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Captain's Log 1.1

Posted on Sun Jul 10th, 2016 @ 1:02pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Captain's Log.

We recently returned from the Asrani conference. It was a less than simple matter; apparently, the people they were negotiating with weren't all keen to see an alliance. A group of them had infiltrated the conference, and took it hostage, demanding the Asrani submit to their people's rule. We were able to improvise a solution, until the Klang was able to arrive and mount a rescue, but unfortunately, Admiral Zane was killed during the incident.

That was last week. Now, I'm waiting on the report back from B'rur's survey mission, and word from Starfleet who the new Starfleet Command overseer for this operation will be. Personally, I've got a few hopes on the matter. The big rumor at present is that Admiral Janeway has been pushing for the assignment, due to her knowledge of the Delta Quadrant. I guess seven years here will give you that.

However, that's just a rumor, and to be frank, given that last I heard she was working at Starfleet Command on anti-Borg strategies, it's one I'm not taking too seriously. To be honest, it's annoying just how long they've been working on those anti-Borg strategies; I read all the main Voyager mission reports when we got here, and the Admiral's final report of operations in the Delta Quadrant gave me some ideas of things I wished Starfleet would give us. For example *SECTION ENCRYPTED DUE TO STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE CLASSIFIED INFORMATION*

I guess that bit will be automatically edited out. Still, it would be cool to have that stuff.

As a side note, the Klingons authorisation for me to officially have Kahlaras act as our liaison to the Empire finally came through. I've elected not to tell him that I had to pull a couple of old favours in; it helps when you play Poker with Klingon Commanders that end up on the high council sometimes!

In any case, at least for now, we're on standard operations. There's a couple of odd readings not too far out, but hey, that's why B'rur's out on her survey. I'm not going to step on any toes if I can avoid it.

Computer, end personal log.


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