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Debating the Enigma

Posted on Tue Jul 26th, 2016 @ 11:17am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Captain Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Cherilyn Kaisian

Mission: The Enterprise Enigma
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD02 1700 Hours

Oliver sat in the Observation Lounge with B'rur. He'd been going over her report on what had been found, and called a senior staff meeting to discuss the matter. The rest of them had yet to arrive, so he figured it was the best time to voice his question.

"You're sure it was the Enterprise?" He asked, cocking an eyebrow "That ship went missing 65 years ago, and for it to turn up in this neck of the woods? It seems a little nuts."

B'rur eyes shut as she nodded her head to the opening statement from the captain on it being the Enterprise "Indeed it was, captain. It was plain as day and sensor were matched with computer data of the Refit Excelsior Enterpurrrise. Of course it's nuts, captain, but, I'm still having a hard time believing it myself. Heck, the point was equally surprising, that we made the LA times before we almost made contact with the B."

"I read that part of your report. I'm not looking forward to the visit we'll be getting from Temporal Investigations." Oliver said, sighing "Those guys have less of a sense of humour than most Admirals."

Kahlaras walked into the lounge to see B'rur and the Captain already present. He nodded to the two of them as he went to the replicator for a Raktajino, then sat down to the right of the Captain once he had his beverage.

She reminded the captain that the Sokar was or is apart of Earth's History and a target as well. But, pawned off as a weather balloon or whatever the debunkers stated, but now proving it was a alien ship of sorts. She also pointed out D7s and Flight 19, old metal sea going vessels were seen as well.

"We left a purrrrobe there and sent one to the Purrrsar. Nothing forth coming from the Purrrsar. Standard type Purrrsar, with one differences, it's as big as the Sol system star and it's should be different, but, it's the damn same standard type. It has four large gas giants in orbit and one rock world, sir." B'rur informed.

Halayah entrances was normal enough. A slight tired look and dark ring under her lone eye. However, the Bajoran Klingon went to replicator and got her coffee and sat beside her fellow warrior and leaned to the side and whisper to him "What is the captain and Brew talking about?"

"I am still trying to figure that out myself." He whispered back.

Hunter walked in next with a cup of coffee and a plate of an old Earth dish called pigs in a blanket. As he sat down near the Commander's he asked "Would any of you like some?" As he offered the plate.

"No thank you," Cher said, "the nitrates in those horrid things are almost enough to overcome modern medicine." She took her seat and wrapped her hands around the warm mug of tea while she waited.

"Now that you're all here, let's begin." Oliver said, pressing a control in front of him, bringing up a holographic image of an Excelsior Refit Class ship "The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 B. Lost 65 years ago, after transmitting a report that her crew had been infected with a deadly virus. She was left adrift, and no one knew what happened to her. Until today. This image was taken yesterday. B'rur, you found it, do you want to take over?"

B'rur merely nod her head as she rose to her feet.

"Thank you sir" returned the science chief "As many of you have heard by now, which I am referring to the events that purrrrceeded discovering Enterpurrrise B. Which, the crew of the Sokar were seeing all sorts of Earth sea ships, aircraft, had a nearly an fight with some lost D7s, and appurrrring over LA just after the start of United States entrance into the second war world and being shot at by the US Army. That this discovery come to a surpurrrrise. There is a time flux taking place around this Purrrsar. Which, as far as I can inform you with the data that's arriving from the sensor purrrobes, that this is unlike any known Purrrsar. It's big and Earth's sun, but, acts like an normal purrrsar. There are four gas worlds and one rocky world.

"However, that's the latest on the system, the more surpurrrrising detail is that the Enterpurrrrise was running at full mast..." She tossed in an old naval term, that meant she was at full power "...and she looked good, for a woman of 65. One would except all sort of damage on her being adrift as she was, but there was none."

"Needless to say the power supply of the ship leaves us with some questions. Namely, why is there next to no fluctuations after that much time? So, here's the plan. The senior staff will board the Sokar and return to the anomaly." Oliver said, looking around the room "Normally I wouldn't take us all out, but needless to say, this is a unique case. Any questions about the mission?"

"During scans, were life signs detected?" Cher asked, beginning to wonder. If people had survived, so then might the virus which means they were all vulnerable. Not to mention, there would be several generations born and raised on that ship if it was truly cast adrift. All with sixty-five years of cultural drift based on an entirely different Starfleet and Federation.

"Yes, I believe it would be wise to invite our Klingon buddies along for the ride, sir" B'rur stated "call it a joint mission of sorts. Also, captain, let bring our Chief O'Keefe along for the ride, also I call dibs on salvage rights and dibs on shot gun."

B'rur last half was meant as a joke and it merely stated that she wanted to be the first to venture onto the Enterprise B to gather all sort of information as to why she was a drift, what she and the crew encountered, and whatever she can get her paws onto.

