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About that time

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 1:44am by Lieutenant Kether McCloud & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy MD, PsyD
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Mission: 48 Hours
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 1 1330 hours

Kether rolled her shoulder and winced in pain as she moved though her newly acquainted quarters. She just knew when she told the Doctor on board why she had neglected to seek medical treatment her next stop would be to see the counselor. She had been to so many counselors and had seen so many doctors for as long as she could remember that she didn't relish the idea of adding another. Dr. Richardson on the Cross had seemed nice enough, but that didn't last.

With a sigh she grabbed her service jacket and headed for the nearest turbolift. It wasn't long before she was standing outside of sickbay. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly before cross the threshold to meet the inevitable.

As it happened, said doctor was also a qualified doctor which would be a valuable asset in his dealings with patients and referring them as needed. Naois turned as he heard the doors swish behind him and offered the female who entered an encouraging smile. "Greetings," he started, "how may I assist?"

"Lieutenant McCloud." Kether replied. "I need my boarding physical." She resisted the urge to point out her shoulder. Stubborness would be her downfall, at least that is what her mother and father always said. The thought brought a slight smile to the corner of her mouth.

Nodding, the Vulcan gestured towards one of the vacant beds. "Pick one and hop on," he smiled, "I am Doctor Naois Mercy." He went to adjust the bed's monitors to her physiology and gender, then picked up a tricorder. "Any changes in your condition since your last physical? Anything I need to know about before we proceed?"

Kether knew he would find it, so she figured she would rather tell him. "I dislocated my shoulder recently and never had it looked at." She reached into her pocket and pulled out her pill case. "Also, my last doctor put me on a new regimen of anti-depressants. I was on that posting such a short time I am not sure if it made it into my file." She laid on one of the empty bio beds. 'Let's get this over with' She thought to herself.

"It is always good to come forward with information," Naois commented as he pulled the scanning unit from his tricorder, "can you tell me why you are taking anti-depressants? And have you spoken with the chief counselor about this?" he paused. "How did you dislocate your shoulder?"

"I dislocated my shoulder on an away mission attempting to save my partner from plunging to his death." Kether replied easily. "I have spoken to every counselor in the fleet, or so it feels" She continued with a laugh. "They have tried every combination of drugs and therapy. Apparently being clinically depressed due to letting your husband die is fairly common in the Federation among intelligence officers." She didn't mean to be snarky, but hated this conversation and with how often she transferred ships it was a common one.

"Well clearly not every counselor," Naois answered lightly while continuing his scan of her body, "and I know how it feels to lose a partner and not being able to do anything to save her." He finished his scan and gestured or her to sit up. "Can you bare your arm and shoulder for me?" he asked, "then I will take a closer look at your injury. Please be aware I require to touch you for this and I may cause you some discomfort. When I am done I will take a look at your medication."

Without hesitation Kether removed her service jacket and undershirt leaving her in the tank top she wore under it all. The bruising and swelling in her shoulder were evident even to the untrained eye. "Whatever you need to do." She didn't add that she was done with her self imposed torture. She couldn't stifle the laugh that bubbled up inside her as she imagined what would happen to her if anyone could ever get inside her head.

Gently, Naois probed the injured site with his fingers, then moved to lift her arm to rotate the shoulder. "How tender is it?" he asked as he manipulated the rotator cuff, using his hand to feel whether there was any resistance.

Kether sucked a breath between her teeth. "Only about like my arm is being ripped off by a Mugato every time I think about moving it." She closed her eyes as she focused on her breathing. "I have been taking analgesics to manage the pain, but I have done this many times before and knew I would need to get it looked at sooner or later. "

"Do not worry, you will not be bothered by this when you walk out of my sickbay," the Vulcan promised as he reached for a deep tissue regenerator. "This may feel a little warm, please try to sit as still as possible."

Kether simply nodded. She sat still as the doctor worked the Federation sanctioned magic. The warming sensation was a welcome comfort to the pain had been feeling. It was almost a relief. A single tear rolled down her cheek as the ministrations of the Doctor returned her to her original state.

"Are you alright?" the doctor asked, putting his tools aside when he was done, "I am going to prescribe a few exercises to help you regain full use of your arm." As he spoke and watched her, he picked up the case she'd put on the bed earlier and scanned the contents. "Lieutenant, are you certain you were prescribed antidepressants?" he turned the display of the tricorder around for her to see. "These are not antidepressants....these are suppressants. Antipsychotics, to be exact. How long have you been taking these?"

