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Ensign Anka Tyrik

Name Anka Tyrik

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran / Vulcan
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 1
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Pale Green
Physical Description Were it not for the pointed ears and the slight greenish hue of his skin, it would be easy to mistake Tyrik for a Bajoran. He is tall, lean, obviously fit and carries himself with a casual ease. He wears a d'ja pagh on his right ear, a gift from his father. His natural easy-going smile smacks against the stereotypical stoic Vulcan.


Father Anka Dav
Mother T'Sef
Sister(s) Anka T'Lea (Twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rik is the product of a union of a Bajoran and a V'tosh ka'tur Vulcan so he tends to subvert the expectation of the standard overly rational Vulcan. He is a generally enthusiastic and energetic man, with a sharp mind and a restlessness that can sometimes land him in trouble. He is easy to get on with but difficult to get close to as he tends to be very work focused.

His skills, whilst mostly scientific, lend them selves more to the practical application, meaning he straddles the Scientific and Engineering disciplines.

While he is not stoic and not overtly logical, he has taken on board some Vulcan teachings and does practice some meditation in order to balance himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses ++ Very bright, can pick up new disciplines
+ Seems to have endless resources of energy when it comes to projects
-- Very fearful of physical intimacy
- Can get bored / frustrated easily, which on rare occasions can lead to emotional outbursts.

Personal History Born on a transport trawler orbiting Draylax to a Bajoran and a V'tosh ka'tur Vulcan, Rik's childhood was one of endless migration along trade roots. His father, Anka Dav, was one of the few Bajoran's to have lived outside of he Cardassian occupation of Bajor.

The family moved to Bajor in 2371, when Rik and his twin sister T'Lea were 11. It was difficult, at first to adapt to planet-side life but they were soon integrated into the renewed society and then immediately had to deal with the influence of the Dominion and the subsequent fallout of the war.

Both he and his sister began their adult lives following scientific, academic paths. They were both evaluated as potential candidates for the Vulcan Science academy, however Rik was determined to be 'too emotionally compromised' and was denied, where T'Lea was granted a further foundation course to determine whether she was admissible. Here the twin's paths separated, he remained on Bajor whereas T'Lea spent her time on Vulcan and embraced traditional Vulcan values, eventually gaining entry to the Science Academy. Whilst he is minorly spiritual. T'Lea had shed any belief in the Prophets, opting to line herself with ancient Vulcan beliefs, if they can be called such.

Rik's obsession with space travel, defined by his migratory childhood, was inflamed during his academic career. After a rather unfortunate and harrowing accidental mind meld during a romantic liaison, he took a brief between his post-grad and his PhD to get some mental training from Vulcan masters. Whilst he is probably no threat the event has scarred the man, making him very wary of any physical intimacy.

After completing his PhD, Rik spent some time hitch-hiking about the Alpha quadrant, examining the performance of the various ships he managed to travel on. His decision to join Starfleet was to get experience working on the top-of-the-line warp engines, with the potential of expanding his original doctoral thesis into more post-doc work.

Service Record 2360 - Born on Draylax
2371 - Moved to Bajor
2378 - 2383 years University of Bajor (UG - Theoretical Warp Engineering, PG - Modern Physical Cosmology)
2384 - Six months on Vulcan seeking mental training
2384 - 2388 University of Oneamisu (PhD - Galactic variance and efficiencies of Space-Time manipulation and the future thereof.)
2388 - Six months travelling Alpha Quadrant
2389 - 2393 Starfleet academy
2394 - Six month Cadet Tour, USS Atlas
2394 - Ensign, USS Imperator