Season 5: Imperator

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Group Post Count: 252

Included Missions

Diplomatic Incident

Post Count: 64

The crew of the Wolff transfer to the Sovereign Class Imperator to go to the Keris systems for a border dispute involving the Klingons. However, all is not as it appears.

From the Looking Glass

Post Count: 54

The Imperator is dispatched to investigate recent reports of a rogue Federation vessel, her sister ship, the Honorius, which went missing over six months ago. However, their investigation reveals one not so startling truth; that a mirror, once passed through, may be traversed in either direction...


Post Count: 61

Following their trip through the anomaly created to send the ISS Honorius home, the crew find themselves in late 2285, at the far end of the Sol System. Now, they must find a way to prevent the architect of this event from altering history, with disastrous consequences...

Trials of Summer

Post Count: 48

Docking at Deep Space 16 in orbit around Risa, the crew are given some well earned shore leave. However, while most of the crew take their vacations, the Admiral must prosecute one of their own...

Takan's Rift

Post Count: 25

Imperator is dispatched to investigate Takan's rift, an anomaly near the Klingon Border where a large amount of unknown energy has been detected, in order to determine it's potential as a new energy source.