Unfortunately, her son had not inherited her culinary talents, much as he loved to try. When Kelly had been little, her parents would take her to Sunday lunch at her Grandparents' whenever he was on leave, which quickly showed her how bad a chef her Father was.

"Water?" He asked, picking up the jug full of clear liquid in front of him, getting a nod in reply as he poured her drink "How was your day?"

"It was calculus, Dad." She replied "It was boring."

"Well, your Mother tells me you're considering Starfleet." Tom said "Which means you'll need calculus."

"And yet you can fail astro physics." Kelly noted "Where's the logic there?"

"Vulcan are we?" He asked.

"No, just applying some rational thought." She said "I thought you liked that."

She wasn't trying to start a fight. Not really. But it was difficult to maintain a happy families facade when she had a sum total of about six years spent with her Father across her nearly sixteen years of life. That she was going to end up spending her sixteenth birthday with him rather than at home with her Mother and her friends was extremely irritating to her. However, as soon as she'd mentioned the career she was considering, her Mother had insisted she go spend some time with her Father, see what it was really like.

"Look, Kelly, I'm not sat here as a Starfleet Officer." He said "I'm sat here as your Dad."

"My Dad?" She asked "Dad, you've not put the man hours in for that role. Hell, Matt's put more hours in than you have."

She immediately regretted her words. Tom didn't like to show too much emotion, didn't like to let on when things bothered him, but she knew that her relationship with her Step-Father bothered him.

"Dad, I'm sorry." She said "I didn't think, I-"

"No, it's fine." He cut her off "I've not always been there for you, but I want to make up for that now. You Mother said you wanted to join Starfleet. Why don't you tell me why?"

She paused for a moment, gobsmacked by his understanding. This wasn't the same man she had in her head from all those visits over the years. He was trying to understand, putting his own ego aside to hear what it was she thought and felt. He was actually making an effort.

"Well," She broke the silence "I guess I should start at the beginning."



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