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Moral beatings....

Posted on Fri Oct 13th, 2017 @ 4:29pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

Mission: 48 Hours
Location: Russian bar
Timeline: 4 Weeks Prior to MD01, 2200 Hours

News of the attack on the now dead president of the UFP, had reached Qo'nos and beyond like a wild fire. Intelligence agent, from Cardassia to Qo'nos, had operatives looking into Admiral Lancaster and the crew of the Wolff, let alone draw up any useful information of Pokk as well. However, in a small bar on the Kamchatka Krai pensinasia of the city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. sat several members of the USS Wolff's engineering staff. Most of them we're tellarites, one or two humans and one woman who'd seen her fair share of life hardship. Her one eye covered with an metallic plate, the flesh was scared heavily as she launch and sang with her fellow officer. Jokes flew as well as stories. the warrior, told several of her tales and those that she knew. But, deep in her heart she missed her mate and child, but that didn't stop her from being cheerful.

"Excuse me" asked an human walking up to the small group of Starfleet officer

The one eyed warrior paused her laughing and replied in typical Klingon fashion "What do you want?"

"Are you the Chief Engineer of the USS Wolff?" asked the Russian, who from the look of it, was a fishermen

'She is" returned an Tellarite NCO

'Well, What you captain done was wrong and that makes you killers that work..." the fisherman didn't finish the statement before Halayah leap at him and began an fighting in the bar.

In the drunken mind of the warrior bajoran, she thought to maintain the honor of the captain, crew, and the Wolff, a fight was needed and the others of the Engineering staff joined into the maul. Chairs, bottles, anything that wasn't bolted into place, was tossed about. Some minutes later, the Police and Starfleet Shore patrol arrived to break up the fight.


Standing along side at attention in the transporter room, the one eyed warrior was sporting an black eye and bloody nose. her fellow engineers had various injuries and wounds, that mirrored their Engineering CO. She stood there along with the others as the ESD CO chewed their asses. She wanted answers, but, no one was forth coming. She looked up at the Klingon Bajoran as the Bajoran looked as best she could at the Captain. She was neutral in expression and shook her head and gave her answer. She wasn't going to betray her fellow engineers, but she will take the charge of the punishment.

She dismissed them and had them return to the Wolff. With in a few seconds, the lot was once more on their beloved ship to see the transport chief at his station with an man they knew all to well, with his arms crossed with an rather Pissed off look upon his face.

"Commander." Oliver said, his expression severe "Let's take a walk."

He led the Klingon Commander out of the Transporter room, beginning to walk down the hallway, before ushering her into a briefing room.

"What the hell were you playing at?" Oliver asked "We're due to leave dock in less than 12 hours and you're getting into bar fights?! Want to explain that one to me?"

Halayah sighed "Let's just say, honour was to be maintained, sir"

"I'm going to need more than that." Oliver grimaced "Look, I'm not going to pretend to understand all that Klingon stuff. I never did with Kahlaras and I don't with you. That's why I need it explained. Don't make me have Hunter hold you in the brig between duty shifts."

Halayah signed as she nodded her head. the captain had a point with talking to the former XO. But at the same time, she was Bajoran and Oliver knew right where to strike with is logic and that was upon her Bajoran half.

"Reason for the fight was Russians seamen saw you as a killer and us as your and the Wolff as tool and thugs. I am aware that it was wrong and unwarranted, though, honor had to be maintain and to be proven that we were an honorable crew loyal to Starfleet and the Federation as well as our captain."

"Anything else?" Oliver asked.

Halayah tugged at her uniform jacket and looked right at her captain. She and Oliver knew that the pink elephant in the room was there and the fight was more or less a drunken bar fight of a result. However, she didn't state the obvious. She knew that he knew "I did jump the gun and rushed into battle with out thinking first, captain. But, at least a small group of fellow seamen sees our point of view, that you and those of the Wolff are good people, despite what the press has to say about what happen."

Oliver hesitated for a moment. Then, he spoke.

"We'll skip the brig this time." He said "However, we're the head of a Task Force now. We've got to be as squeaky clean as it gets. I hate politics. In this case, I'm going to enter a reprimand into your file, it will be noted in my log, and we'll say no more on the matter. Fair?"

"Fair" returned the warrior engineer.

Halayah was expecting an ass chewing of some sort, but she felt it wouldn't coming anytime soon. The deal was made and she will honour it until she is called to visit Stovokor or appear before Prophets of Bajor and recall her accounts of her life before fellow warriors and the Prophets.

"You're dismissed, Commander." Oliver said, pausing "Oh, and off the record? I saw the recording. Nice left hook."



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