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Taking a New Assignment

Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2018 @ 1:36am by Lieutenant JG Erin Airey

Counselor Airey Personal Log:

So, I suppose that I am on probation from Starfleet Medical due to my last assignment I was put under scrutiny for a few instance that were potential deemed as unethical due to the customs of the O‘Karins. Now, this has not been my first run in with them as several years prior I was working out peace negations with them and the proper use of the Stone of Vorta Vor. Not only this, but I was demoted in the process. Everything I have done, I have done with the best interest of Starfleet and for the Federation. It is just sometimes we get rapped up in the darn Prime Directive which clouds the morality of what is right and wrong. I do know while on this probationary period I could lose my license and cashiered out of the fleet...I just hope that I am not looked down upon with my ability to be a great office and asset. If it was not the help of my previous Commanding Officer, I could have been decommissioned and sent to a penal colony. I know there is more to this story that needs to be said, but this goes into why my records were sealed by Starfleet Command.


I almost wished I could have just left the fleet , but I suppose I will be a good counselor and put on a happy face while I know others will judge and prosecute me as I was some form of criminal. I can only hope my new commanding officer will not pry into my personal business too much.


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