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Lieutenant Kether McCloud

Name Kether Allister McCloud

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 135
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kether is fairly average in most regards. She is slightly taller than an average human female with a build proportionate to her height. She wears her tell tell Irish auburn hair pulled back in a bun or pony tail most days. She has a smile that is almost contagious despite being a rare phenomenon.


Spouse Gerald McCloud - deceased
Children Molly McCloud - 4 years old
Father Malcom Allister
Mother Sarah Allister
Brother(s) Ian Allister (twin) - 35
Geoffrey Allister- 27
Sister(s) Kate Allister- 32
Sarah Allister - 23

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kether is naturally light hearted but circumstances over the last decade have caused a darkening of that light spirit. She excels at problem solving and is quick on her feet. Kether has an uncanny ability to blend into any situation and social group.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Problem solving
+Quick thinking
+Ability to blend in

-Clinically depressed, but managing it
Ambitions Kether joined Starfleet at the young age of 16 (with special exceptions). While she had grown up with a family that wanted minimal technological involvement, she wanted to see the stars.
Hobbies & Interests Kether likes reading, listening to music, and fills nervous down time with exercise.

Personal History Kether was born in a small town in rural Ireland. She was raised in a large family with her mother and father, her twin brother Ian, and younger siblings Kate, Geoffery, and Sarah. The farm she grew up on had two houses which allowed for Kether’s maternal grandparents to live with them.

Kether’s life was fairly uneventful until she started high school. She had always been the wall flower in the room but had never fit in with the people around her Not that any one ever noticed. She was always the one that noticed everything but was never noticed. She liked it that way, until that ability caught the eye of a boy three years older than her. Jackson Montgomery was not who everyone in the town thought he was. He was a thrill seeker of the highest caliber and breaking into classified locations was not exempt from his cravings. This was where Kether came in.

It was love, the kind of love that small child feels for a puppy. It was a shame that Kether didn’t know enough about herself to recognize that at the time. It wasn’t until she was in cuffs and sitting across from an attorney did she realize how wrong she had been.

When Kether was 16 she was presented with a choice. A jail colony off world for the foreseeable future where she might get out by the time her red hair turned grey or sell her soul to the intelligence department of the United Federation of Planets. She chose the latter. An opportunity to have a life was better than no chance. The worst part of her choice was the look on her family’s face when she left. Not only had she betrayed them by breaking the law but also by joining Starfleet, even if it wasn’t her choice.

For the first 6 months after her agreement was struck Kether was put through intensive physical and mental training at the Farm. The “Organization” as she would come to refer to them, had become aware of Kether’s particular skill set of taking on the role she was assigned to play. This, paired with her uncanny ability to think on her feet had her ear marked for great things. The type of mission she would learn no one would ever hear about. Not unless she failed.

To say she wasn’t the same girl to leave the Farm as she had been when she arrived was an understatement. Not only had she physically changed over the months of training, but her entire demeanor was different. More dangerous than the innocent teen that had arrived day one.

Per the agreement, Kether was enrolled into Starfleet Academy. While her future path was set, she was allowed to pick a path of her choosing. She flourished in operations, engineering, and logistics. As she was instructed she kept her advanced training in combat and weaponry hidden around her classmates.

Due to her often and sometime extended absences from school when on missions it took Kether an extra 18 months to graduate. This earned her the reputation among her classmates as a chronic underachiever and a party girl. This was a reputation she didn’t do much to dissuade them of this opinion as it aided her agenda quite nicely.

Two years after graduating the academy Kether was on assignment on board a Tellarite freight ship posing as a mechanic when she met Gerald McCloud. It was far from love at first sight. She couldn't stand the man and was counting the days until the rendezvous and she could get away from him.

It wasn’t until the next assignment with “The Organization” that Kether realized that she had just met her new partner. This thought not only depressed her but irritated her. She didn’t know when she met him that she would grow to love him, or at the very least what she believed was love. This was different that what she had felt for the boy that had gotten her into this life.

Within a year they were married. This was never a relationship that would be made public knowledge. Anyone knowing about her marriage could use it against her. She kept her wedding ring in a secret hiding place that looked like a PaDD. It was even operational.

It was on a mission a few years later that Kether would become a widow. When given the option to complete the mission or save her spouse she chose the mission. It was almost on instinct that she emerged from the Freezer with her mission intact and her husband’s blood on her hands.

It would be twelve weeks after her mission at the Freezer before Kether would find out that she was pregnant. Seven months later Molly McCloud was born and Kether made the most difficult decision she would ever make. She gave her daughter to her sister to be raised away from the life that had stolen her family.

Four years after Molly’s birth, Kether was given an opportunity to leave the intelligence life. She took the opportunity and became the Chief Strategic Officer on the USS Cross. This change in life was extremely short lived when within days of boarding the ship she was asked by her Commanding Officer to head his Intelligence department. She burgeoningly agreed.

This reintroduction into her field of expertise put her on Admiral Lange’s radar once again. This resulted in her transfer from the USS Cross to the USS Wolff as the Chief Intelligence Officer. She didn’t know what was going to be asked of her, but she knew the question was coming. What she would do when that happened, only time will tell.
Service Record *To be completed when I know the time line*