"I'll think about O'Keefe." Oliver quipped "As for the Klingons, I'm going to leave them behind for this particular assignment. After all, when the Enterprise left, relations with the Klingons were, while on reasonable terms, a little frosty. If the temporal nature of this anomaly is fact, I don't want to put any potential survivors on edge."

"Uh umm, captain" Halayah gestured between herself and XO "That would mean leaving us here as well. Sure, I might be able to stated I'm whatever, but, let's face it scan will see it. Transporter scan well too."

Kahlaras awaited the Captain's response though he figured he would be left behind.

"We can't go into the situation without our Chief Engineer." Oliver said, smirking "And I'm not content to leave my First Officer behind. I'm going to assume it's a special case, and simply put, we can leave you on the Sokar until things are explained, if they need explaining. A couple of Klingon Starfleet Officers would provide marginally less alarm than a Klingon Bird of Prey. Besides, we've got the Kapoka coming in, and they're a warrior race themselves. Having the Klingons here should keep them in line."

" Captain if I may." Not waiting for a response Hunter continued " Sir, for all we know Q could be letting us walk into another one of his games. With that said I recommend we keep open comm links at all time along with the Klang cloaked just outside of sensor range. Should the need arise." Hunter concluded.

"Your objections are noted, Major." Oliver said, pausing for a moment before continuing "However, the nearest Federation or Klingon ship is more than a day away at maximum warp, barring the Ambassador class ship currently in for a refit, which has half her systems ripped out at the moment. We can't afford to leave the station without a ship to help defend her in event of a crisis. That said, I agree with the comm. link point. Any more questions or concerns?"

"Captain," Cher said, "I agree with the suggestion of bringing O'Keefe. While we cannot guarantee attitudes of the Enterprise-B, his particularly charmless personality could fit well with that time period, as well as provide for the potential of security problems that may arise should they not take us at our word that we are who we say we are. They are, after all, a very long way from home."

"Okay, you're agreeing with the same thing I am, now I'm worried." Oliver quipped "This should be straightforward, people, but as the Counselor points out, they may not take us at our word. So, here's the plan; the away team is myself, Commander B'rur, the Counselor, Aikum, Major Anders and O'Keefe. We'll beam aboard in EV suits on arrival. Meanwhile, Kahlaras, I need you and Halaylah working on a way to fix any damage we may not have detected, get Enterprise up and running."

"Of course Captain." Kahlaras replied in his simplistic manner as usual.

The warrior engineer merely nodded her head

B'rur smiled nodded her head then looked to the Major "Major." she just like how that sounded and came out when she used the rank for the resident Marine CO "I feel that this is well below Q standards of tomfoolery. Several reasons are there that say so , one of the important one is no flash of soft white light. However, as head of Security, as you are Major, I understand your reasoning and logic. Our past dealings with Q brought us all here. So, with that said and if you can spurrr the purrrsonel can run run scans, select runners and guards and what ever else that might work on detect Q. Never leave any rock upturned. Also, make sure you brush up on your late 23rd century history and weapons controls, just in case we run into trouble and we can't make it back to Sokar

" I will Mam. " Hunter replied simply.

"One last thing" B'rur smiled "When in doubt, use C4 as a last call plan of action."

" That saying reminds me of an old Earth television show called Mythbusters. One of the hosts catch phrases was when in doubt C4." Hunter replied.

"I'd rather not be the Captain who destroys the Enterprise." Oliver said, pausing "I'm much more content leaving James Kirk alone in that area."

B'rur laughed an caitian laugh and recalling her history about the fame admiral.

She looked to the captain "Just the off chance, captain, that we can't save the Big E and have to reduce her to scrap. Call it plan Omega."

"We'll call it a last resort." Oliver said, standing up "You're all dismissed. We leave at 2100 Hours, ETA 0900 tomorrow at maximum warp."

As the others departed B'rur remain behind. She waited until all have departed. She had her concern about this and the rumor mill has already s[read like fire and sooner or later temporal agents we're going to come knocking and the captain's joke about Kirk brought her mind to this point.

"Problem, B'rur?" Oliver asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"In more ways then one, sir, I think the time cops are going to come and or have some one sneak aboard our mission and try to stop us' B'rur stated

"They probably would. If I'd filed a report ahead of time." Oliver said, smirking "I haven't filed the final details of this mission, only that we're going back to investigate some strange energy readings in that anomaly. Nothing too conspicuous."

"Of course, captain" returned as she rose from her chair and headed for the door, but paused and looked back at her friend "strange is an understatement with this area." she turned about when her grin formed and departed.

"You're telling me." Oliver said, looking down at the padd with the information on it and reading "You're telling me..."



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