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Who You Gonna Call?

Posted on Wed Mar 30th, 2016 @ 1:08pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Captain Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Aikum M.D & Lieutenant Cherilyn Kaisian & Lieutenant JG Alexander Carson & Lieutenant JG Kairo Zerion & Lieutenant JG Erich Hartmann
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Mission: The Ghost of Deck 666
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: MD04 2100 Hours

Oliver walked into the Briefing Room. After the broadcast demanding Tholerot's release from their apparent 'ghost,' he'd called for a senior staff meeting. Fortunately, Admiral Zane hadn't seen the broadcast; it had been restricted to Ops apparently. At least for now, he wanted to keep her out of the loop.

B'rur entered in with an puzzled brow upon her face. News that, Senator Thero is gaining a foot hold of becoming the next president of the UFP, plus the discovery of an long lost item from earth past had surface and those that found it gave it to the Andorian senator not as a gift, but to entrust him with this item and to prove that it is the real 'cup of Christ'. This made B'rur want to head back to Earth and study the cup. However, she was here and other news had slowly filtered into the science department. Most area the station and other note worthy items.

As Second officer of Starbase 47, the caitian science chief went to her place at the briefing table and took a seat. She of course had brought with her a Data padd, to take notes with, let alone up date the captain and the others on her department and other science related items as well.

"Something on your mind, Commander?" Oliver asked, noting B'rur's expression "You look... Perplexed?"

"That sounds like my line, Captain," Cher said as she entered the conference center. "Unless we get to change jobs?" she said, then in a bad imitation of Lancaster's voice, "engage'. No, that's not it. 'Engage'," she said again not getting it quite right. "I'm sure if I practice more I'll get it."

A hatch open on the far left side of the wall and out crawled the one eyed mistress of engines. In days pass, she would have been covered in oil, grime, grease, and so forth. However, in this case, she was up early to check a few things that delta shift reported. She rose to her feet and heard Cher, the second and the Captain chat. her lone eye looked to them and shook her head as she went to the replicator and order up some water.

"Long hour?" Oliver said, trying hard to stifle a grin "What was the problem in there?"

"Bugs" she returned as she downed her glass of water. it was code for simple repair work that needed her attention. Once she finished her glass and it disappeared she left the briefing room to the head to ops for a moment. Once she returned she had an data padd in hand and read the news.

"Oh lovely Senator Pain in the ass, is in the run for President and what the hell is a 'cup of Christ?'" The warrior engineer sighed "this is big news. Sheesh, next thing you tell me, proton packs are going to be needed to fix our small fleet of ships"

Kahlaras walked in, cup of Raktajino in hand as usual. Ever since the party and his public display of dancing magic he seemed to lighten up a bit with everyone which was weird."Good morning." he said, the faint attempt at a smile ever present.

"Morning right back sir" the one eyed engineer returned to her fellow warrior

B'rur paused and looked to the captain, but just as she was about to state what on her mind, Halayah stated the news. so in return of the warrior engineers statement she merely gestured with her right thumb towards her as she looked to the captain.

"Purrrplex indeed. But, Halayah beat me to the punch, Captain" the Caitian science chief stated "I'm just trying to figure out how a wooden cup made it to this point in time without being destroyed by man or the elements itself. Just doesn't make any sense"

Hunter walked in with a sidearm on his hip holster. Ever since the Borg incident he had started carrying one. As he saw Kahlaras he walked over and said " Nice moves at the party Sir."

Still getting used to the layout of the Starbase, and the fact the turbolifts now crossed hundreds of decks between departments instead of ones of decks, the ship's Trill Chief of Intelligence made his way through the doors to the briefing room. With a nod to each of those gathered, Kairo took his seat.

"Thank you." Kahlaras replied in kind, realizing it would be a while before people forgot his moves

"I think the doctor had better moves, sir" stated the engineer "however, I think B'rur might have one up you on the dancing let alone singing"

"I am a warrior, I know Klingon opera I don't dare sing anything else." Kahlaras said.

The one eyed warrior laughed and then replied "I wondered how this opera will turn out when the actress has to sing Commander B'rur's song."

Carrying a small stack of padds, Alex slipped quietly into the room, acknowledging the rest of the senior staff. He took a free seat.

The Vulcan chief of medicine had entered the breifing room. He was wearing his long starch white Vulcan styled lab coat over his uniform carrying a cup of tea in his left hand and reading a padd that was in his right. He barely acknowledged anyone as he entered and quietly sat opposite of Halaylah.

"Thank you all for coming. I know it's short notice." Oliver said once the last member of the senior staff arrived "This briefing is classified, top secret. The details aren't to be discussed outside this room, nor are they to be recorded in any logs. As of 0900 hours this morning, we've been suffering various issues on the station. An hour ago, a signal was tracked back to deck 666, in which someone or something demanded Tholerot's release. Major, has there been any reports of any peculiar goings on around his cell?"

