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Posted on Tue Feb 6th, 2018 @ 1:13am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Thorrin & Lieutenant JG Erin Airey & Lieutenant Kether McCloud

Mission: Diplomatic Incident
Location: Starbase 99 Conference Room
Timeline: MD01 1000 Hours

Oliver sat in the Conference Room on the Starbase. He'd managed to secure them a new ship for the border dispute, something a little more suited for defending itself if things got nasty.

He had a lot of respect for the Klingons as a people. Having served closely with Kahlaras and then Halaylah for years, he'd had a lot of opportunity to get to know them. Of course, he still wouldn't order Gagh in a restaurant given other options, but he had to respect their pride and strength as a species. He'd also learned never to underestimate a Klingon. So now, he'd called his senior staff together to discuss the mission at hand.

Thorrin walked into the conference room almost absent minded, he had his nose buried in a PADD. Of course he did not dare tell anyone what was on that PADD. He took a seat at the table and placed that PADD face down, while he placed another PADD, the one containing various reports on the new ship's systems, face up. "Sir, good morning sir." He said with a smile.

With a hiss and whoosh the door to the conference room. The resident cait and long time friend of the Commodore, or as fleet called the old rank Rear Admiral. She shared a great many ups and downs, lost of friends, and had died in his arms after an Orion raid at Risa when her Alternate universe double, took her hand and shook her up years ago. Of course, there was nothing more exciting then working with the Klingons, with the son of Chuck Norris, Kahlaras and her mate Halaylah for years. They paided well, they were honorable, but, she trusted those she got to know. Others were for the most part, guest and trusted enough to be thrown.

Of course, getting an new ship as nothing new for the old cait. But at least this time, it had teeth and could deal with Klingons and where they were about to head into. B'rur's eyes looked to Thorrin and offered him a smile. She placed her hand on the back of the sit and drew it out.

"I take it your fitting in well with the misfits, Mr. Thorrin" She was referring to her mate and the others in both his and Halaylah's department.

"Like a square peg in a round hole..." Came Thorrin's response with a smile.

"Purrrfect" she returned with a grin as she lean in towards him and whispered "Just avoid moving fast. Our resident Klingon Bajoran strike at her purrray based on movement." of course she was joking about her dear Halaylah.

"I heard that, ma'am" came the voice Halaylah as she entered the Conference room.

The warrior engineer walked past the new Ops chief and took a sit beside him. She had the latest updates on ship and what has been done in all fields that fall under her watchful eyes. However, she had her concern about going near Klingon space. She looked to her love and frowned.

"I haven't bitten off hands of late, but the day is still young." The one eyed warrior said to B'rur "Let the old man, discover that on his own. Beside, crazy cait lady, Thorrin, has some wonderful ideas worth looking into. But, that can wait for another time. What I like to inform you is this new ship, why in Kahless name do we always have to get a new ship? I just got use to the Wolff, before this new one was dropped into my lap. I swear the Federation hates Klingons worse then the want Empire to know. Ugh. Now I have to figure out all sorts of new systems and this and that. Then again, it could just be an Starfleet giving Admiral's a new ship every other year or so. But, what do I know, I'm just a wrench turner"

"Actually, that's the best thing about being an Admiral. You get to choose your own ship." Oliver quipped "However, I'll discuss that with everyone once we're all here. How's everyone doing?"

B'rur stated with a smile "So far so good, is all I got for you, sir. Then again, nothing beats this one day on Dra'El prime or was one of six moons..." the cait shrugged her shoulders "...meh details. But anyways, that day was great."

Halaylah leaned on the table looked to B'rur, sighed with a small smile as she shook her head at her Mate's reply. She looked to the captain "I think I stated how I'm feeling, sir. However, might have to get the old man, a few of his minions to dawn a EVA suits and help me push this tug to ours to next location. Honestly, fine time to pull this old lady of a ship out of Moth balls and give her a need updating on everything, and except us to be up and running in no time. Bajoran rigging be damned and to added to the matter we all out of duct tape"

The Chief Engineer was joking for most of her statement. But, half time, most not in the know, would say she was serious. She rose up and headed for the repicators.

"Drinks on me," stated Hala "At least those don't need updating..."

Again, Kether wasn't sure she was ever going to get used to the idea of wearing a uniform on a regular basis. She tugged at the grey collar as the door to the conference parted. She knew exactly two people in the room, her commanding officer and Thorrin. "Just like old times..." She muttered as she moved towards an empty seat and forced a smile on her lips as she sank down. "Good morning, everyone."

"Morning, Lieutenant." Oliver said "As soon as the Counselor arrives, we'll get started."

"Morning..." Thorrin mumbled absent minded as he continued to peruse his PADD. There was a problem that vexed him at it was written all over his face.

