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Who Will Rescue the Rescuers?

Posted on Thu May 18th, 2017 @ 8:42pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah
Edited on on Thu May 18th, 2017 @ 8:49pm

Mission: The Pelarik Effect
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD03 1700 Hours

Oliver sat in the center of the Bridge. Halaylah had had her teams working all hands on deck, and they'd managed to enable the deflector to some small degree. However, anything faster than warp three would rip the ship apart. Needless to say, their move to rescue the Archer was a slow one, but they were finally in range.

"Halaylah, I'd like you to take Ops." Oliver said "It will be easier for you to monitor the situation with the engines and other systems from there."

Halaylah nodded her head and took up the Ops station

"Thank you." Oliver said "Laurence, how long until we reach the Archer?"

"ETA is five minutes, sir." Laurence replied, tapping a few commands into her console.

"B'rur, what's their status?" Oliver asked, turning to his XO at the science console "I want to know if they can hold together until we get there."

B'rur rose her hand in an gesture to how many minutes the Archer had left while her other hand danced over the console buttons to get up to the moment reading of just about everything.

"Good to know we have two minutes longer than it will take us to get in range." Oliver said with a grimace "Hunter, keep an eye on sensors for any potential hostiles. Anything come into range, I want to know about it."

"Sir, I'm picking up neutreno emissions ten thousand klicks from the Archer." Hunter paused as he thought " It could be a cloaked vessel." Hunter said.

"I am not detecting any cloak ship in the area." stating Brew "with all this crap in the surrounding space, I would be tickled pink, if any ship with a cloaking device can maintain their cover."

"All the same, let's maintain a yellow alert." Oliver said, pausing "I don't want to get caught out."

Halaylah spoke "the drive is powering up. Our Romulan friend is doing her magic trick on the blasted thing."

"I thought it was disabled?!" Oliver asked as Halaylah left "Laurence, where's it about to warp us to?"

"The co-ordinates appear to be in..." Laurence said, keying in a few commands, grimacing as she concluded "Tholian space."

"Oh good." Oliver said "After the Enterprise incident, I'm sure they're our biggest fans."

"Captain," Halayah stated over the comm "Incident and Enterprise go hand and hand. You add in the captain of any Enterprise, it spells out bad..."

Halayah statement was cut off by what sounded like a scream and static, just as the ship rattled. A flash of white light rolled over the whole ship.

B'rur, was braced at her station when ship bucked like a Bull and leap to where Laurence stated. She blinked a few times, before giving a report and status of the ship.

"Most of the damage is centered around Engineering, sir" B'rur stated grimly "Weapons off line, shields at three five purrrcent. Hull breach on sickbay deck. Repair teams are deployed. E-Mechs off line. EMH is online. Correction just lost the EMH. Heavily damaged circuits"

"And the good news is...?" Oliver asked, pausing "You've got some, right?"

"Yes, there is a bit of good news. Scans shown that our leap helped push the Archer out of the harm's way and shook her just enough for her to drop her Warp core. After that, nothing other then fubur city."

With a hiss of the door, the one eyed warrior Engineer, who looked like she been through a fight with a pack of Targs, stepped onto the bridge. She had to bandage of her now missing metallic plate eye patch. Most of her hair was torn out and she had an smile on her face. Her lone eye looked to the Admiral and the others.

"Something was odd about the Professor's sidekick, that just screamed Tal Shair" she stated as she walked over to a chair and sat down "She was working way too fast and way too smoothly to be a student of the Professor'

"So how did you reply?" Laurence asked from her station "Ma'am."

The Warrior turned her attention to the captain "I asked her to leave the ship and take damage engine off with her"

"That explain the leap and transporter intermixing together" B'rur stated

"Bingo" returned the warrior "Quick action, yes. One less Tal Shair agent. Yes. Damn near lost everyone, but saved them for the most part and still managed to walk away from it. Yep. Captain, I think I need a vacation after this and sorry about the ship. I should've have seen it coming what little miss romulan peta'Q a head of time and sent that green blood goblin to Gre'thor earlier"

Hunters screen lit up indicating an incoming hail." Sir, we are being hailed." Hunter reported.

"On screen." Oliver said, seeing a large red field with a pair of glowing blue eyes at the centre of them "This is Commodore Oliver Lancaster, to whom am I-"

"Commodore Oliver Lancaster off the Federation starship USS Wolff, you are hereby commanded to surrender yourself and your ship to the Tholian Assembly as prisoners of war." A mechanically modulated voice came in response "Your refusal would be unwise."

"Mute audio." Oliver said, turning away from the viewer "Hunter, what are our chances in a fire fight?"

Hunter looked over his tactical readouts and no matter how much he disliked it he knew it would be suicide to fight." Well to put it simply Sir, we are completely and utterly FUBAR." Hunter responded.

"Damn. Resume audio." Oliver said, turning back to the viewer "Tholian Commander. I am willing to discuss the terms of my own surrender to you, on one condition. You allow my ship and crew to go free."

"Offer declined." The Tholian Commander replied "We wish to examine the Romulan drive you have onboard your ship."

"How the hell do they know about that?" Laurence asked.

"Good question, Lieutenant." Oliver said "How the hell do you know about that?"

"How is irrelevant." The Commander said "We have locked weapons on your warp core. If we fire, you, your ship, and your crew, will not survive. What is your answer?"

Oliver paused for a moment, before speaking with a grimace.

"We surrender."



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