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Meeting on the Bridge

Posted on Sat Aug 6th, 2016 @ 2:57pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Captain Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Cherilyn Kaisian

Mission: The Enterprise Enigma
Location: Bridge, Enterprise-B
Timeline: MD03 0945 Hours

Oliver and the away team reached the Bridge, stepping out of the turbolift. The place was a grim sight. Various members of the crew of the Enterprise were at their stations, their bodies slumped in various positions. Oliver looked around and turned to the away team.

"B'rur, get on internal sensors, see if you can find anything onboard. Hunter, you and your men guard the entrances. Counselor, with me." He said, moving towards the Captain's chair with the Counselor "Listen, I don't do this kind of thing very well but, well, I'm sorry, about before. I guess I'm so used to hearing you criticising and second guessing my orders that I reacted out of instinct. I'll try to refrain from doing so again."

"Honestly, Captain, I believe that is a conversation for another time and best done in an official capacity," she said, still halfway distracted as she tried to figure out what her senses were telling her. In all honesty, she didn't care about Lancaster's outburst, personally, but was still another reflection of his unsuitability for command. In fact, this entire episode that they were currently experiencing was endemic of his inability to make rational decisions. Taking the time to do proper procedures would not have put them into a situation where they may be facing an armed, hostile force.

There was a beeping sound from the communications station. Oliver nodded to one of the Security Officers who moved to the station, pressing the command to bring the communique up on the viewer, revealing Kahlaras on what looked like a very battered Bridge.

"Captain!" he exclaimed as the ship shuddering and the image blurring for a moment."We are under attack, I'm dropping the rear shields and transporting all our crew over to the Enterprise!" he said as another hit rocked the ship

"Who's attacking, Captain?" Oliver asked, noting to himself how odd it felt to say the word 'Captain' to his First Officer "B'rur, see if you can help with the beam out. Two sets of transporters will get the job done faster."

"Its the Tholians sir, I'm going to use the Sokar and their ship, hopefully that will buy us some time. Lieutenant Halaylah all power to the engines prepare for ramming speed!" he said the transmission still open, "Its been an honor sir if I don't survive this battle." He turned to the helm," Ensign, plot a collision course and engage at maximum impulse." the ship rocked again as the signal began to fade, Kahlaras turned back to the view screen once more "Qa'plah Captain." was all he said before it cut out

"Trouble locking on, anyone on the Sokar" returned the Caitain from the Big E B's science station. The cait's hands raced across the keys at what she would reply later as warp speed to get them all out at the last second. Transporters got them, sir"

"Welcome aboard the Enterprise-B, Kahlaras." Oliver said "Hunter, man tactical. Commander Halaylah, if you could monitor the warp core of the ship, we may need to test the engines sooner than expected. Counselor, find a seat, Captain, how are you at the helm?"

Cher took the second officer's position, pulling the small screen over to her and quickly beginning to check the databanks of the ship. She had a vague recollection of a talk she attended from a Starfleet El-Aurian officer who was actually on the Enterprise B at one point. Not as a Starfleet officer but as a refugee, from a cosmic ribbon. She wasn't an expert on quantum temporal mechanics, but temporal mechanics was a subset of metaphysical philosophy, so she had to do some studying of the field in order to fully understand the concepts.

His uniform was battered and smelled like burnt conduit but he was otherwise fine, his adrenaline running from plowing the Sokar into the Tholian vessel as he was beamed away, he witnessed the impact first hand, it was a glorious experience."It has been a while but I can manage it." he said moving over to the helm station sitting down. He ran his hands over the console then entered a few commands, it lit up and responded his touch like nothing."Helm controls are fully functional sir."

Surprised beyond belief, the one eyed warrior, dusted herself off. she watched the brave Oberth class fly head long into the Tholian vessel and sighed. She was getting use to vessel. She walked up behind Captain Kahlaras, placed her hand on the back of the chair and lean forward and flipped a few switches. She turned to look at her friend and grin an warrior's grin.

"Not so sure about fully, sir. But they are now" she stated aloud as she lean back, yet paused to whisper into her friend's ear "This is going to be one hell of tale to tell, old friend."

"Agreed. A tale to drink to." he said with a grin

She laughed patted her fellow warrior on the shoulder and headed to her station. Lucky for the former crew of the Sokar, they were well on their way to getting the Enterprise B up and running again.

"Captain, engines are ready at your command" she stated after reading the CPU status of the ship "Weapons are charging and shields are on the raise. All sail raised as well"

"Well then, let's do this. Hail the Tholians." Oliver said, sitting down in the Captain's chair "This is Captain Oliver Lancaster of the Federation Starship Enterprise. You have committed a hostile act against the Federation. You are in an unexplored region and, with your permission, we will escort you back to Tholian space. If you refuse, we will be forced to open fire."

The hail met static. Oliver looked to Kahlaras.

B'rur had an ear piece in her ear listening to translator.

"Think they're pissed off?" He asked simply before the Enterprise rocked "Definitely pissed off! Kahlaras, set a course for the station. Halaylah, get us all the engine power you can give us! Hunter, fire a barrage of Photon Torpedoes!"

"Oh yes, they sure, sir" returned B'rur

"Aye Sir." Hunter said as he tapped the buttons on the console needed to fire Torpedoes. As all the torpedoes streaked out it looked like a raging river about to bust a dam.

"Course laid in sir!" Kahlaras shouted over the weapons impacting the ship

Halaylah pressed a few buttons and spoke to Engineering and a moment later, she turned slightly towards the captain. "Full warp power, captain"

"Everyone hang on to something." Oliver said, taking one last glance at the nebula and finally deciding the past was called the past for a reason "Engage!"

Kahlaras entered the command to jump to warp and then everything went silent.

"Captain, no!" she said, but realized that she discovered the information for which she searched too late, they were already at warp. "We may have just killed the ship's crew," she informed Lancaster after leaning over and whispering, not wanting to put the information completely out there.



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