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Noticing something ODD

Posted on Tue Sep 27th, 2016 @ 11:57am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Captain Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Aikum M.D & Lieutenant JG Thomas Lien

Mission: The Siege
Location: Operational center of SB47
Timeline: MD03 1520 Hours

It was hard to see the Enterprise B depart back home, even though it was five weeks ago. For B'rur, there were tons of things to do within the hall ways of the ship that bore the name Enterprise. She looked at her screen re-watching the Excelsior refit class slip through the worm hole. Even though she was sad, she had other matters to take care of at the present. Upon her return to the Station, she picked up her second officer duties once again and was reviewing, certain elements that pose an issue within her. One of which was the Ambassador class starship Chevok, that was assign to the station. Something in the back of her mind was voicing concern of this lack of defense for the station.

"Commander" she stated as she saw the XO arrive, then corrected herself "sorry I mean captain. I have something here that not making any sense to me. Purrrhaps you can explain it to me."

"What is it?" Kahlaras asked

"First off, why does the station have such minimum defense in an area of space that is hostile? Such as the one lone starship and standard weapons array. Second, I don't think it was overly wise to have the Klingons be recalled. It feels like we're being set up for failure or tested in some way. Third, there is some neutrino emissions being read over the last few hours."

"A neutrino emission, you may want to look into that it could be a cloaked ship." Kahlaras said concerned over the last bit

"Purrhaps, you're correct, sir. Of course, I have been hanging around you for a while now and it appurrrs your mentality has rubbed off on me. However, I don't know if the captain noticed this as well, I was going to bring it up to him when he arrived for duty."

"A second voice is never a bad idea."

"Aye sir" B'rur returned to her science station, which was listening to the comm traffic and science data that came from ships, plus to fully figure out the neutrino emissions.


If there was an book on how Engineer's were to act, Halayah would be at least 2 chapters of that book. She strolled into the Operation center with a larger then life smile upon her lips. For she awoke in the arms of her love after a long night of talking and fun. Of course, she was equally glad to see that the station was still around and didn't fall apart. No the Engineer was on cloud nine as she went to her station and brought up last night system reports.


Hunter was manning his station at Tactical when he started to get a bad feeling. So he tapped his combadge and said " Captain Lancaster please report to ops."

Oliver walked into ops, his comm. badge attached to a white shirt. He moved over to the central podium where Kahlaras was stood, looking at the holo-display.

"What've we got?" He asked, looking at the readouts "B'rur, can you triangulate and identify these readings? Lien, Halaylah, give her whatever boosts you can."

With a smirk on her battle scorn face she looked over to her good friend B'rur and then stated her joke aloud "I don't think Commander B'rur needs any more of a boosts, captain"

B'rur giggled at her warrior's friends dirty joke. "I do need a boosts, Hala, for my milkshakes haven't brought any guys to the yard for a while meow. Meow purrrhaps if you can give sensor array one through forty four a boost of 1.21 gigawatts to the CN rods, that'll be great. Lien, be a gentlemen, and re-tune the Alpha spike columns of sensor array twenty four, sixty nine, twenty, and eight."

Halayah had laughed at her old friends reply and did as she was ordered.

"Yes ma'am," Lien replied to the order. "Returning sensor arrays now." Thomas had plenty of rest, and plenty of coffee for his first day on the job as Operations Chief for a Starbase.

"Most interesting" she stated as she looked up and over to both the Xo and CO of the station as her hands had switched the main view screen to a tactical look. It revile the neutrino emissions had move slowly during the course of the night shift to it present location on the screen "From these readings captain, the neutrino emissions are in one massive mass...oh damn...It's dividing, sir"

"Red alert! Shields up, all hands, battle stations!" Oliver said "Hunter, I know half our weapons are offline for our overhaul, but whatever you've got, we might need it."

" Aye Sir checking what is available." Hunter said as he checked his read out of available weapons. Hunter grimaced when he saw what was at the station's disposal. " Sir, phasers are only at fifty percent capacity and the only torpedoe launcher online is for the Tricobalts. It gets worse Sir, backup sheild generators are down for the overhaul as well." Hunter concluded.

Thomas quickly aborted his adjustments to the sensor array. "Looks like those modifications will have to wait," he muttered to himself. "Redirecting power to phaser banks."

"Arm whatever we've got. Halaylah, boost power output, make us look like we're hitting harder than we are." Oliver said "Lien, begin broadcasting a general hail."

"Hailing frequencies open, sir," Lien replied.

"This is Captain Oliver Lancaster to the cloaked vessels." Oliver began "I hereby demand that you decloak and leave the area or we will open fire. Last I checked, cloaking devices and shields don't mix."

Tholerot appeared on screen, smug as ever. He was no fool and could tell the Captain was hiding something."Captain Lancaster." he said menacingly, "I told you I would be back."

"And I told you I'll be waiting." Oliver said, keying in a few commands "You'll notice we've got weapons trained on you and-"

Hunter was watching his sensors when suddenly a blip appeared, then another then ten and then in less than ten seconds Hunter had more than fifty ships on his sensors. " Sir, I'd hold off on the threats. I've got more than fifty ships decloaking." Hunter reported.

TAG Tholerot (something like "you were saying?")

The one eyed warrior merely had nodded her head to the captain's orders. her fingers danced across the keys in relaying information to Engineering. an few seconds later, word came in from Engineering and she informed the captain of it. However, once she turned and faced the captain her console began to spark and she moved away quickly under the shower of sparks.

