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Ghost in the Machine

Posted on Thu Mar 24th, 2016 @ 6:56pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah & Lieutenant JG Alexander Carson

Mission: The Ghost of Deck 666
Location: Ops
Timeline: MD04 2100 Hours

Oliver stood in Ops, looking over reports coming in. There'd been issues with technical problems coming in all day. He'd sent down a call to Engineering to have it looked at, but with the repairs still going, it would take some time.

"Shame we don't have anything going on up here." Oliver said, turning to Carson "Gets pretty dull up here."

"I know Captains that would give up a limb to be able to say that sir." The Lieutenant replied.

Before Oliver could respond, the lights flickered. Oliver looked over to Carson with a grimace as he tapped his comm. badge.

"Lancaster to Halaylah." He said "Have we got any power issues? Our lighting system just cut out for a moment."

Halaylah who was knee deep in power issues, that was more then a bakers dozen. received the page from the captain. As she stepped over to the comm box on the wall she gave a few orders and then responses to captain "We sure do, captain.Top two dozen decks are suffering power fluctuations. I got personnel going here and there to get them fixed."

"Okay. I'm going to need you up here so we can monitor things. Lancaster out" Oliver said, tapping a control on the holo terminal, causing a ring of consoles to raise out of the deck "Physical control interface engaged."

Halaylah signed as she looked to the engineers. She knew if she was being ordered to the bridge, something far worse is a foot and she was going to be in the thick of things. A moment later, the lift door, slowly open and stopped half way through it. With a few choice word of both Bajoran and Klingon, she placed her hands on left door and pushed it open. Once finished she exited onto the bridge of the Station.

"Well, that's new" she stated as she paused and decided against kicking the lift as she walked over near the Captain and set up her station.

"You had to say it didn't you sir?" Alex said quietly to the Captain as he looked up at the displays showing the scale of the problem. "I can't see any pattern that makes this look like a hostile action." He addressed the next question to the chief engineer. "Am I right in thinking that this doesn't look like your typical systems failure either? Power systems cutting out and then coming back on their own."

"Well, I've never seen it as an Engineer or a command officer." Oliver said, turning to Halaylah "Professional opinion, Commander?"

"Well, let's see, the station with all it's mass and other odds and ends been flashed from one side of the galaxy to another by Q. Then attacked by hostiles ranging from PO'd people to the ever friendly Borg. And then all this in wake of an another PO'd person we get this. So logic says, we have either a bugs in the system or someone hiding in a cloak suit switching the lights on and off, and waiting to go Boo or maybe just maybe we have another new cosmic being like Q on the station. You don't think if there is an new cosmic being here it's going to take up a white bed sheet and come at us, do you sir?" the One eyed engineer returned "that would be right of that peta'Qs play book"

"That'd be right out of my playbook when I was a kid." Oliver murmured "I want a full system diagnostic, everything needs checking and re-checking. I've been hearing reports about outages all day down on deck 666, but they hadn't got out of that area yet, so I'd sent the maintenance request to you as a low priority. Nos, we're-"

Before he could finish talking, an image appeared on the holo-viewer. It looked like a silhouette of a man, but it was completely devoid of any color or features.

"Release your prisoner Tholerot immediately." The figure said, the lights in the room flickering in time with the modulated voice "If you do not comply, I will continue my manipulations of your systems. Tell me, how long until I find the self destruct?"

The figure didn't wait for a response, instead vanishing. Oliver turned to Carson and Halaylah.

"Well that didn't look like a ghost." He stated matter of factly "Commander, I want you to track down the source of the transmission and isolate that area. Lieutenant Carson, I know it's not exactly your job, but if you could alert the senior staff that there will be an emergency briefing at 2100 hours, I'd appreciate it. Keep this to yourselves for now, I don't want panic spreading."

"Shouldn't be a problem sir." Alex replied. "I'd hope that some light show wouldn't be enough to put the crew on edge. Even so, I can look into additional safeguards for the vital systems if you like Captain?"

"Engineering to Lt. Commander Halaylah" came the disembodied voice of one of her engineers

Taping her badge the warrior Bajoran replied "Go ahead Liz"

"Ma'am we've detected an large power drain on deck 666." a pause came and Liz added "computer reading of the drain matches that of a transmission. You want me and a few others to investigate, ma'am?"

"No" returned the one eyed engineer "I believe the captain is sending security there now. Halaylah out" she looked to the other and grinned "Deck 666 is the general location."

"I suggest we shut down everything except life support to deck 666." Alex said. "Give whoever's down there as little to work with as possible."

"Do it." Oliver said "As of right now, Deck 666 is under lock down."



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