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Posted on Sun Aug 6th, 2017 @ 6:44pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders

Mission: Locked Up
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD02 1800 Hours

Oliver sat on the Bridge. They were under cloak at the rendezvous co-ordinates. After all, they didn't want to give Thero any advanced warning.

"B'rur, what's his ETA?" Oliver asked.

B'rur was at awe of it all. She wondered what happened over the course of time, then realized it was all the running and so forth that caught up with her and lost a lot of time. She looked at the data pouring and stated "About 5 minutes out and running hot, boss"

Halayah was glad to be back in her element, even though her metallic belt was replaced with an eye patch and the bleeding was stop. it didn't seem to phase the old war horse engineer. She had given orders to what crewmembers that were still alive after the break out, to ready for battle. Which, she had given mostly to her Ops and Engineers. She stood at engineering station and tapped away at the keys. She knew that the Tholians had nearly gutted the Wolff, but she also had one hell of an staff that got her up and running. It was that time factor she hated to state aloud and Oliver knew it from the look on her face.

"We're charging and we have shields. Bay two is out, so I have the guys placing a few Shuttle Phasers Turret in its place. Torpedo bay one is operational, but the tholians and their handler took alot of them. Phaser banks just need time to recharge is all and I have aguy or two on a bike peddling fast to help" her last half of her statement was a joke "other wise, with the allotted time you gave me and what remained of my staff, that's the best you gotten, captain"

"It'll have to do." Oliver said "Hunter, prepare to decloak and raise shields, all weapons ready to fire on a moment's notice."

"Understood Sir." Hunter replied as his hands danced across his console inputting the necessary commands. " Sir, I request we have security teams positioned at critical areas in case a saboteur is on board." Hunter said.

"B'rur, signal the rest of the fleet to de-cloak on my signal." Oliver said "And tell them if things go south, plan B is in effect. They'll know the meaning."

"Plan B...your kidding right, Oliver" B'rur stated the captain's name only in times of 'damn moment'. She knew all to well about the captain's plan B's. Either they turn out good and only one time it was bad as far as she could recall.

"Relax, it isn't all bad." Oliver said, pausing "Mostly...."

The cait whistled in a fashion of shock in realizing the the shit was about as bad as her old friend predicts. B'rur merely shook her head. He was serious and with things happening as fast as they were, it made more sense, then it did before. She looked at the controls entered in the command code, via secret code transmission to the fleet and only had to wait a second or two.

"They understand and ready to pounce on the enemy like an cat onto an mouse" she stated

Halayah just laughed and stated aloud 'Well, today is a good day to die" before she went back to her task of managing the Wolff's engineering/Ops department "Oh just in case, I don't see any of you in Sto Vor Kor, it was an honor serving with you all."

"Less of that, please." Oliver said, pausing "B'rur, if it does come to plan B, I need you to take Command."

B'rur wondered now at the her old friends choice. He already knew that she would and did have to say a reply in that regards. She looked at her screen and noticed something odd. Plan B, was a Hail Mary plan at it's best. Oliver used it a few time and most of the time, the crew came through with a few bumps and injuries. Yet, now, the cait XO had her doubts with this Plan B that might come up. She saw that the Tholians had an opening, let alone comm chatter was loud.

"I can't tell you what I'm hearing sir, but, it would appear that the puppet master is pulling strings again"

"Fantastic." Oliver said "De-Cloak and hail Asphodel."

"Channel open." The Ops officer replied.

"This is Commodore Oliver Lancaster of the Federation Starship Wolff. President Thero, we have reason to suspect you of serious crimes against the Federation, and by the power vested in me as a flag officer of Starfleet Command by the Federation Council, I am hereby calling for your immediate surrender into my custody." Oliver said "Failure to respond will be met with decisive force."

"Decisive force? Using threats now, are we Oliver? That's a new one." Thero's voice came as he appeared on the view screen, sat in the centre seat on Asphodel's Bridge "Need I remind you that I am the Federation council?"

"Mr. President, run a tachyon scan." Oliver replied "There are thirteen Starships here under cloak, along with a dozen more en route. You're hopelessly outgunned."

"Just because you want to commit treason doesn't mean they do." Thero replied "Attention all vessels. I have reason to believe Lancaster has broken under Tholian torture and is acting as part of a plot to assassinate me and install himself as a puppet figurehead. Aid me in his arrest and you will not have charges brought against you."

"Don't listen to-" Oliver began before the ship rocked, the communications line cutting "Damn. Hunter, what have we got?"

"Sir, quantum torpedoes have just hit the sheild. However sheilds are holding at seventy percent."Hunter reported.

"Plan B it is." Oliver said "B'rur, you have the Bridge. I'm going over there to reason with Thero."

B'rur said after recovering from the impact "Oh what if Plan B doesn't work?"

"Well then, I guess I'm going to jail for assassinating the President." Oliver quipped as he tapped a control on the wall, the panel rotating to reveal a Phaser Rifle, which he took "Computer, engage sequence Lancaster Asphodel 79011. Prefix code 71019."

"Prefix code verified. Lowering Asphodel Shields and enacting site to site transport." The Computer said as Oliver was enveloped in the blue beam of the Transporter

"I have a bad feeling about this" said B'rur as she took the captain's seat

"Yeah the same" Halayah returned after a moment while she was working with her team to make sure the Wolff systems were going to withstand more of an attack



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