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A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life...

Posted on Tue Aug 8th, 2017 @ 12:49am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Mission: Locked Up
Location: Starbase 731 Conference Room
Timeline: MD07 1400 Hours

Oliver stood in the centre of the Starbase 731 Conference Room wearing his dress uniform. He straightened his tunic as he began speaking.

"After I was apprehended, I was brought to Starbase 731, where I've spent the last two days in the brig." He spoke "And that is how it all happened. I have nothing further to add, Admiral."

The presiding Admiral, Daniel Richards, sat there. His expression betrayed that he was considering what had been said. After a moment, he rose.

"Commodore Lancaster, I will admit, I am not your biggest fan." He spoke "In fact, there are those who would say that's why I was asked to head up this trial. However, upon your testimony, my verdict must be as follows."

He keyed in a few commands on the console in front of him.

"Oliver Lancaster, on the count of the murder of Pokk Thero of Andor, I hereby find you not guilty." Richards spoke "On the grounds of destroying valuable prototype technology, I find you guilty. On the grounds of insubordination, I find you guilty. And finally, on the grounds of treason, I hereby find you..."

There was a pause that felt like it went on for an eternity before Richards had a small smile form.

"Not guilty." Richards concluded "Your sentence is as follows. Effective immediately, you are removed from your position as head of Delta Quadrant Operations. You may submit your candidacy for the position when we begin recruiting for your replacement, however. You are ordered to report to USS Wolff, the Luna Class Starship, as her Commanding Officer on a permanent basis."

There was a long pause before the Officers around the room stood, beginning to applaud. Oliver stood there for a moment before Richards continued.

"However, this court cannot ignore the charge of insubordination on numerous occasions." Richards said "I am hereby attaching the Wolff to Task Force 47, where you shall report to Major General Iain MacTaryn as his number One within the Task Force. Maybe he can get you to step in line..."

"Understood." Oliver said "Thank you, Admiral."

"You're welcome, Commodore." Richards said "Dismissed."

Oliver turned and walked out of the Conference Room, applauded as he went. It was a new dawn, a new day a new life.

And he was feeling good.


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