Season 3: Revolution

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Included Missions

The Siege

Post Count: 45

The Romulans arrive to discuss their potential involvement in Delta Quadrant operations. Meanwhile, the Prolatians show their hand as they launch a tactical strike on the station! As Tholerot and the Prolatians return to begin their siege of the station, one thing becomes apparent to the crew; this could well be the start of a war.

Search and Rescue

Post Count: 25

Following the loss of the station, the crew must mount a rescue of the Executive Officer and Counselor left on the station. Meanwhile, a message from Starfleet Command gives the crew a secondary objective in conflict with saving their own.

The Pelarik Effect

Post Count: 40

The crew play host to Pelarik, a Romulan Scientist who is researching a potential replacement for Warp Drive. However, upon taking out the ship fitted with the prototype Pelarik drive, the crew find themselves hurled halfway across the galaxy, with a second jump already charging, with the danger of taking the crew inside a star with no shielding.

Locked Up

Post Count: 13

Betrayed by someone they never expected, the crew find themselves captured and imprisoned by the Tholians, sparking an Intergalactic Incident. Now, they have to choose what's more important; Peace in the Alpha Quadrant or the Ideals they swore to uphold as Starfleet Officers...