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Never give up...

Posted on Thu Jun 15th, 2017 @ 12:57pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant JG Jill Solo
Edited on on Thu Jun 15th, 2017 @ 12:58pm

Mission: Locked Up
Location: Wollf's brig
Timeline: 1200 Hours

B'rur sat in her cell. she laid on the cold hard bunk and stared up at the ceiling. She knew that time, passes slowly, when bored. Which time followed at the same rate of speed despite if your doing nothing and bored. But, it didn't change a thing for the cait. She was a prisoner of the Tholians and separated from the rest of the crew, except the senior staff. Which was odd in it's own right. The Tholians had disabled the EM holograms and several other devices that aided the crew. Most importantly voice commands. The hum of the force field hummed away with the clanking suit of an Tholian at the cell controls.

Her mind swayed from one thought experiment, through the next. She was wondering how herself and the others in the brig can escape. There were many ways, she knew of, but, Tholians didn't see humanoids as humanoids saw themselves. To them, all flesh carbon base lifeforms, looked alike to them. Which, she wondered if that could be use as an advantage. With the exception of the captain, which they knew. She once again went back to her thoughts and planned her next steps closely.

Oliver was walked into the brig, the force field dropping for a moment before he was thrown inside, the force field going back up.

"You know, you could try coming in here." Oliver said "See how you like an even fight!"

He was angry. He was irrational. More than anything, he was furious. Not with the Tholians but with himself. He'd got them into the situation and now he didn't have a way out.

He turned to his senior staff.

"Well, that was a productive meeting." He said "As ever, I told them nothing, but I did get something out of them in my ranting."

He lowered his voice slightly.

"There's a possibility the Tholians are working with someone else." Oliver said "My interrogator said no one ever said they were Tholian. Do we know anyone who might want the drive?"

Halayah, had been patched up by the medics. Looked up to the captain, from where she sat on the floor with her lone eye and shrugged her shoulders.

"The Hell if I know. I recall beam it and that damn Tal Shiar agent out outside." stating the chief engineer "however, there is a chance, a slim one, captain, that with all that was going on in engineering and with that engine and with Commander B'rur wormhole taking place. The transporter beam merely beam the engine elsewhere on the ship and sent our agent else where in space time or universe. Though, I can think of one person who might want the engine..."

The bajoran Klingon gesture to B'rur "...our lovely XO's double. But, I doubt that would be the case. Tholians aren't fond of any carbon base lifeforms and smell of an different universe. Then again, stranger things have happen with us, in the past" she was referring to Q, a host of strange things, and the whole wormhole ordeal and the Pulsar. A gift from Q, an snow globe, that was, as far as she knew, was on the Admiral's desk in his ready room. Which she wondered if the Tholian knew something about it and would try to use it some how. But, there she doubt they would care of simple humanoid things.

"I was wondering that myself. Our meetings with the tholians were information gathering at best, sir" returned the laying cait, before she rose up and flexed her cybernetic hand that her double gave her "Halayah's theory is sound and explains a lot. From what I gather, these tholians are the same ones or at least apurrrrt of the same era as those that took the Big Easy B. Though, as our dear master of the engines, pointed out, my alter ego, might be in this or just another strange thing in our long travel with you captain.

"For all we know, it could be the President elect of the UFP or Bob Ross. I honestly doubt, Chuck Norris, is behind this. Why would he need an engine? When he can round house kick the universe and show up where he wants" B'rur stated he last statement knowing the tholians would be listening and now want to know who Chuck Norris was, let alone Bob Ross.

"Thero is an arrogant, self serving narcissistic, but even he wouldn't stab the Federation in the back." Oliver concluded "B'rur's doppelganger is a possibility, though the interrogator's tone wasn't like hers. Less femme fatale, more bureaucratic tool. There was something familiar about them though... Their mannerisms rang a bell, but I can't think where from..."

"...which could be a host of many bureaucrats that we happen to step on their toes along the way. Alpha and beta Quadrant not withstanding. But, more recently in the Delta. However, captain, it's interesting observation." returned his friend "Purrrhaps..."

Halaya looked to the science officer XO and to the augment captain and shook her head. Just listening to the two made her wonder if they were married. She didn't know half the stuff the two were talking about. Mostly due to her time in the Engine department of a few starships and a ice cream cone of a station. Sat back and listened and obverse her friends and pondered over her own chit chat with Tholian voice.

"You know, I would except worse from the Tholians from our talks with them. Not as bad as the Cardassians, but near there. It's as if, they're well, it's lacking a point and wasting time. Our guy, who is the voice, seems more or less hollow as well and rather bored with this line of work. Not caring and always wanting information of that damn engine. I told him, in some colourful words to go 'fly a kite' but, I sensed something off behind the voice. Like it's soul-less or something like that. I wonder if the Tholians are using a hologram to use on us, but, again, why stick to the shadows of the interrogation room?" Halayah stated as she looked to to the CO and Xo, and then to second officer "What I want to know is our Marines point of view on this?"

Hunter had been quiet listening​ to his fellow crew members talk. For he had nasty headache from being thrown in the cell on his head and his pride hurt from it being his own brig on top of it. " I'd say if this were an old Earth TV show we could just wait till the end of the episode. " Hunter paused then continued " But since this isn't I think whether it a hologram or whatever the fact remains we are stuck in here and they aren't. So first things first let's figure a way out of this cell."

"Agreed." Oliver said "We're going to need a plan...."



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