The Pelarik Effect

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The crew play host to Pelarik, a Romulan Scientist who is researching a potential replacement for Warp Drive. However, upon taking out the ship fitted with the prototype Pelarik drive, the crew find themselves hurled halfway across the galaxy, with a second jump already charging, with the danger of taking the crew inside a star with no shielding.

Part of Season 3: Revolution

Locked Up

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Betrayed by someone they never expected, the crew find themselves captured and imprisoned by the Tholians, sparking an Intergalactic Incident. Now, they have to choose what's more important; Peace in the Alpha Quadrant or the Ideals they swore to uphold as Starfleet Officers...

Part of Season 3: Revolution

48 Hours

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The Wolff is dispatched to the Athos Cluster to run a survey of a newly formed Dwarf Star. However, when a plasma storm hits without warning, the ship is left adrift without power in the pull of the star...

Part of Season 4: Wolff

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To Boldly Go

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The Asphodel proceeds to Bajor after her repairs to travel through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.

Part of Season 1: Asphodel

Night Of The Living Borg

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After inadvertently beaming a Borg Drone aboard the Asphodel, the crew must enter a fight for their lives to save themselves and the ship from being assimilated.

Part of Season 1: Asphodel


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Following her Repair, Refit and Re-supply, the Asphodel's previous assignment of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant is set to resume. However, before they can depart Starbase 729, the station is locked down due to a retrovirus. Can the crew find a cure or will they succumb to a plot decades in the making.

Part of Season 1: Asphodel


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Following the incident at Facility 729, a report comes out from Starfleet, listing the Asphodel as being responsible for it's destruction. Now a rogue element, the crew must decide what is more important; their freedom, or their ethics.

Part of Season 1: Asphodel

Twin Worlds Shattered

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The Asphodel is dispatched to one of the New Romulan colonies to discuss an alliance with the Romulan Empire. However, all is not as it seems, as a shadow organisation is poised to make it's move...

Part of Season 1: Asphodel


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The Asphodel is flung into the future following their "negotiations" at the Romulan colony, finding themselves in a future where the Federation and Romulan Empire are at war...

Part of Season 1: Asphodel


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The crew visit Risa for some much needed R&R. However, once there, certain members of the crew find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that could threaten to end the so called pleasure planet.

Part of Season 2: Welcome to the Delta Quadrant

State of Q

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The crew are transferred to Starbase 47, to serve as it's new operational compliment, as well as to regulate the Telverian Corridor. However, their mission profile quickly changes when they are visited by a previously unencountered member of the Q continuum, and they must defend themselves in the Delta Quadrant...

Part of Season 2: Welcome to the Delta Quadrant


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When members of the crew begin displaying strange symptoms and disappearing, suspicion is cast on a visiting delegation. However, when their leader also begins to display symptoms, tests are ran, and sections of the station begin changing their atmosphere, it's clear what's happening; Assimilation is aboard as a virus, and the Borg are coming...

Part of Season 2: Welcome to the Delta Quadrant

The Ghost of Deck 666

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The Station repairs nearly complete, crew find themselves once again facing Tholerot. However, after his departure, mysterious things begin happening without explanation. Could there really be a Ghost on Deck 666?

Part of Season 2: Welcome to the Delta Quadrant

The Enterprise Enigma

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When a survey mission finds the long missing USS Enterprise B, the crew find themselves exploring it's possible method of reaching the Delta Quadrant. But the Enterprise isn't all that's out of place...

Part of Season 2: Welcome to the Delta Quadrant

The Siege

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The Romulans arrive to discuss their potential involvement in Delta Quadrant operations. Meanwhile, the Prolatians show their hand as they launch a tactical strike on the station! As Tholerot and the Prolatians return to begin their siege of the station, one thing becomes apparent to the crew; this could well be the start of a war.

Part of Season 3: Revolution

Search and Rescue

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Following the loss of the station, the crew must mount a rescue of the Executive Officer and Counselor left on the station. Meanwhile, a message from Starfleet Command gives the crew a secondary objective in conflict with saving their own.

Part of Season 3: Revolution

Diplomatic Situations

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When an alien vessel hosting a diplomatic conference attended by several member's of the Station's senior staff is hijacked by terrorists, it's up to the rest of the crew to find a way to save them!