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Posted on Mon Oct 16th, 2017 @ 11:37pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

Mission: 48 Hours
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD01 1800 Hours

Oliver sat in the centre of the Bridge. They had entered the Arum Dartan system, where the star they were due to monitor was located. Now, they were holding position whilst B'rur and the science team set up the sensor array to monitor the telemetry coming from the probe they were due to launch shortly.

"B'rur, how long until your sensors are calibrated?" Oliver asked "I'm a little concerned about being this close to that dwarf star."

The executive officer of the Wollf, didn't look away from her screen at the science station. She did reply with 'almost done' before returning to her task at hand.

"Good. Let's make it quick." Oliver said, turning to Hunter "Commander, is the probe ready to deploy?"

" Aye, Sir. The probe is loaded in tube one and ready to fire." Hunter replied.

"Fire the probe." Oliver said, watching the glowing blue orb rocket away from the ship towards the star "B'rur, how does it look?"

B'rur gave an thumbs up "all lights read green. Sensor are all in normal areas, captain"

"Captain, we have a problem!" The young woman at Ops spoke "Plasma Shockwave incoming. Impact in 10 seconds!"

"Shields up! Red alert!" Oliver yelled "Halaylah, all power to-"

Before he could finish the sentence, the ship rocked hard, the lighting cutting out before being replaced moments later with red emergency lighting. Various consoles exploded in a shower of sparks, the helm officer hitting the deck hard, his face covered in dark burns.

"B'rur, take the helm!" Oliver yelled "Status report, is everyone okay?"

The console behind Hunter had exploded. Sending showers of sparks and shrapnel at him. Still before he checked himself Hunter knew he had to inform the Captain of the ships status. "Sir, shields are down and we have a hull breach in the mess hall. Emergency force field is holding." Hunter then touched the back of his head and his hand came back with blood." And I could use a medic." Hunter replied as his head started to spin.

"Damn it..." Oliver said, moving over to Hunter "Stay awake, Commander. That's an order. Someone get a med team up here!"

Halayah paged the bridge with her usual flare of mix Klingon and bajoran colorful words, before stating "What the hell was that." she wasted no time in add "Oh for the love of...I'll be back" The comm went dead, no doubt that she and the rest of engineering and Operations was in a mad dash to keep the ship a float.

B'rur had managed to get to helm, in time, before the station was at, decided to shower everyone with pieces of itself and sparks. The cait, left the chair, to check helm officer. Se had placed her right two fingers on the side of the man's neck and looked at his nose for movement. She looked at the shallow raise and fall of the chest, and with a span of a few seconds, the breathing stopped. B'rur looked to the captain and shook her head.

B'rur, went over to Hunter, and smiled at him as an corpsmen, came through the lift. She waved the medic over, as she approached Commander Hunter. She went to the station, that was charred and went to the ops station to give the captain what else was wrong with the ship.

"Good news, we still have life suppurrrrt, thrusters, comms verbal only, deflector and shields. Bad news, several decks lost gravity plating, sensors are limited range. Impulse and Warp nacelles off line, weapons off line, two hull breaches, and the list goes on from there. So in short we can move as fast as the Voyager series purrrrrobes. Nearest starbase, do you really want the answer to the time it will take to get there via the ship."

"After those read out, no." Oliver admitted "What else?"

"Second is all the shuttle bays doors took one hell of a beating, sir" she tapped at the screen and keys upon the console "nearest ship, is at least 52 hours away. Limited reps use in certain area." She added how many were lost in the mess and shuttle bays as well.

"I'm sensing a third issue." Oliver asked, folding his arms over his chest "What is it?"

B'rur nodded her head "Yes sir, your Jedi senses are correct. Another shock wave arrives in 48 hours." the science cait tapped at her display a few strokes, which were a commands "A few shuttles are Non Mission Capable. there are workbees in shuttle bay two and one class 8 shuttle..."

Halayah mind raced about quickly on many ideas and she stated some that came to mind.

As the corpsman tended to Hunter's head he clung to consciousness for a few more seconds to say" Admiral don't break the ship anymore until I get back ok." Then Hunter promptly blacked out.

"No promises." Oliver said with a small grin before turning back to B'rur and Halaylah "The Aeroshuttle could be stripped out, used as a transport. Maybe... I don't know, scuttle some of the non capable shuttles to refit the others..."

B'rur listened to both the captain, her favorite Marine and Halayah as she worked on an idea that might get them a little bit closer to the nearest ship. So she began to run the numbers. It was an odd idea, but maybe it could work.

"Guys, how are you at wind surfing?" asked B'rur as the injured were helped off the bridge and looked to the captain and second officer as she gestured them over to the working secondary science station on the Luna class Wolff.

"It's a crazy idea, but under power as we currently are, it dawn on me, that we surf out, like the Bajorans did to reach Cardassia centuries ago." she stated as she showed Hunter and Oliver the did that Captain Sisko did a decade or so ago, plus on how to use the main deflector, the packed away solar collectors, to make sails. The only thing she saw that would do the worse harm were the random eddies those spring up from the a blast like the one they came across.

"It's that or we can drop an anchor here and ride out storm" B'rur added at the end of the display

"The second idea sounds slightly more viable." Oliver grimaced "The storms in this region are much more dangerous than those even in the badlands. I wouldn't like our chances on using a solar sail."

Halaylah stepped out of the lift door, she looked to captain "you can add the main deflector to the list of things that's fried"

"Great. So our first priority has to be fixing the deflector." Oliver said as a triage team came onto the Bridge "Over here. B'rur, Halaylah, you're with me."

The One eyed warrior arched her bajoran eye brow over her good eye and wondered what the captain had in store for them.

"Of course, captain" came the pleasant voice of the Exec of the Wolff. She followed the captain.

"Airlock two." Oliver said as the turbolift doors slid shut.



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