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Meet and Greet

Posted on Mon Jan 22nd, 2018 @ 5:25pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Lieutenant Thorrin & Lieutenant Kether McCloud

Mission: Shoreleave
Location: USS Wolff Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD02 1700 Hours

Oliver stood in the shuttlebay, looking out at the stars beyond the force field. From where the bay was located, you couldn’t even see the dry dock around the ship. Instead, it looked as if they were in open space. It was... Relaxing.

He was awaiting a pair of his new officers. He’d asked for one of them, or at least, their position to be filled. The other had... Just kind of come with the Officer he’d requested.

Of course, he was grateful anytime he got some seasoned officers. He just preferred to pick them, rather than being picked.

Thorrin had enjoyed his time on the Cross, and he thoroughly enjoyed his trip to his new assignment. He had a little extra bounce in his step as he was requested by a Rear Admiral no less. This one fact stroked the El Aurian's ego beyond belief. This combined with a successful review of the information that Kether had gained for him was making this one of the best days in some time. He sat at the pilots console as he guided the shuttle into the Wolff's bay. He took a moment to steal a glance at her as she sat next to him and he smiled.

Kether was leaning back in her chair staring at the viewscreen. She was present on the shuttle physically, but her mind was far from here. She had survived The Freezer...again. Well if you consider being caught by Admiral Lange, interrogated, and "Reassigned..." as surviving. She had no idea what the entire interchange was going to cost her but it would cost her something. Returning to her physical body she shook her head before looking over at Thorrin. She could tell that he was happy. Despite being an El-Aurian he was easy to read. Despite what had transpired between them in the last twenty-four hours she couldn't help but feel confused and torn. "I'll be in the back if you need me..." She announced suddenly as she rose from the chair and moved to the back of the shuttle.

"Very well, we will be docked within five minutes. The Wolff reports that the Admiral himself will be meeting us." Thorrin watched her go to the rear of the shuttle. Then he turned his attention to the controls as he piloted the shuttle into the Wolff's bay. "Are you okay Kether?" he asked over his shoulder.

"Five by Five..." Kether replied over her shoulder. She took a breath as she looked over her shoulder. She began digging though her bag that was sitting on the bench in the shuttle. Her hands finally found the pill case she was looking for. Her last reminder of her life on the USS Cross. She had to admit they made her feel a little more human despite the side effects. Popping two of the pills from the case she sank down next to the bag and held her head in her hands as she waited for docking.

Oliver watched as the shuttle pulled into the bay. There was a large draft coming off of the shuttle as it touched down, emanating from the thrusters. As the door to the rear of the shuttle began to open, Oliver stepped forward, tugging his tunic down slightly.

"Lieutenants, nice of you to join us." Oliver said with a wry grin "Admiral Oliver Lancaster. I guess you could call me a fan."

Thorrin stood there with his duffel on his shoulder. Upon seeing the Admiral he snapped to attention. "Admiral sir, it is I who has the pleasure of being here. A fan sir...?" Thorrin cocked his eyebrow in a very Vulcan manner as he gave Kether a sideways glance.

"Let's just say I've read your records." Oliver said with a small grin "Interesting reading. I've got to ask, though... Temporal Investigations... You're not a sleeper for them here to make sure we don't go back in time, again. Are you?"

Thorrin's eyes twitched as he heard the Admiral mention his foray in time travel. He cleared his throat as he pushed the anger down. "No sir, my days with the DTI are behind me, perhaps in my next lifetime I will rejoin them." He smiled, but the truth was Thorrin already knew all about his new COs time travel. Just like every other starship jockey he thought.

"Good." Oliver said, smiling "So, how did the two of you find your trip?"

Kether decided to take the opportunity to remind everyone she was still there. With an easy smile she looked at her new commanding officer. "Delightfully uneventful." She replied. "I can't speak for the Lieutenant, but I am looking forward to being on an actual ship other than a shuttle." She smiled easily hiding her actual feelings.

"Glad to have you." Oliver replied "I'm sorry you've been pulled out here on short notice."

"It is an honor to serve on a ship of the line under the command of a flag officer." Thorrin said, and he was happy that the Admiral would not know that Thorrin was putting on a mask. In fact only Kether would know that, and Thorrin knew she would keep that secret.

"Short notice is a way of life." The Intel officer grinned. "I appreciate you making space for me on your crew." She adjusted her bag on her shoulder. "Not that we have to talk business right off the bat, but I would like to get up to speed with the Intelligence department that you have on board."

Thorrin nodded curtly, "Indeed Admiral I agree with Lieutenant McCloud. Is there any pressing Operational needs? I would also like to settle into my quarters. It has been quite the long journey here."

"I'll let you both get settled in first. Then we'll talk shop." Oliver said, pausing "However, Lieutenant Thorrin, to answer your question, the primary operational need at the moment is making sure the repair job works. I was planning to be on the shakedown for the Minerva tomorrow morning. That being said, a shakedown of our own is probably prudent. If you could see to it your department is ready to go by 1900 tomorrow? And Lieutenant McCloud, we're due to be mediating a dispute between the Klingons and a fairly recently warp capable species within a week. Everything you could get me on Marlak of House Por would be helpful, he's the lead negotiator for the Klingons, and has a history of trying to manipulate mediators, if you get my meaning. If I have something on him, the playing field is evened. I'd also like, if you can get it, Klingon fleet deployment patterns for the Keris sector. Knowing the Klingons, if we don't reach an agreement in their favour, they're going to come down hard on the system. I'm working on something to even the odds in that regard."

Thorrin internally rolled his eyes, level the playing field, the field would be level if there was no such thing as intelligence he thought. "Aye sir it shall be done." Thorin gave a curt nod.

It wasn't hard for Kether to know exactly what Thorrin thought of her assignment even with our the trip to the USS Wolff in such small quarters. She controlled the impulse to roll her eyes before she responded. "I will do my best, sir." She was good at being a data miner even if she wasn't used in the capacity very often.

"Good. It was nice to meet you both." Oliver said "Dismissed. If you like I can have someone show you to your quarters?"

Thorrin nodded and proceeded into the ship at large. He figured that he would catch up with Kether later. He found his thoughts drifting to the fact that they were on a large ship now they would see less of each other, and that saddened him.

"Thank you, Sir." Kether started. "I am sure I can find the way." She smiled as she adjusted her bag on her aching shoulder. "I will get you the information as soon as possible." She turned to follow after Thorrin.



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