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Welcome to The Team

Posted on Fri Feb 2nd, 2018 @ 3:44am by Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy MD, PsyD & Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Mission: Diplomatic Incident
Location: Transporter Room 1, USS Imperator
Timeline: MD01 1900 Hours

Oliver stood in the transporter room, wearing the waistcoat variant of his uniform. He'd been told Starfleet had finally delivered him a new Chief Medical Officer. The communique had come through immediately after he'd briefed the Senior Staff on their assignment. It was a pain in the backside but couldn't be helped. What he found more interesting was where the man had joined them from.

"Admiral. Commander Mercy signals he's ready to beam aboard." The female Andorian Transporter chief indicated "On your order?"

"Energise, Chief." Oliver said, watching as the figure of the Chief Medical Officer appeared on the transporter pad "Commander Mercy, nice to meet you. I'm Admiral Oliver Lancaster. Welcome aboard the Imperator."

Beside the officer in question, three smaller persons materialized. Naois offered a small smile, making no effort at all to hide the black eye he was sporting. "Thank you admiral, I had a pleasant but brief journey here. The medic on board kept persisting she treat my injuries but I only let her treat the invisible ones. I am glad to be away from that ship...that XO is a loose cannon."

"You mean Pete? You get used to him." Oliver said with a wry grin "He is... was, my Brother-In-Law. And my roommate for my first semester at the Academy."

"I see..." The Vulcan hybrid nodded, without returning the smile. "It is beyond me how he became a first officer, with the attitude he showed me. Total disrespect for my profession, both of them." He shrugged. "But since he is your family, I will leave it at that. I considered last assignment unsafe for myself and my family. Perhaps my services will be more valued here."

"Well, I'm a little more... tactful than Peter." Oliver replied, laughing "Just don't criticise the times I can be, as my late wife once said, a bit of a cowboy."

"Are not all men cowboys to a certain degree?" Naois queried, allowing a small smile to touch his face. "You are a widower too? Do you have children?"

"Had." Oliver grimaced "He died with my wife."

"I am sorry to hear that admiral. I lost my wife four years ago. Laura was still a baby when I lost her." He indicated the little Human girl hiding behind him, then pointed at both boys. "My sons Revan and Delon," he said, indicating first the Human looking boy, then the Vulcanoid looking one. "All my children are adopted, but..." Now he showed the first genuine smile since boarding the ship. "They are mine, and they are my lifeline. More than was their presence that has saved my life."

"That's nice. It's good to have something to protect." Oliver replied "Keeps you focused."

"That it does..."

At that moment, Delon boldly stepped forward. "I want to be a security officer," he announced, "I want to learn to protect people."

Oliver looked at the boy for a moment, a shocked expression on his face. After a moment, he crouched down so he was eye level with the boy.

"Well, there's a lot of work goes into that, buddy." He said with a small smile "But you knuckle down, do well in school, you never know."

It was obvious the Romulan was the more outspoken one of the two boys as Revan had yet to say a word. That didn't mean however that he didn't pay attention. His black eyes were focused on the Human flag officer, soaking up every word. "And stay out of trouble," he now suggested quietly, "right sir?"

"Oh yes." Oliver said "Definitely stay out of trouble. No one wants an officer who gets written up before he even starts."

This caused the Betazoid boy to smirk at his brother. "Told you..."

Delon merely rolled his eyes. "At least I get some adventure," he shot back. "At least I go out...not like you, always with his nose in old fashioned...books" He spoke the word as if it were something dirty.

Naois shrugged. "Have quarters already been assigned sir? Or should I see someone about that."

"Deck three, section two A." Oliver said "I was told you had children so I had you assigned some of the larger senior staff quarters. Fortunately, you're not the only one unpacking; we came aboard the ship about six hours ago. My quarters look like a battle zone."

"Perhaps we should organize a house-warming party for the senior staff, if all just arrived," Naois chuckled, "permission to get settled in?"

"Granted." Oliver said "As for a party... I have a case of Romulan Ale in storage. Medicinal purposes, of course."

"I will leave the drinking of that to others if you do not mind. I am severely allergic to any kind of citrus fruit, and sadly....Romulan Ale contains citrus." He cast the man a rueful look. "Which I found out rather the hard way."

"I guess I'll need to raid the liquor cabinet for you." Oliver laughed "I think there's a bottle of scotch Peter gave me for my birthday two years ago. He tends to cheat with those things and use the rather extensive vintage drinks his father had for presents."

"I see. Given my profession, I consider it wiser to remain sober sir. Who knows when an emergency situation arises, it can happen anytime." The Vulcan shrugged. "And why waste a good vintage on me, when I would not be able to appreciate it. Vulcans and alcohol do not mix well anyway."

"Pop it is." Oliver said, smirking "Although I'm rather partial to a banana milkshake."

"I prefer tea," Naois smiled, "but I will not keep you from your drink."

"Very considerate, Doc." Oliver said "Anyway, don't let me keep you. I'll catch up with you later."

"Yes sir. I will take tonight to settle and will meet my staff in the morning. " He started to herd the children along. "Good evening admiral."

"Night, Doc." Oliver said, waiting for Naois to leave before sighing.

He could tell the man he was on the away team in the morning.


Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy


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