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Turning point

Posted on Mon Dec 18th, 2017 @ 11:03am by Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Commander B'rur

Mission: The Pelarik Effect
Location: XO Office

XO Log entry:

There comes a point when all this fun and excitement comes to a point. The last mission, despite the fact that the whole ship was nearly down and out. Admiral Lancaster, Chief Engineer Halayah, and myself had a stroll of sorts on the Hull of our home away from home. This isn't the first time of this type of wondering into harm's way. Nor I doubt it'll be the last, at least for myself as XO.

I have been thinking that, purrrhaps maybe, the captain seat is more to my liking, then realize. I'm no where near ready for the hot seat, just yet. I have so much to learn and obverse. Yeah more ways then one, but one day, I will captain an starship.

B'rur then went forward in giving her reports of each section. Of course, the cait, sent replies back to each section chief. Some good, some she felt that was needed. Mainly to Engineering. She had heard what had happen on Earth before departing out to void of space. She knew the captain had already spoken to her, but Hala had seemed to forego talking to her and she made sure that the Warrior Engineer speak to her.

When the door chimed, the XO of the USS Wolff, simply gave an command of "IN".

CEO Log entry:

Nothing seems to have changed. Try as I might, I seem to put myself into some sort of quick sand. Yes, I know the captain, is watching but. ugh. No one should talk ill about the crew and the Wolff. We support our captain, despite the fact that he had killed the president or not. Why can't people see this?

Halayah had given her engineering status report and sent in for Commander B'rur for review. Once done, the Bajoran Klingon check 2404 from all sections, when a message ping. Placing the data padd down, in which she was reading. It was an message from the XO and she wanted to meet her in her office. The warrior Engineer rolled her sole eye at this and knew that the Cait XO was finally getting to what had happen on Earth in that Russian town.

An moment or two later, the One eyed Warrior, stepped in front of the XO Office and rang the chime. When she heard B'rur state 'IN' the door hissed open and the Chief Engineer enter.

'You wanted to see me, ma'am?" Halayah stated

"I do" returned the XO and then cut to the chase of the matter "So what brought up the fight in Russia. No wait, let me guess, something to deal with Honor of the captain, ship, and crew?"

"Ma'am I can..." Halayah state but was cut off

"Shut it, Commander" B'rur stated as she slapped her hands onto her desk and rose to her feet and stepped around her desk

"Of all the dumb shit you had to pull, Halayah. You just had to pick a damn fight during this hot mess with the now dead president of the Federation. Let alone having security being called, you and a few Engineers taken in and to make matters worse, have the Captain made aware of this. It's clear to me, that the powers at be in Fleet and UFP have something against the captain and those that work for him. They wanted to make you a purrrrime example."

Halayah had came to attention and was looking pass her superior when her ass was being chewed out. Which, for B'rur to give the Bajoran Klingon an ass chewing was cute. But the captain's strike home and deep with his mannerism and tone of voice.

B'rur rubbed the bridge of her nose for a second or two. She was thinking hard on the matter and what she had finished reading about the situation that had happen in Russia. She already knew that the captain had a word or two with his chief of Engineering, she looked at the one eyed warrior and stepped up and jabbed her right index finger into the woman's breast. She glared at the warrior and snarled. The cait knew one way to make sure to keep her friend's Klingon half in check and she was going to use it.

"I have the right to kill you for disrespect of the crew and the captain, you worthless peta'Q" B'rur growled "But, you're lucky that this is a Federation ship, then a Klingon vessel."

"You won't dare..." Hala started but felt the back of XO's hand across her Right side of her face.

"I said shut it, peta'Q" B'rur growled and before she could state a word, Halayah bummed rush her.

The two began to fight. Padds flew and scattered on the floor and Halayah punched at B'rur. While the Cait, grabbed at the hair of her friend and returned the punches in kind. After several long minutes, the two had managed to nearly destroy B'rur's office. Halayah held her bleeding left arm, which B'rur manage claw her and tear into her flesh. She looked at the woman before her and snarled at her.

Breathing heavily and sporting an huge black eye. B'rur's uniform torn in places that reviling part of her breast and her right sleeve was dangling on what remain on her desk chair. She hurt, but never felt more alive then she had in years. She knew this was to prove appoint that order was going to be maintain and honored held. However, their was something of an side effect to their fight and she saw in her partner's lone eye. The two had, it was sparked, and it was growing wild.

Halayah, wiped the blood that poured out of nose as she spit out blood. She enjoy this fight, plus she had an lust for the B'rur. She was the only other person she knew that lived against her beating. Her was lost to her, her child was taken away from her, but B'rur was always there by her side, when it came to matters of the hearts and lost.

"You are aware what this means, old lady?" snarled the warrior

"I do" returned the cait as she coughed a bit and spit out a blood "But I don't think the office does yet, you sorry sack of shit"

"Really. Well...." she knew that B'rur was thinking the same thing and this was just the start of an long road between the two. One she and her dear B'rur will enjoy dearly.

"....let's teach it some more, my dear. Computer! Lights!" B'rur stated and the lights in the office went off.

Commander B'rur
USS Wolff

Lt. Commander Halayah
USS Wolff


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