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The Calm before the Storm

Posted on Thu Oct 27th, 2016 @ 10:59pm by Lieutenant Aikum M.D & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

Mission: The Siege
Location: Observation deck

There comes a time in any ones life when reflection comes. No matter what creature, person, things in the universe, a point to reflect comes and it was no different for a warrior. She stood with her arms clasped behind her as she looked out the viewport to the ships docked at the Station. She observed with her lone eye as a worker bees came to and fro. Yet, the Warrior's mind was else where, not really focusing on the events taking place before her. her mind drifted back to the lab where Aikum saved her and other various points where her friend and love saved her more times then she can count. It didn't both her in the slightest. She just saw something in the eyes of Aikum that most people would over look.

She was handicap in one eye, which forced her other senses to pick up the slack of her missing eye. They saw for her what her lost eye couldn't. Those moments of harm and risk for her was the norm, but for a man of peace and healing, it was not. She smiled softly to herself as she stood watching the large capital ship and support craft and let her mind reflect on Aikum.

Aikum drenched in sweat with his sleeves rolled up approached Halayah quietly. His hair was mess and his uniform all wrinkled. He grunted to announce his presence and steeped up close to Hala from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist rather tightly.

"Oh my" she returned shockingly

Her arms were pinned behind her pressing against her dearest one. She soon felt her uniform beginning to get wet with his sweat and his scent was rather odd. She didn't know what to make of it at first, but, then again, at least he was here with her.

"I see you have capture me peta'Q" she stated "what do you have plan for me?"

The Vulcan growled in her ear and grabbed her by her hand pulled her to follow him gripping with the full strength of his species.

The pure difference between a Vulcan and a woman of mixed heritage, such as Halayah was that Aikum had the slight edge over her. For she body, was an equal to any Vulcan female, with one slight advantage. She like Pain and can withstand pain. More or less, such it off entirely. She didn't frown as he gripped her hand and followed where he wanted to go.

He led her down the corridor and stopped in front of a set of large doors labeled Zero-G Storage. He licked his lips as he let go of Halayah's hand and used his biometrics to gain access to the room.

"Inside," he said in a deeper tone that he never used before.

Halayah did as order and was going to ask what was up, but figure it had to deal something Vulcan.

Aikum entered and sealed the door behind them. By sealing it, he punched the interior door console and ripped out several cables in the process causing a few sparks to fly. He then opened the door on the opposite end of the antechamber and he let out a low guttural growl.

"I have decided that for my first time I will have you in zero gravity, you have yet to protest and if you truly wanted to protest as a warrior you would have done so. For my last logical moment I want to ask you before we begin, will you Pon Farr with me?"

Halayah would've have protested all of this, but, she was a warrior and she would face anything up front. Words were meaningless if she didn't feel threatened in any sort. Of course, she heard the words spoken to her. Pon Farr. She heard tales of Vulcans during this point in their life and some of those tales were, for the lack of a better word. Brutal. Some warriors, out right turned down this moment in a Vulcan's life. Not because, they didn't like it, but just a little too much for any brave warrior. Rage, strength, and a series of other emotion out put is amp to the Nth degree. Matching or out matching any Klingon.

However, that was just here say from what she recalled. Some Pon farr were different on many levels of emotions. A mere touch here and there. others sexual release and other was the extreme. Halayah was wondering now, which the man she adored was. His action to this point, were questionable, as he fought to hold of the emotional outburst to get them here.

She looked at Akium, no smile, no emotion upon her face. She wanted to help him, any way she could. She nodded her head and replied with "I shall accept this honor, Aikum"

Without hesitation the Vulcan grabbed Halayah's face firmly and placed more pressure on his finger tips, "My mind to your mind, your mind to mine, our minds are one!" he shouted as he felt both of there katra's merge. He pulled the Bajoran-Klingon hybrid closer to him and kissed her passionately. He then ripped his uniform off before ripping hers off and smiled before the two embraced again and entered the null-grav zone.


Lieutenant Commander Halayah
Chief Engineering Officer

Doctor Aikum
Chief Medical Officer


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