"Damn" she stated as the sparks flew and then died away "Ground out."

She knelt down and open the panel. As she did so, one of her fellow engineers came over and handed her an tricorder "Metallic fiber detecting laying across..." she paused as the station rocked as she rose to feet and looked towards Ops "...Lien, it's in your Court now. This terminal is toast."

"Ensign!" Lien called out for the Officer to fix the console. "Power boosted by 25 percent, sir. That should be convincing enough."

=/\="Sickbay to Ops, what is happening?"=/\= came the voice of the Vulcan chief surgeon.

The station rocked violently as Oliver stared down Tholerot across the viewer. Finally, he slammed his fist through the holo-interface, establishing the comm. link to answer Aikum.

"Tholerot and his people are attacking." He said somberly "We're evacuating the station."

=/\="You better give us enough time to leave, I'll oversee the evacuation and I had better see all of you on a ship or shuttle. I'll have our ships to Parlax VI our only colony out here the USS Nile is assigned there and maybe we can use them to help."=/\=

"We'll be there." Oliver said, looking around Ops "All non-essential personnel, evacuate the Bridge. Kahlaras, B'rur and I can keep things running here."

Halaylah had crawled out from under the engineering console and was going to protest the captain's order, but over the course of years, she learned to trust his judgement. Of course, she didn't like leaving a fight, but she followed orders. She came up to Kahlaras and looked at him with her lone eye and placed her hand onto his arm.

"toH choQoylaH'a', jup ghob" (fight well old friend) she stated as she looked to the others and waved them to the lift "You heard the Captain! Move! Move!"

Thomas briskly followed the engineer. He would have loved to stay and fight, but at least he wouldn't have to die on his first day. "Good luck, Captain."

Hunter hated having to leave his station in the middle of a battle. But he knew it was the right decision " Sir, give them Hell."Hunter said as he Saluted the Captain before following Thomas.

"This was too easy Oliver, I was expecting a better fight from you. Oh well, none the less I will gladly take your station as you run like the coward you are." Tholerot said with a smile he couldn't contain.

"Oh, I never said I was giving it to you." Oliver said "Computer, engage auto destruct. Recognise Captain Oliver Lancaster, Commanding Officer. Authorisation Destruct sequence one. Code one A. Kahlaras, you're up."

"Computer, recognize Captain Kahlaras, Executive officer. Authorization destruct sequence one. Code one A , two B."

B'rur swallowed upon hearing the computer beeping acknowledgment of both the captain's and Execs code. She sighed and began her addition to the the death of the station.

"computer, Reconize Commander B'rur, Second officer and Chief Science Officer. Authorization for destruct sequence two. Code one B. Two B. Three"

"Destruct sequence completed and engaged. Awaiting final code for countdown." Came the Computer's voice

"Before you decide to decline me my prize Oliver let me inform you of my backup. I may not get the station but I will still get the shuttles and escape pods. Any one found inside will be killed most brutally, painfully, and slowly. Also remember we are better versed in the layout of the Delta Quadrant and there are certain factions that relish in the opportunity for new slaves, especially of the female variety. I may not get your station but I will get your crew."

"Computer, belay destruct order. Authorisation Lancaster Theta 29." Oliver said, a beep coming in response "This isn't you winning, Tholerot. This is me standing my ground and fighting to the end."

"Very well, you and your Klingon dog will die like a fool none the less." Tholerot said

Kahlaras stepped foward, not able to bear it any longer. "Leave the craddle of your starship and meet me face to face, I will show you how foolish I really am you peta'q!" he shouted angrily.

Tholerot looked unimpressed,"How quaint." he simply said before blowing Kahlaras off entirely and directing his focus on Oliver."I will see you soon Oliver." and the transmission cut.

"Set everything to automated." Oliver said, keying in a few commands "We need to hit them hard enough they're too busy with the station to stop our escape in the Chekov. Please tell me it's finished, Kahlaras?"

"She is combat ready Captain but there is one issue. The doors for the hangar took a hit and the automated controls are offline. Someone has to stay behind to open them manually. Get everyone on the ship and let me know when you're ready so I can open the doors."

"I'll do it." Oliver said "You take the ship."

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that Captain. While we may be the same rank I am still your Executive officer and in this instance I feel the Captain is better suited on the bridge of his starship. I am Klingon, these cowards do not intimidate me."

"God damn it Kahlaras, we're talking about your life here!" Oliver yelled "Captain goes down with the ship, or in this case, base. That's how it's always worked."

"And should I go down, it will be glorious." he retorted with a fang filled grin."Go, I will see to your safe departure."

"No way!" Oliver said "You two are leaving, right now!"

With a sigh, the second offer looked between both of her good friends. She hated seeing the two fight like children. She stuck her hands into her pockets briefly and then stepped up to both of them and touched their shoulders with her small hands.

"You can chew my ass out later, captain." she informed plainly "Computer. B'rur purrrtocol 2 to the Chekov"

She looked to the men and heard their response. Shock. Anger. Just to name a few emotion as she stood there on the bridge alone with Kahlaras. She wipe tears from her eyes of the sadness of seeing them depart. Now she waited for the arrival of the Enemy force and she and Kahlaras began giving orders to the computer to give covering fire for the Chekov.

Kahlaras, being resourceful as he was, would not allow anyone else sacrifice themselves. He promptly pulled a hidden emergency transporter beacon from his boot and slapped it onto B'rur who in an instant was transported to the Chekov as well. He was now alone in operations.



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