Kether tried to think. The words bouncing around in her head. antipsychotics Why would she be on those? "Um..." She started with the confusion obvious on her face. "This regimen I have been one three weeks, but I am been taking anti-depressants, or what ever they are for as long as I can remember." She racked her brain thinking over and over trying to remember when she wasn't on them. "I always thought it was due to Gerald, however...I can't remember a time I wasn't taking some sort of prescription." She looked up at the doctor, the investigator and data miner that she was churning through the information. "Is there any way to tell how long I have been taking them?"

"I would have to run additional tests," Naois mused, looking thoughtful, "do you know when you first started this particular prescription? Do you have anything left from prior prescriptions?"

"Uh...probably." Kether replied as she thought over what she had done with them. "There might be some in the bottom of my duffle bag." She laughed at the thought. Her main thought, and the one that bothered her the most, was that she needed to talk to Thorrin. "Is it important that I have them? I have switched prescriptions a lot over the last decade."

"Knowing their composition, I can run an analysis on your blood and see which ones are still present in your system and in what concentration. That will give me an indication on how long you have been on these antipsychotics." Naois reached for a hypospray and reversed the setting, pressing an empty vial in the back end. "I will require a few blood samples," he apologized.

"Take all the blood you need." Kether replied easily enough. She was racking her brain to think over where they could be or a way to figure it out. "Can you tell me how long this one has been in my system?" It should only be three weeks but at this point Kether wasn't ruling anything out.

"This particular one?" Adjusting his scanners for trace amounts of the drugs, Naois proceeded to fill two vials with her blood and, after properly labeling them, put them aside. He looked up when the monitor beeped. "Fifty months," he said, "is that of any significance? What happened fifty months ago?"

Kether couldn't speak for a few moments. "My daughter..." She started once she could finally form words. "My daughter was born about that time." She looked up at the Vulcan. "I didn't take anything while I was pregnant and I don't think I took anything before then..." Her voice tailed off as she was thinking. She needed to talk this through and she hated the idea that the one person she needed was Thorrin.

"You were starting to take these suppresants and antipsycotics when your child was born? Do you remember why you required a change in medication?" He could sense her frustration, and it was building up into distress.. "I am trying to help you lieutenant, but in order to help you I need as much information as you are able to give me. Where is your child now?"

"Um, my husband died eight months before Molly was born." Kether replied. "She lives with my sister and doesn't even know that I am her mom." She hadn't meant to say that out loud but the confession just rolled off her tongue. "I had never been on the medication before least not that I can remember." She closed her eyes and tried to think. "Is there anything else that my blood is telling you?"

Giving it a moment to study the read-out, Naois finally nodded. "Yes ma'am," he answered, not even trying to beat around the bush or soften the blow. From his experience that hardly ever worked as intended. "You are not Human." He turned around. "Why did you not keep your daughter with you? Or even tell her you are her mother?"

"I didn't want her to be used against me." Kether replied. "I didn't want her to grow up on a Star ship." She answered the questions honestly with no hesitation. Her mind was too occupied with the fact that the Vulcan doctor believed Kether wasn't human. It made too much sense to be a lie and the doctor had no reason to doctor the test results but she was too shocked to be truly shocked at least not yet. "Not human? Than what am I?" she finally asked.

"El-Aurian. According to my scans you are 105 years old ma'am." He gestured towards the scans now displaying on the overhead screen. "Now...why would someone go at length to hide your true identity? Do you remember who prescribed your medications?"

"What?!?" Kether exclaimed. Her mind was racing. After a few moments it finally dawned on her that the doctor has asked her a question, "I...uh...I don't have any idea why someone would go to this length to hide my identity from me...other people I get, being in intel and all. The first Doctor was Dr Rigby back at Starfleet Medical. She works with and for Admiral Lange." She looked at the Vulcan. "Uh, I don't mean to rush you but I need to get out of here...get some fresh air."

Naois nodded. "I would recommend you speak with a counselor about this," he suggested calmly, stepping aside to let her up, "I also recommend for you to accept your daughter as yours, and raise her yourself. Children can be quite a calming and stabilizing factor. if you do not wish to speak with someone on the counseling team, you are welcome to come speak with me. I am qualified as counselor."

"Th..Thank you." Kether replied looking up at the Doctor. "I will keep that in mind." The person she really wanted to talk to was Thorrin. Everything she was told was bouncing though her head and she needed to find some why to sort it all out. Sliding off the end of the bio bed and landing softly on the floor. "Please let me know if you find anything else out. I appreciate your concern." She tugged down the front of her uniform in every attempt to retain what little composure she had. She cleared her throat as she moved towards the door with intent.

"I will," the Vulcan doctor promised, nodding permission for her to go. "Barring unforseen circumstances, you are cleared for duty. Provided you will speak with a counselor."

Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy

Lieutenant JG Kether McCloud


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