" Other than the usual threats from Tholerot, nothing at all." Hunter replied.

"Well, I guess a nice simple resolution was kind of a big ask." Oliver said "I need all of you to give me a run down of any issues that could be caused to your departments by taking the primary power grid offline and switching to backups."

"Well," returning Halayah as she looked to captain with her lone eye "as far as I can tell by reading reports from ops and my staff. Not a department is causing these things. However, I have reason to believe that perhaps it could be a bug in the system. We did face the borg, an tactical cube, and were able to see another day."

She looked towards the doctor and smiled at him before looking back to the captain "but, with all the computer techs, plus those from the Chekov and Sokar. They're coming up with nothing, but, they're not ruling out a borg bug just yet. Also, the sensor are down at the moment as well, but the bay doors are still operational. Ma'am..."

Halayah looked towards B'rur " think it might be the worm hole?"

"Have the life support systems been affected yet? Its plausible that they may be affected as well." Kahlaras asked Halaylah.

Halaylah shook her head "No, sir. They haven't"

The caitian science officer shook her head "Doubtful, Halaylah. The wormhole isn't like the wormhole near DS9. Also, doubtful, that this is the an act of a Q, I think this type of act is even below them. No, I'm thinking it has to be an inside job. Maybe even a purrrson who transfurrrred from one of the many cargo ships or an really strong telepath. Of course, I been purrvine wrong before."

B'rur rubbed her replacement hand as she briefly recalled the attack and the assault from her double.

"Main power going offline right now would be a problem sir," stated the Vulcan CMO calmly, "That corpse that was found by one of the mining shuttles we a few days ago is being examined. There is something odd about it and the samples that were sent to us. They are currently being scanned and the shield protecting us from them is routed through main power. Had sickbay been given its own power generator as I have requested this wouldn't be an issue. I also still have some Borg specimens that are in shields also powered by the main generators."
The Vulcan had placed his padd down as he finished speaking and took a sip of his tea as he awaited a response.

"Okay. Halaylah, can you spare a few people to get a physical quarantine unit erected? I know that, until repairs are complete, the redundant power system for sickbay would be a big ask, but that could be done a little easier, right?" Oliver asked, sighing as he added to Aikum "The Borg specimens need to be the top priority. We already have our technology apparently against us, the last thing we need is another Borg outbreak."

'If the Doctor Aikum can lend me a hand, I think we come up with something, something like that gizmo Voyager made for the Omega Molecule"

"Well that's that then." Oliver said with a smirk.

"Doctor, you sweet mind well provide the sweat, while I'll provide the body sweat" the Klingon Bajoran stated with a grin "and then we can write an opera"

"Okay then." Oliver said "So, here's our plan. B'rur, you and Halaylah co-ordinate the efforts to keep things running smoothly. Major, you and Lieutenant Carson will make sure security is re-enforced on Deck 666, no one and nothing in or out without proper authorization from a senior staff member, preferably myself or Kahlaras. If in doubt, contact the issuer of the orders to ensure they're genuine. Counselor, if you don't mind, I'd like to assign you and Lieutenant Zerion to research, see if you can find any instances of anything like this happening before and what was done about it. Doc, you just make sure none of your specimens lose containment until the old school containment units are rigged up. As for you, Lieutenant Hartmann, get spaceborne five minutes ago. We'll transmit yesterday's backup of the stations systems to a fighter's blackbox; that way, if we need to, we can do a complete reboot on a moment's notice, and we have a clean install if this is a virus. Is everyone clear on their instructions?"

"I suggest you get out in front of these power outages as soon as possible," Cher said. "After the last two major incidents, there will be fear and panic if it seems the Federation can't even keep the lights on. Giving the station an enemy to place the blame on might be better for morale than to lie to them."

Hartmann saluted briefly. "Jawoehl Herr Kapitaen!" The German pilot keyed his PADD to send a message to Chief to prep fighters and get the senior commanders ready for a brief.

"I appreciate your concern, Counselor, but until we know what the causes are, trying to tell the people anything is a pointless exercise." Oliver said "Trust me, no one wants an enemy to blame more than me, but we don't have a definitive one yet, just ghosts and shadows. This isn't the early twenty first century; we don't get to make up reports of a threat to suit our agendas."

"Sounds like a good one to me, what you say Ma'am" Hayalah stated her answer toward B'rur but at the same time answered the captain's orders.

"Indeed an purrfect idea" returned B'rur.

"Good." Oliver said, standing "You have your assignments. Let's get to work."



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