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She's Brand New

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2017 @ 3:38pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Mission: Shoreleave
Location: USS Minerva Bridge
Timeline: MD02 1000 Hours

Oliver walked onto the Bridge of the Minerva. Various panels around the room were removed, revealing the bio-neural circuitry underneath as crew members in Engineering uniforms worked on the equipment. In the middle of the room, by a socket in the floor on the raised platform where a Captain's chair would usually go, a Human woman in her late twenties wearing a Command Red uniform with Commander pips on her collar was going over a padd.

"Commander Winters?" Oliver asked as he walked over to her, holding out a hand "Admiral Oliver Lancaster. Thought I'd come pay my respects to the Captain before our trip in a couple of days."

"Angela Winters. Friends call me Angie." Winters replied, shaking Oliver's hand "That's if we take our trip on schedule. As you can see, half of the Command systems have yet to be fitted, and our warp core won't arrive until tomorrow. At the moment, everything's running off of power transfer from the Starbase."

"Well, it is the season for giving." Oliver said, grimacing as he added "And for everyone missing half their staff."

Winters laughed. She pressed a few commands on the padd and handed it to a waiting Ensign.

"So, what's the plan for our trip?" Oliver asked "I've not seen an itinerary for the shakedown."

"That's because we haven't received one yet." Winters replied with a slight grimace "Another reason why there's an if factor to our trip."

"I see." Oliver said, pausing "I'll make a few calls. See if I can't get you an itinerary by Thursday."

"Thursday?" Winters cocked an eyebrow "It's Friday now."

"And I have some important friends." Oliver laughed "If we can, I'd like to conduct some tests on the slipstream."

Winters went to say something. Oliver cut her off.

"That's why I want to delay the trip by a few days." He said, smirking "Can you say you aren't curious about the drive?"

"Faster than warp travel, of course I'm curious. I'm an Engineer, Admiral." Winters said "I'm just... A little wary of the drive."

"It's already been proven over on the Vesta. This is just like testing a warp drive." Oliver said "It's not like we're dealing with another spore drive here."

Winters grimaced. The ill-fated drive employed by the Starship Discovery in the mid 23rd century was seldom mentioned. It's side effects on the person who acted as part of the interface was well documented, and earned it some apprehension even 150 years later.

"Even so, I'm in Command, Admiral." Winters said "Our new drive will not be tested."

"I could make it an order." Oliver said with a small smirk.

"They warned me about you, Admiral. I know you like to ride cowboy style." Winters grinned "I've spoke to Starfleet Command. They've given an edict that you're only to be an adviser."

"Damn." Oliver said, his smirk breaking into a full blown grin "You are good."

"I try." She replied "Now, if you'll excuse me, we've got more diagnostics to run. Admiral."

"Commander." Oliver said, watching her walk away, then turning and walking back to the turbolift, chuckling to himself "Cowboy style..."



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