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What Do You Know About the Pelarik Drive

Posted on Sat May 20th, 2017 @ 8:32pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Mission: Locked Up
Location: Tholian Interrogation Chamber
Timeline: MD01 0500 Hours

Oliver slowly came to in a dull, grey room, brightly lit by red overhead lights. The room was warm, a little warmer than he'd like. It made him glad they'd stripped him of his uniform, replacing it with a simple, orange jumpsuit with black boots and a number printed in Tholian on his left breast.

It was the eighth time he'd been awoken in this manner. Every time, he wasn't given a Stardate, he was only told the same thing by a mechanically modulated voice.

"It is 0500 hours local time. You are a prisoner of the Tholian Assembly. Your previous name, rank, position and life are no more. You are prisoner designation 0711. You will tell us everything you know of the Pelarik Drive and it's operation."

Every time his response was the same. As it was now.

"Oliver Lancaster, Commodore. Commanding Officer, USS Wolff." Oliver spoke "Starfleet serial number SC20082011."

"We ask again." The voice said "What do you know of the Pelarik Drive and it's operation?"

"Play a different record." Oliver grumbled "You know, if you came in and spoke to me face to exoskeletal EV suit, I might be more talkative, you Tholian bastard."

Silence. Then.

"Whoever said I am Tholian?"

Oliver froze. He'd never considered the possibility that his interrogator wasn't a Tholian.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I will leave that as a surprise." The voice said "Now, Oliver, tell me. What do you know about the Pelarik Drive?"



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