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Rendezvousing with the Fleet

Posted on Fri Aug 19th, 2016 @ 9:23pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Captain Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant Aikum M.D & Lieutenant Cherilyn Kaisian

Mission: The Enterprise Enigma
Location: Bridge, Enterprise-B
Timeline: MD03 1500 Hours

Oliver sat in the center seat on Enterprise' Bridge, watching the starfield streak by. They were due to rendezvous with the fleet within moments.

"Hail the Tholians again." Oliver said, standing up "Tholian vessel, this is Captain Lancaster on the Enterprise. Stand down, and prepare to be escorted back to Tholian teritory. If not, you will have noticed by now a battle fleet waiting for us. Also en route is the Enterprise-E. You may stand a chance against this ship, but a Sovereign class starship will take you apart piece by piece."

No response.

"We've given them their choice." Oliver said "Kahlaras, what's our ETA?"

"About 1 minute sir."

"Okay then." Oliver said, before the ship rocked "I guess we know their choice. All hands, battle stations."

The ship dropped from warp about 20 seconds ahead of their rendezvous."Sir, warp engines are not responding!" Kahlaras shouted as he began to work furiously bringing the Enterprise into evasive maneuvers.

"Damn it!" Oliver said "Halaylah, get warp back online. Counselor, take the communications console, send a general distress call. The fleet are close, they'll be listening."

Cher moved from the central sector to the communications panel. She had a moment's fleeting thought how it would be nice to take in the antique technology and get a chance to really look it over, but there was no time. She put the audio piece into her ear as she began running through hailing frequencies, hoping that the nearby fleet would pick up on their archaic frequencies. At least one of the ships should have someone that monitors everything.

Halaylah's eye rolled and sighed "Today is not a good day to die in a relic." Halaylah hands moved from one button to a switch to other various buttons and switches as she spoke to those down in engineering "...I don't care from where at this time. huh. Really."

She looked to captain "Sir, the reason why we dropped out of warp is the there is an Tholian inside the flow regulator."

"A Tholian inside the regulator? I know they like heat but that's an interesting hiding spot." Oliver said "Are they alive?"

"Well, I wouldn't really call it alive. I call it more or less a plug. Damn thing, not sure how, phased into the reg." returned the Engineer chief "Ops is already on de-clogging duty. It's going to be a few"

"Great." Oliver said "So we can expect warp back shortly."

"That's what I said" she jokingly return as she turned about "However, Impulse is still in fine working order.." the ship rocked a little from weapons fire and she chuckled a little "...oh yes, and the shields are still up. best I can give you on weapons until the clog is removed is torpedoes..." she paused "...and mines. Wow Starfleet had mines back these are...interesting."

"Mines?" Oliver asked "What kind of mines? Photon? Tricobalt?"

"Oh. Ummm...Tholian mines sir" returned the one eyed engineer "if I recall these things are built to blast. In other words, an piano wire across a road with an open top jeep. It slices ships into bits and I thought it was only mythical weapons at the Imperial Academy." She held on to her station when the ship rocked again "Rear shield down 34%. I can give you at is 1.3 maybe 2. That clog did more damage aka pieces fused into piping. However, if the XO can keep those peta'Q off this ladies ass for five minutes or so, I can give more."

"I am working on it! You will need to bypass the conduits using whatever on hand, even shuttle EPS relays should work momentarily." he shouted as he brought the ship up and into a roll to throw off the tholians targeting scanners.

"Yep, Shuttles parts. Have to bypass those fused area, old friend, or we'll all end up in Sto Vor Kor. I don't plan on visiting and staying just yet. Captain, give me five and I'll pull a rabbit out thin air for you."

"You've got two." Oliver said "I hope your idea's good."

"Oh yes, if it works first rounds on the XO." she grinned exited the bridge "I think the pay he now gets will cover the bill"

"I'll definitely need a drink after this." he said with a smile as he did another barrel roll, the dampers stressing from the forces.

"Try not to break the ship, Captain." Oliver said, clinging to his chair for dear life.

She laughed as she tapped her badge "I need damage con..."

