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Diplomatic Reception

Posted on Tue Jun 14th, 2016 @ 11:44pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant Aikum M.D & Lieutenant Cherilyn Kaisian

Mission: Diplomatic Situations
Location: Asrani Gala Hall
Timeline: MD01 2100 Hours

Oliver stepped into the Gala Hall on the Asrani ship, wearing his dress whites. The opening ball for the negotiations had been recommended, and even though she was only there for a tech conference that happened to be on the same Colony Ship, as opposed to the diplomatic talks, Halaylah had been given an invite as well. Not a large gesture, but a good one, considering they'd met the Asrani only shortly before their Borg incident.

He moved over to the food table, picking up a plate and beginning to pick up one of everything. He was determined to sample as much of the culture there as he could, and that started with the food. And if they happened to have something akin to a nice scotch or Pinot Grigiot, he'd force himself.

If there was one part of her Starfleet career that Cher wasn't very keen about, it was the idea of 'dress uniforms'. For events like this, she missed finding her own clothing, choosing her accessories and presenting herself in the way she chose. However, regulations required certain protocols and that forced her into the notch of Starfleet's idea of the way a person should present themselves at these functions.

But, it was part of what she agreed to when she joined Starfleet so it was counterproductive to argue about it. She arrived at the reception shortly before the appointed time, wanting to make sure she was there for the important arrivals. She felt there was much to learn from people when they first stepped into a reception such as this. Information that could be put to good use.

Aikum arrived with Halaylah. His hair much longer than when he first met the crew of SB-47 back when they were on the USS Asphodel. His bangs were slicked back with gel as they would've covered his eyes as was the rest of his hair. He was in his dress uniform and had a tricorder and small medkit holstered at his waist for just in case.

"How prestigious that you got the invite my dearest." he said to his Klingon/Bajoran companion.

Halaylah grinned and shrugged. then she adjusted her dress uniform "Luck, I would gather, my dear"

"Counselor," Oliver said, moving up beside the Counselor and smirking "Be sure to tell me if I'm about to make a total ass of myself, will you? I have a bad habit of putting my foot in my mouth at these things, and forgiving as the Asrani delegates are, I'm not sure they could handle Starfleet officers at a party."

"Most people can't," Cher said. "Especially from sciences and engineering. They tend to get stuck into their specialties and forget that there are any subjects outside of them. The secret, however, is to talk more about your guest than yourself."

"Is that so?" Oliver asked, grinning as he quipped "So, Counselor, tell me, what was it like writing your dissertation? It was pretty fascinating as I recall."

Cher smiled, slightly amused. "You ever decide to repeatedly hit yourself over the head with a hypospanner while a group of monkeys jumped from shoulder to shoulder?" she asked the captain. "Try it for a year and you have an idea of the process of academic dissertations."

"I did one too. Enterprise history. Gave me one or two ideas while in command of Asphodel." Oliver quipped, before noticing Zane walking over with what appeared to be a tall, purple man with a silver crest on his forehead and neon blue eyes "Admiral Zane, Ambassador Tayell, it's nice to see you both. How are we today?"

"We're good." Zane said "Nice to see you two getting along. For once."

"Getting along for once?" Tayell asked "Care to elaborate?"

"Long story." Oliver replied, gesturing between the Ambassador and the Counsellor "Ambassador Tayell, this is my ship's counselor, Lieutenant Cherilyn Kaisian. Counselor, this is Ambassador Tayell. He's responsible for us getting this invite."

"Counselor." Tayell nodded curtly, before picking up what looked slightly like toast but smelt suspiciously like chilli and eating it "You should all try these cewaku slices. They're a delicacy on my world."

The part of her that just did not want to be there, was none stop yelling at her to beat feet out of the hall, while the other, the more reserved side kept her place as she stood beside her dearest. The lone eye of the warrior Engineer, looked about. Both her dual heritage were of the caution side, even in top formal attire. However, she nodded her head offer an smile and nod of her head and kept quiet, unless spoken to by those that wanted to speak to her.

"Let me introduce you to the rest of my staff that are here." Oliver said to the Ambassador, leading him over to Aikum and Halaylah "This is Doctor Aikum, my Chief Medical Officer, and Lieutenant Commander Halaylah. She's here for the tech symposium. I'd be lying if I said I don't envy her a little on that point."

"As do I, Captain. Nice to meet you, Doctor." The Ambassador said with a wry smile as he turned to Halaylah "I served as Chief Engineer of this ship for 47 years before I became an Ambassador, I still like to keep track of things. How long have you ran things at your Station, Commander?"

The Vulcan simply nodded to the Ambassador and he felt his pulse quicken as the man spoke to Halaylah.

Halaylah offer an grin and forced herself not to count on her fingers as to how many years she was an engineer, let alone chief Engineer. So she answered the elder gentlemen before her in typical Bajoran/Klingon "You know ambassador, does it truly matter how long I've been toiling, tinkering, keeping up to speed with all new things engineering, this and that, to keep this station, ships that coming into port and my career. It doesn't mean a thing, with out the support of Ops, the Non comms and the enlisted. If it weren't for them, this station and the fleet would have flew itself apart years ago. Also, you have both sets of eyes, while I, as you see, only have one. It isn't an handicap in the slightest. I've learning to listen more and use my other sense to keep an eye out for trouble. Speaking of which..." the warrior engineer pressed up and down on the carpet covered plating and shook her head "...loose plating and sounds like the air vents need a looking into."

"Well, quite." Tayell said with a curt nod "If you'll excuse me, I must greet the other delegates. Captain, Commander, Admiral."

Tayell walked off. Oliver waited for him to be out of earshot before turning around and picking up one of the cewaku slices.

"When in Rome." He said with a grin, putting it his mouth, his eyes widening in shock as he closed his mouth "Warp core breach imminent..."



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