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Dinner With The Boss

Posted on Sat Dec 16th, 2017 @ 1:26am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Mission: Shoreleave
Location: Station CO's Quarters, SB99
Timeline: MD01 1800 Hours

Oliver sat in the quarters of Captain Zach Matthews of Starbase 99. The Wolff had pulled in after their incident in the Athos Cluster a week ago, and since then, Oliver had spent a week trying to avoid the Captain's dinner invitation.

He and Zach had gone to the Academy together, and it wasn't a case of disliking the man that had led him to try to avoid dinner. Quite the contrary, Oliver would class him as a friend. The problem was something much worse.

Zach always insisted on cooking, and he was awful at it. It had started at the Academy, when Zach had had a hotplate in his quarters, and had progressed through the years.

Back when Oliver had first taken command of Asphodel, Zach had been assigned as the Second Officer under him, which had made him the defacto Executive Officer when Oliver assumed Command. First order of business when they'd reached port, given Starfleet then assigned him Kahlaras as XO, was to have Zach assigned to another ship as XO. He'd deserved that. And Oliver's stomach couldn't take any more of his brisket.

Zach walked into the dining area, two plates with slightly burned lasagne on them in his hands. The blonde haired man set one of the plates down in front of Oliver before setting another down in front of his own place.

"Thanks for finally accepting the dinner invitation, Admiral." Zach said "I was beginning to thing you were avoiding it."

"What, me avoid dinner? Never." Oliver lied as he looked at the lasagne "Looks... Lovely."

"I left it a little too long tonight, sorry about that." Zach said "On the up side, the garlic bread is fine. I forgot to put it on earlier so had to replicate it though."

Oliver let out a small sigh of relief. At least he could subsist on the garlic bread if nothing else. He picked up his fork, using the side of it to cut a small piece of the lasagne off before putting it into his mouth. If it wasn't slightly overcooked, it might have actually been good. Typical.

"So, I heard you got the Klingon mediation assignment?" Zach asked, taking a bite of his own food "I was gunning for that one, you son of a bitch."

"That's no way to talk to a superior officer." Oliver said with a wry grin "I don't think Starfleet wanted to send me, but the Klingons asked for me. While I was running Delta Quadrant Operations back on Starbase 47, I developed a bit of a rapport with some of them. I think they figured that might give them additional sway with me."

"And will it?" Zach asked candidly.

"I'll mediate the dispute fairly and impartially, as ordered." Oliver said "However, I'm trying to get onboard one of the other missions due to go out in the next few days, even if only as an observer."

"Which mission?" Zach asked, Oliver simply grinning in response "Oh... You want to see the Minerva in action."

"It's a Vesta Class Starship!" Oliver replied emphatically "The Engineer in me wants to see one of those running, especially if they decide to test all the bells and whistles on the shakedown!"

"Minerva hasn't had all her experimental systems fitted yet." Zach replied, smirking "However, I'll talk to Commander Winters. She's due to be taking the ship out for her shakedown, I'm sure she can find you a spare seat."

Oliver grinned. He couldn't wait to get a look at that ship in action.


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