Before she could finish speaking, the ship rocked violently as another volley of shots hit the Enterprise. The ship shook twice more, then stopped shaking. The communications console beeped.

Her fingers found the old consoles somewhat taxing. Instead of the smooth haptic controls that she was used to. However, she was able to manage, reminding herself to exert more pressure to activate each control. "Incoming message, Captain. It's the Yorktown."

"On viewer." Oliver said, the image of an African American woman appearing on the viewer "Captain Henderson, nice to see you again."

"Likewise, Captain Lancaster. Captain kahlaras. Congratulations on the promotion." Henderson said, nodding curtly "We've got the combat portion of this here, just get Enterprise away."

"I'm in Command here, Captain." Oliver said, before smirking "Now, like I said, good plan. Kahlaras, put some distance between us and the Tholians. Halaylah, get warp drive operational. Hunter, keep torpedoes firing behind us until we're out of range or torpedoes, and one more thing."

He pressed a control on the arm of his chair.

"Medical team to the Bridge." He said "I don't know about anyone else, but I'm feeling some space sickness coming on..."

Cher moved from the communication station, grabbing the spare emergency medkit from the bulkhead and removed the tricorder, preparing to make scans. A simple inoculation of premazalom would lessen the effects of space sickness from inferior inertial dampening fields.

"Thank you, Counselor." Oliver said as he was injected with the hypo "Be careful or I might think I'm growing on you."

"Good application of that hypospray Counselor Cher," said Doctor Aikum witnessing the action as he stepped off the turbolift into the crowded bridge. He saw an injured crewman with severe burns and began getting to work treating the young lady.

"Sir" B'rur stated over the Chaos of battle roaring outside and over the Klaxon "Damage to communications; Internal comms are down"

"Well that's just peachy." Oliver said sardonically "Please tell me our Chief Engineer has fixed the engines?"

She paused and looked at her station "She has, captain..." she switched screens as she tail flipped about "...We've got warp eight. But I suggest..."

"Tell her we need everything she's got." Oliver said "Kahlaras, punch it."

"Aye sir, relaying message to Engineering via text" returned B'rur. Once the text was sent her console began to spark, arch out, and then exploded.

"Augh!" she yelled as she tumbled back into the Command well

"You alright down there?" Oliver quipped, standing and offering her a hand "You look like someone ruffled your fur a little."

She looked up at the captain and grinned an devilish grin "Well at least I didn't die like a Ninja who was round house kicked by Chuck Norris. Purrrhaps, I should step out side and yell at the Tholians" She coughed a little "tell them to stop ride our ass or at least buy us dinner first. However, I do hurt a little, but it would seem my cybernetic purrrrts took the blunt of the shock. Meow, get back into that damn chair and get us and the Big E B home or I will find a way to Round house Kick you." She chuckled a bit at the joke. She knew well enough, she could handle her own, but, not with the captain and wonder if the captain understood her joke.

"Pretty sure threatening assault on a superior officer is a court martial offense. I think we'll skip that." Oliver said with a grin as he sat down, tapping a few commands into the arm of his chair "I've signaled Yorktown to fire her weapon. You guys may want to hang on to something."

Sure enough, the ship rocked violently as she was hurled across space by the shockwave of the modified Quantum torpedo volley from Yorktown hitting the temporally displaced Tholians impacted Enterprise. As the blue cloud began to clear, an object shot out of it; Enterprise!

"What've we got?" Oliver asked?

"It appears the Tholians are gone sir. I suggest we leave before they manage to return in at all possible." he suggested.

"Remind me I owe everyone a drink when we get back." Oliver grinned "Kahlaras, set a course home. Warp seven."

"Aye sir." he said beginning to enter the command sequence.

"Actually, you know what?" Oliver said, standing up and tapping Kahlaras on the shoulder "I'll take over here. You have the conn, Captain."

Kahlaras stared for a moment, then smiled. He got up and allowed the Captain to sit as he took the center chair.

"I'm waiting for the word?" Oliver said with a smirk as he sat down at the helm, inputting their course and speed

"Engage." he said, feeling a rush of excitement as he did so.



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