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New Assignment

Posted on Wed Jan 25th, 2017 @ 3:05am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah
Edited on on Sat Jan 28th, 2017 @ 9:49pm

Mission: The Pelarik Effect
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: MD01 1100 Hours

Oliver sat in the Briefing room, looking out over the Starship Wolff, a Luna class starship halfway through a refit for the new assignment the crew had been given. Across the table from him was a Romulan man in his mid to late sixties, sipping a Raktajino.

"Say what you will, but Klingons at least know how to make a good cup of coffee." The man said "Now, how can you be sure my drive will be safe onboard your starship?"

"Well, it's not my ship." Oliver said "Captain Horatio is just lending her to me for our tests. After our battle with the Prolatians, the Chekov is mid repair, and in no fit state to test your Pelarik drive."

"Yes, well, if it weren't for incompatibilities with the Singularity core, I would be testing this on a Romulan vessel." The Romulan replied "However, Commander T'Lek speaks rather fondly of you."

"We're rather well acquainted." Oliver quipped knowingly "Anyway, Commanders B'rur and Halaylah should be arriving shortly to give us a progress report."

Her tail swayed from left and right as she approached the meeting room. During the walk, she meet up with her one eyed warrior friend and the two talked about this and that, most around the fact the Chief Engineer was with child.

"I swear by the gods of old and the ones in the wormhole, that Vulcan left me with twins" stating Halayah in an half upset and pleasant tone of voice.

The Caitian giggled at her old friend "Well, out of all the people in the known universe, he picked the one prrrrson who loves him the most for Ponfarr. If memory serves, Vulcan males are brutal during that point in time."

"Yes he was, but nothing that I haven't experience at the hands of Klingon Males, Brew" returned the Half Klingon bajoran

"Of course, better you then me, Hala" B'rur jokingly replied before entering the Briefing room

With B'rur stepping in front of her, Halayah was a moment behind the current XO. She looked to those that gathered in the briefing room and to the captain and grinned "Sir, I want to remind you the station is near finish with replacements weapons, sensors, and whatever else those peta'Q took. Damn worse then Ferengi"

B'rur looked at the Lt. Commander and nodded towards the others and to the captain "Sir, Commander Neshra wants to remind you that the captain of the Deplorable is sending you a repair bill for the lost of ship to the Tholians" B'rur jokingly stated the Co of the USS Archer statement "Plus the Archer has transfer supplies and other what not for us. Also, the Archer will be in range while studying the time Pulsar, if you need them"

"Tell the Commander it's appreciated, though I think we'll be okay." Oliver said, leaning back in his chair "Now, introductions. Professor Pelarik, this is Commander B'rur, my Executive Officer and acting Science Officer, and Lieutenant Commander Halaylah, my Chief Engineer. She's the one who's been fitting your drive to the Wolff."

"Charmed, I'm sure." Pelarik said, nodding to Halaylah's stomach "Should you be working on such a task in your condition, though?"

Halaylah brow arched over her good eye at the Romulan statement. She wondered which condition he was referring too. A lack of an eye, with child, or possibly that she half Klingon Bajoran. her eye narrowed to revile the calm, cool and unsympathetic nature of a warrior who is with child. She stepped forward, but stopped short when she felt an across her chest. She snarled at the Romulan and merely stated.

"If you have someone else in mind, then let the person install your toy." Halayah growled angrily at the Romulan

B'rur cleared her throat as she looked to Pelarik and offered him a kind smile "Purrrrhaps, Purrrfessor, it would be wise to not upset the Chief. Klingon females are known to rip the arms out of people when they are with child. But, I would like to know more about your engine, purrfessor. Could you explain it to me"

"Of course." Pelarik said with a small nod "Conventional warp drive envelopes the ship or object in a bubble and compresses space at the front end to enable faster than light travel, the speed of which is determined by the warp factor. My drive takes that theory and pushes it one step further. It folds space, enabling ships to pass from one point to another in the blink of an eye. It's almost an artificial wormhole generator. Theoretically, it could take you anywhere."

"However, for our test, we're only going for a short jaunt." Oliver said, tapping the table, a holographic map of the Delta Quadrant appearing "We're starting here, at the Barzan wormhole. We'll be jumping here, to the far side of the Nekrit expanse."

Halayah was glad that both B'rur and the captain was here. She would indeed beat the Romulan to death with his own arms. However, she turned her head towards the captain as she sighed outwardly to relax her mind and use what Aikum has been teaching her to focus her emotions.

"Captain, the latest on the mods is slow. Sort of like the Cardassian tech talking to Federation tech during the early years after Bajor was freed from Cardassia. Also that Galaxy class was in need of refitting then lead to believe. So we gutting out the old in with the new while and wired the green blooded sand devil cousin engine up."

"It will be operational in time for my experiment, yes?" Pelarik questioned, cocking an eyebrow "I know Klingons don't care for schedules, but I do!"

She looked over to the Romulan "I don't know what you're powering that thing, but the last test we did was in range of Operational status." she turned to look at the captain again "If we break down, captain, you, pretty kitty here..." she thumbed in the direction of B'rur "...Professor kiss ass, there and the rest of the bridge crew is pushing us back home. While I steer the wheel." Of course she was joking, but with emotions running oddly, it might not be seen other wise.

"Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that." Oliver said "Halaylah, how long until we're ready to depart?"

Hala replied as she placed her right hand onto her chin and rubbed her chin "Somewhere around 1 to 3 days I reckon"

"Works for me." Oliver said, standing up "B'rur, alert the senior staff I want to meet with them to brief them at 1900. Halaylah, just keep to your estimate if at all possible. Any delays, you're to let me know immediately."

"He means you're to let me know." Pelaerik corrected "Am I correct, Captain?"

"I meant what I said." Oliver said with a wry grin "I'll let you know if there are any problems. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have another appointment."

He turned and left the room, before Pelarik huffed and stormed out


Captain Oliver Lancaster

Commander B'rur

Lt. Commander Halaylah


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