After being on being on extended leave for the past couple of months due to her legal matters, Erin found it challenging to set alarms to remind her of her important meetings. It also didn't help that her last session with Ensign Mantalka ran over her scheduled time. Over the past couple of day Erin has been working with the Ensign, she has come to determine her to be a bit theatrical, needy and aloof. This of course is not a clinical assessment but and accurate one to say the least. The doors slid open with a swish and Erin saw the senior staff sitting around the table. She skimmed the room to see all eyes on her and she took a open seat to the aft of the room. "Sorry, Admiral my last session went over time..."

Hunter knew he was late but it couldn't be helped. After getting injured yet again on the crews last mission, Hunter had a bit of a mental breakdown. He wasn't getting any sleep, angry at everything and everyone and he had developed an addiction to the pain meds he was told to take only in an emergency. As he walked up to the door he looked around making sure no one was looking. He then took a hypo out of his pocket and injected himself. He then put the hypo back in his pocket. " Morning." Hunter said as the doors opened and he took a seat.

"Right, so we're all here." Oliver said, clapping his hands together as he sat down "Exciting, isn't it? New team, and, as has already been flagged, new ship. I'll let the holo-display explain more."

He pressed a control in front of him, an image of a Sovereign Class ship in drydock having the last few panels put down on the front of her saucer section appearing above the table.

"This is the Imperator. Sovereign Class, fresh off her refit. She's all ours, boys and girls." Oliver said "We're dealing with a border dispute between the Klingons and a, frankly, almost defenceless race. The only thing that's kept the Klingons from conquering the race in question is the treaty between us and the Klingons protecting civilisations below a certain level of development. However, this meeting will allow the people to continue to develop without fear of Klingon attack. That's why we have the Imperator; she's got more teeth than a Luna class, and with our opposition, we're going to need it."

He pressed another control, the image of the ship being replaced by the image of a Klingon Man with long, greying hair, an eyepatch over his left eye.

"This is Ambassador, formerly General, Marlak of House Por." Oliver said "He's the Klingons lead negotiator. I don't know too much about him, but I know he likes to play dirty. Lieutenant McCloud, if you'd like to fill us in on the Ambassador, it would be appreciated."

Kether had done the research the Rear Admiral had requested. She had to admit she was little amazed at how easy it was to find information and the shear volume of it. Kether looked around the room before she began speaking with a slight break in her voice as she started, "Am-mbassador Marlak has been involved in fourteen negotiations over the last decade. 90% of them he managed to get everything the Klingons were asking for with giving very few concessions. Based on the information that I found he has used blackmail and threats that came to life after the fact. There are more than a few instances where the other side's negotiator died of questionable circumstances. I will point out that despite the allegations no proof was ever discovered." She paused for a moment. "As you can imagine the reputation he gained only served him in the Klingon empire."

"So he's not a nice guy." Oliver said "We're due to depart in the morning, so I have assignments for you all. B'rur, I want you to make sure the crew are running smoothly by the time we arrive at the end of tomorrow. Halaylah, the same for the ship herself. Hunter, weapons checks. Lieutenant McCloud, keep digging, see if we can't get some more intel on the Klingon activities in nearby areas. Counselor, a psychological work up on Marlak would be good too. Lieutenant Thorrin, you and McCloud will be joining me for the negotiations. I know you've been round the block a couple of times, any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. Any questions?"

"Forgive me..." Thorrin spoke up. "But if this world that the Klingons are interested in is not within Federation space, then why are we negotiating. It just doesn't make sense. We are not the police force of the galaxy." In truth Thorrin knew the answer already, he just had to speak up. Missions like this took away from the fleet. There were so many better things for a flagship to be doing, at least that was his opinion.

"We're going because the Kerisians requested a Federation mediator. The Klingons agreed provided one of a short list of Starfleet Officers was sent as the mediator." Oliver said, sighing "I was ordered there, and like hell am I going to deal with a man like Marlak without a support team."

Thorrin nodded typical response he thought. "Aye sir!"

"Anything else?" Oliver asked "If anyone wishes to voice their objections to this assignment, please, do so now, it will be noted in my log."

Halayah had her doubt of those from the House of Por. her own house, had dealings with them and none of those encounters turned out great for her families house. Her eye looked at the man and she snarled. She recalled his training methods rather well, even though it was decades ago and she didn't like how he ran things. By changes she rubbed the side of her metallic plate that covered her missing eye. She looked to the captain and just him a look. One that was merely meant for him and she wanted to speak to him in private.

"Okay, any thoughts that aren't guttural Klingon growls." Oliver chuckled "I'm not fully versed on those."

B'rur tail swayed as she nodded her head. She looked over to Hala and her right eye brow arched when she saw an rather pissed look on her mate's face. Something was bugging her and it wasn't her place to ask. She turned to look at the captain.

"Sir, as you know Moral is always good and there shouldn't be an issue other wise. If so, well, the beatings will continue until they improve, so to speak. However, the rest of what I got to say can wait" B'rur stated "Also, I except repurrrrts of status from your sections. Don't want to come out the back stage and have our pants falling down in front of a crowd.

"You heard the lady everyone. You have your assignments, carry them out." Oliver said, rising "Dismissed."



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