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Discussion of What's to Come

Posted on Wed Sep 27th, 2017 @ 3:30pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur

Mission: 48 Hours
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 0700 Hours

Oliver sat on the couch in the corner of his ready room, a padd in hand. He'd slept there, having been reading through report after report. After six months in Spacedock for a refit back to Starfleet spec, the Wolff had been sent out, but that had involved a hell of a lot of paper work. They'd been in space almost a month, and he was about halfway through.

Fortunately, their newest assignment was likely to be interesting. They'd been ordered to the Athos cluster, about sixteen light years from the Federation Romulan border. It was notorious for plasma storms, but as a great Captain once said, you can't be afraid of the wind.

Now, he was waiting for B'rur to arrive, so he could discuss the plans with her. Although they'd received a new interim Science Officer, B'rur was still liaising heavily with the department. There was a certain part of Oliver that had to wonder if it was a degree of not wanting to let go. He'd had a similar reaction during the refit, being more than a little hands on with it.

"Rather interesting choose in assignments" came out of the first officers mouth as she read the data padd while standing in the turbolift heading towards the bridge.

There was many a wonder and many things that had happen after the last mission. One was the death of a traitor and her double plot was uncover. But, knowing B'rur, as she was her own flesh and blood. Those of the Wolff didn't hear the last of B'rur. With a hiss the doors parted and caitian stepped out onto the bridge. Walked towards her friends ready room and knocked. Which she opted to do.

"Come." Oliver said, glancing up "What have we got?"

"Well" as the caitian came strolling in "it would appurrr that we're going to have a look at a cluster. Though, I wonder about one or two things, captain" B'rur stated

"Such as?" Oliver asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"The alternate Hobus star affected our Hobus system" B'rur was referring to their brief time in an alternate universe "However, not much has been going on in that next of the woods nor any worth studies either for that matter. The cluster was looked into about twenty or so years go. Before our Hobus star went tits up. So that's would be interesting to see if the cluster been affect."

"And there was me expecting you to moan that we've got a boring survey." Oliver quipped "After recent events, I'm doubtful to be put on anything interesting for a long time. Not everyone is convinced I didn't kill Thero, and, simply put, that's going to put us on the black list for a while."

"Interesting that some find you as guilty as a dog, while others see you as a hero. But the heart of the matter is who was pulling the strings along? I think Starfleet is just sending us out to let the fires burn itself out." responded the XO

"Indeed." Oliver said "Starfleet does have a secondary reason for sending us specifically on this mission. I was First Officer on Asphodel when it originally mapped this cluster five years ago. It was actually during that mission that the CO was presumed killed and I assumed Command of the ship. You know the rest from when we picked him up during the Enterprise incident."

"Horrible point in time, from what I read for the crew of my first ship I was given Science chief. However, the mapping of the cluster, five years ago wasn't really looked into, from an science point of view. Just map it out and make sure nothing was there. Now, Fleet HQ is sending us out there to have a good look see or as I like to call it 'Out of sight. Out of mind.' Still, I'm not going to miss out on the action pack we've been through of late. I think this is a good chance to relax. Purrrhaps even, find gold in them clouds of dust" B'rur was joking of course as she flexed her left cybernetic hand, the one her double shot off.

"Not withstanding, the ship is quickly being repaired. So you know Hala is cracking the whip there. Other depurrrrtments well, nothing as of yet on slots being filled, sir." B'rur added "But, tell me, how are you feeling about what had happen, when a UFP purrrresident came out as a traitor and who do you think shot him? There was an number of people that could've done it. But, he said she and that narrows down to one sex."

"As I've told you for the last six months, no comment." Oliver said, sighing "Believe me, it's not for lack of a desire to share, but I have standing orders from the CinC not to discuss that matter with anyone."

He stood, moving to the window, watching the stars streak by.

"However, you're right." He said "We're being sent out of sight, out of mind. Can't cause command any trouble from out here. Nearest ship is a little over 2 days away at high warp."

"Now that's way out of sight and out of mind" returned the cait XO, she had some leads in the CinC and even those won't give her details on what happen with the President "But, if we find a ship or treasure, at least we get to claim it for ourselves"

B'rur joked a little to help lighten the mood, it was the least she could do with all that's been taking place of the last few days "And we'll be exploring too. I can't recall when we did that last"

"I think it was about a year ago." Oliver remarked, before quipping "On a Thursday."

'Has it been that long?" B'rur stated as she shook her head "All I recall is so packed with bad guys, I can't recall the good things of Starfleet."

"Try being accused of the murder of the President. Pretty sure they promoted me just to keep me quiet." Oliver said, standing up and tugging his tunic down before moving to the door with a smirk, slapping B'rur on the shoulder "Come on. This is going to be fun."



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