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Planning the Rescue (Part One)

Posted on Wed Nov 16th, 2016 @ 2:02pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Aikum M.D & Lieutenant JG Thomas Lien
Edited on on Fri Nov 18th, 2016 @ 6:35pm

Mission: Search and Rescue
Location: Observation Lounge, USS Chekov
Timeline: MD01 1500 Hours

Oliver sat in the Observation Lounge, with Bolero playing in the background as he looked out of the window at the planet below where Outpost 6 was located. He'd just got off of the Communications Line with Starfleet Command and didn't like what their marching orders were. Now, he had to wait for the senior staff to arrive so he could brief them.

Doctor Aikum arrived, his beard was growing in and his bangs were longer than normal with the rest of his hair growing as well. His lab coat was wrinkled though absent of bodily fluids which was a miracle given how busy the man had been since they fled the station.

"Captain, any word from the USS Mercury? They seem to have gone dark, I haven't been able to reach my cousin T'Vir even on our private sub-space frequency she made for us after my um... Pon-Farr."

The young Vulcan chuckled nervously something that he only recently started to do.

"We're running pretty dark right now. We're at war, and can't afford to become a tempting target." Oliver said with a sigh, pausing before adding "Did you manage to deal with that issue?"

"I must admit Captain that I should have experimented with sexuality before, I am pleased that Hala is most accommodating;" Aikum's cheeks turned to a nice shade of emerald as he spoke,"Sir." he added nervously.

"I'll be sure to tell her you said that." Oliver said with half a smirk "Relax, I'm kidding. She might kill... Both of us, if I did."

Hunter walked in next " Sir, Lieutenant." He said simply as he took a seat. Hunter was not in the mood for talking. For all he could think about were the people left behind on the station.

B'rur strolled in behind Hunter. The look upon her face, seemed to have aged the normal youthful happy spirit cait. She stepped up to the captain the data padd that she was reading as she entered the meeting.

"Got a meeting, have we?" Oliver asked with a smirk as he read the padd "Put it on the display."

With a nodded the now acting XO, turned slightly and stepped over to a display screen to bring up an image of an Andorian vulcan lady.

"Captain" stated Commander Neshra

"Commander Neshra, Captain Oliver Lancaster, USS Chekov, and we're working on recovering Starbase 47." Oliver said "Congratulations on the promotion. You're calling with good news, right?"

"Thank you Captain" returned Neshra maintaining an grim look "However, this may sound, re-enforcements are not able to arrive to your sector of space."

"Wow." Oliver said, rubbing the bridge of his nose "So brass didn't have you call to give us the good news, but to give us the bad news. Any idea when we'll get re-enforcements? We're trying to keep things quiet on our end."

"Unknown at this time, captain." Neshra replied after the captain stated his remarks about the wormhole "However, comms are still able to transmit..." she paused briefly when someone handed her a data padd at her end and she read it and tilted head and sighed and she spoke to the person off camera " would appear that we've discover what is keeping Starfleet, the Klingons, and everyone else from our end to meet up with you."

She gestured with her right hand towards the Archer's main viewscreen. The image was replaced of the Andorian Vulcan commander to the image of the wormhole. Covering the event horizon of the the entrance was an orange yellow web and on the other side of it were a number of small triangle ships holding an formation within the wormhole itself.

"It would appear we have Tholians blocking us, captain." returned Neshra coldly "these Tholians match the same ones you and your crew encountered months ago, when you save the Enterprise B."

The camera switched out from the current image and back to Neshra's face "Captain, we've opening hailing comms to the Tholians. But we've received no reply. The USS Deplorable is contacting Starfleet command and giving HQ a heads up on what's happening out here at this time. Which, no doubt, we are going to be stuck here for a bit, as Federation and Tholians talk to one another. Hopefully, soon, I'll return with some good news."

"So they came back. Peachy." Oliver said, folding his arms over his chest "Keep me apprised, Commander."

"Of course, captain. Archer out" Neshra stated and the screen went blank

B'rur turned around and shook her head as she looked to the captain "If I had real money right now, I'll place it on the table and say that Tholians are doing the same thing at our end as well, sir. What they're planning is up in the air at this point. On the plus side, thanks to the Purrrlatians they're not going to enter the wormhole."

"We've got one set of bad guys on this side of the wormhole and another on the other." Oliver grimaced "It's not looking great."

Halayah entered the meeting. The warrior engineer arrival was at the tail end of what took place. her lone eye shifted to all that were there. She smiled to Aikum and then looked to the captain "Uh umm, what the hell did I just walk into. It looks like someone slapped you all in the face and then proceed to kick your pet Targ?"

"Bad guys winning war. Tholians blocking re-enforcements from Alpha Quadrant. Us having about ten other ships total in the quadrant." Oliver replied "That pretty much sums it up."

Halayah replied with an mix of Bajoran and Klingon curse. Then stated with a 'Wow'. She stepped over to Aikum and sat down at the table "Sir, the ship is ready and Engineering as well. Of course, some of us, had to switch tracks from the massive Steam engine of the Station to the diesel of the Chekov."

"So long as it's not diesel in a petrol engine. Yes, I know old Earth vehicles." Oliver replied "Hunter, how're weapons looking?"

" Sir, all weapons are fully functional and just waiting to be used." Hunter replied.

"Good, we're going to need them." Oliver said, sitting in his chair "I heard from Command earlier. Given the call we just took, we now know why they were cagey with me. However, I can tell you the operation we're taking part in. Operation retake Starbase 47 sorry I didn't think of a better name but they didn't give me a proper name, is our new mission. We're to deploy in the Chekov while Lieutenant Kal'Prek will be joining us with the crew of the Klang under cloak. The plan is we distract the Starbase, while the Klang beams our people out. The USS Sun-Tzu will be backing us. Her Captain owes me a favor, I introduced her to her wife. However, even with a Sovereign Class Ship backing us, we're still heavily outgunned. There's a second part of the mission criteria."

Oliver pressed a control and a holographic image of the Starbase appeared, a red dot about three quarters of the way down the narrow central section.

"We're to hit the station hard while in the sector." Oliver continued "I'll be beaming aboard alone with a spacial charge. The Klang will be collecting me, but there's a catch. It's not a good one either. Starfleet has deemed anyone on the Station to be expendable, and acceptable losses, in the event of things going south. Hence me going in alone. Minimize casualties."

The emotions Hunter had been keeping in check, came bursting out once Oliver had finished speaking. "The Hell you are going over there alone! I've already had to leave good people behind to probably die!" Hunter paused as his heart was racing. "And I'll be damned if I let another one take on a suicide mission!" Hunter finished as he was now standing and his veins bulging.

"Your objections are noted, Major!" Oliver retorted "If anyone else objects, please do so now, it will be noted in my log."

Thomas looked around, then spoke up. "Sir, I'm not one to challenge orders, but what right does Starfleet have to choose who lives or dies? These are living and breathing people who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting the Federation. Sir, I may not be an Admiral, but I know that this is no way to repay them for their service."

"I agree." Oliver said, pausing "Which is why I'm not engaging the timer on the detonator until I know everyone else is off the station. First rule of Command; if necessary, Captain goes down with the ship."



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