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Together at last

Posted on Sat Aug 6th, 2016 @ 2:57pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Captain Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

Mission: The Enterprise Enigma
Location: USS Sokar
Timeline: MD03 0930 Hours

Kahlaras sat in the Captain's seat as he watched the crew working around the bridge, things quiet for the most part besides the the anomaly constantly changing readings. The Enterprise B sat idle to the Sokar's stern as the away team worked away on trying to make her functional.

The anomaly had shown many different ships both space faring and otherwise and the science crew was eating it up. That was until something decided to emerge like the Enterprise.

"Sir, sensors are detecting large amounts of chronitons emanating from the anomaly, something is coming through!" the science officer exclaimed.

" Shields up, get me an exact reading of what it is that's coming through." he ordered the ensign sitting at Operations.

"I can't give you an exact reading," The Andorian man began "however, looking at the configuration and some of the hul alloys I'm detecting... It's Tholian, sir, but I've never seen this kind of ship before."

"Tholians?" Kahlaras asked surprised he knew they never ventured from their space and when they did they tended to be hostile."Red Alert, all hands to battle stations." he turned to the Tactical Officer, "Arm all phasers and torpedoes, we may not be much but they cannot get to the Enterprise!.

"Aye Captain." The lieutenant replied as he quickly worked entering command which would bring all weapons online.

"Bridge to Halaylah , I need all power to the shields and phasers if possible."

Halaylah was running from one location of Engineering and yelling over the klaxon. She paused as she stepped over to the push to talk comm button

"Bridge, if I have to use men and women here and place them on the hull with phaser rifles and pistols, you got it. I giving you all this old Oberth got."

As the ship maneuvered around the anomaly, a man appeared in the corner of the Bridge. He was Human, standing around six foot one, with sandy brown hair flecked with grey. He looked to the center seat, finding where Kahlaras was sat.

"Where am I?" He asked, not waiting for a response before continuing "I am Captain Anthony Marcus of the Asphodel, and I demand to know where we are!"

"Qi'yah!" Kahlaras exclaimed, "Captain, to be honest it is not a good time and you're also supposed to have been dead for several years."

"Excuse me?" Anthony asked, gobsmacked, looking at Kahlaras' collar "Captain, where am I? And what do you mean I'm dead?"

The ship rocked knocking Marcus off balance, "I suggest you sit down sir!. Ensign, return fire full spread of torpedoes!"

"Aye Captain." he said as the screen showed the torpedoes shooting out from the Sokar and the phasers striking the shields, "No effect sir!"

"I'm going to want some answers after this, Cap-" Anthony began before the ship shook again, taking him to the floor and knocking him out cold.

"We need assistance, hail the Enterprise!" he ordered as the ship shook again, an EPS conduit blowing out towards the rear of the bridge,"Kahlaras to all hands, abandon ship I repeat, abandon ship. Head to the transporter room for emergency beam out to the Enterprise!.

"They've answered sir." the operations officer responded, putting the image on screen.

"Captain!" he exclaimed as the ship shuddered and the image blurred for a moment."We are under attack, I'm dropping the rear shields and transporting all our crew over to the Enterprise!" he said as another hit rocked the ship

"Who's attacking, Captain?" Oliver asked, noting to himself how odd it felt to say the word 'Captain' to his First Officer "B'rur, see if you can help with the beam out. Two sets of transporters will get the job done faster."

"Its the Tholians sir, I'm going to use the Sokar and their ship, hopefully that will buy us some time. Lieutenant Halaylah all power to the engines prepare for ramming speed!" he said the transmission still open, "Its been an honor sir if I don't survive this battle." He turned to the helm," Ensign, plot a collision course and engage at maximum impulse." the ship rocked again as the signal began to fade, Kahlaras turned back to the view screen once more "Qa'plah Captain." was all he said before it cut out

"The subspace relay is destroyed sir!" the ops officer exclaimed as another relay blew, a fire erupted unabated by the fire suppression systems which were more than likely offline.

"Get out of here! Take Captain Marcus with you I will join you shortly, I need to set the collision course!" He said as he ran to the helm, the officers on the bridge staying at their stations,"Move!!" he shouted as they realized he wasn't kidding and quickly vacated the bridge after grabbing the unconscious captain leaving him alone. He set the course and sat back in the chair. This was a close one for sure and he didn't know if he would make it this time. All he did was laugh as he accepted his fate as he watched the front of the ship meet the Tholian vessel. Armor plating began to fly away from the impact and the ship shuddered in a way he had never felt.

"Warning, Internal Dampers failing." The computer announced. Right as he could feel the force of the collision begin to affect his body due to the dampers finally failing he was enveloped in a transporter beam. Stovo'kor would have to wait to claim this warrior.

There was a time and place for just about everything in the cosmos. There was moments in time that seem to drag on forever. yet, time itself paused for the Bajoran Klingon. She flet different, people and actions had slowed to the point of stopping. Her lone eye drank it all in as she moved freely. She wondered around, as new events happened around her. She heard voices, she knew well. She then heard the one voice she would never except to here in Engineering.

"It is not your time" came the familiar lovely voice of Aikum

"Huh?" she returned as she turned to face Aikum, but something felt different about him "What do you mean by that..."

"We have decide it is not your time" returned the man that looked like Doctor Aikum

"Your the pr..." in an blinding flash time returned to normal and the Chief Engineer was briefly surrounded by fire and then light shimming of soft blue light that whisked her away.



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