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Lieutenant JG Erin Airey

Name Erin Ann Airey

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 65 inches
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Erin is a young woman of thirty-seven who is active and extremely feminine. This of which earned her the nick name Prissy at the academy. She doesn’t let the name bother her because she believes that there are the right and wrong ways of doing things. And, if being called prissy suggests that she is doing things in the proper manner, then so be it. She looks upon her nick name as being a complement. She has brown hair and black eyes that seem to enchant those who pass her by. Erin has a few freckles on her nose and around her eyes; she thinks of them as her beauty mark. She is 65 inches tall and weighs 125 lbs. She likes to sing and to loves to ski on the slopes in Nevada, Earth, whenever she has the opportunity. Her favorite past time hobby is playing the piano to the classic works of Beethoven and Brahms.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Stan Airey
Mother Ann Airey
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Erin is a loyal, caring and motivated person. Her biggest pet peeves are people who judge others before knowing them first. Her strongest qualities are having a strong sense of empathy and intuition. Also, Erin is very shrewd and cautious person, which is ideal in working on diplomatic missions. This keen sense of hers is probably why he tends to know others better than they know themselves. However, she does have her moments of being childish, moody and overemotional. She may act this was at times due to the simple fact that she is passionate in what she believes. When Erin is feeling blue, she has been known to consume all types of coffee. Her favorite is a gallome, which is Portuguese for milk and mocha. As for leisure time, he loves engaging in holo-novels especially when it's a mystery.

Personal History Erin Ann Airey was born on Betazed, near the shores of Janaran Falls on June 13, 2357 to the proud parents of Stanley and Ann Airey. Stan was a Betazoid male who was a student of science. Moreover, philosophy was his true love especially the earliest teachings of his Betazoid founders. He met his wife Ann in August on 2355 when she came to Betazed for shore leave. The two fell in love all most instantly. Stan wooed Ann to the point of no return. He made her two week vacation seem like an eternity. Two days before she had to leave, Stan asked Ann to be his wife. This was a hard decision for her to make because he wanted to settle down and to raise a family. Ann, however, just made lieutenant and was appointed as Chief Science Officer aboard her ship and she didn’t want to throw a promising career away. Her main study of interest was planetary science leaning towards marine and plate tectonics. This would have to have been the hardest decision she would make. The next day, she put in for her resignation and married Stan shortly thereafter. The young couple stayed on Betazed up until a year after the birth of their daughter when they decided to move to Texas, on Earth. The Airey’s moved to Earth due to Ann’s mother was on her death bed and she needed help.

She remained there with her family until June 5, 2375, when Erin applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted. She majored in philosophy and psychology, and minored in security. She also took courses in basic leadership and one semester of field medics. During her second year at the academy, she and a few of her classmates were participating in a holodeck away team simulation. This simulation was to test the under classmen in security and combat skills. Erin was well prepared for the simulation due to the extensive self defense and hand-to-hand combat training she received during her freshman year classes. Her class instructor was impressed with how well she handled the hand-to-hand combat simulation and with how she aided a fallen crewman who needed minor medical care during his fight with a Ferengi holding a dagger. The professor thought that she would make a better career decision to change her minor from security to medical. Despite the instructor’s efforts, Erin didn’t change her mind. Erin graduated the second in all her counseling class in the year 2379.

After completing the academy, she went to the University of Psychology on Betazed to continue further advancement in the study of human behaviors and the powers of empathy. It was within the first few months on Betazed where she met her first true love who she thought would be her Imzadi on the shores of Lake El-Nar. However, Zane was a simple man that never pondered the idea of leaving his homeland. True, his love for Erin could have changed him around but he felt that pursuing a life with her would only set her back. On September 25, 2380, Erin completed her studies on Betazed. She said her goodbyes upon receiving her assignment to the USS Barcelona as Chief Counselor.

After accepting this assignment, she was promoted to Lt. (j.g.). She served alongside Capt. Rabb with distinction in numerous missions. For example, the relocation of the O‘Karins and the time travel paradox with the Stone of Vorta Vor with the aid of the Second Officer Kiril. Her distinctions brought great credit to her and her crew that she was promoted to the full grade of Lieutenant.

Towards the end of 2382, she was reassigned to the USS Chesapeake where she was assigned as Chief Counselor under the Command of Michael Donahue. The transfer wasn’t her idea but Starfleet felt that her services would better suit her on that ship and also because the Barcelona was on its way out of commission. Erin stayed on that vessel for only a few months contemplating leaving Starfleet. It was about two month after she arrived on station when she got word that the Barcelona had been decommissioned and most of her crew had been transferred to the USS Fearless. To her surprise, Captain Rabb decided to take on another assignment and he was happy to have Erin back as his counselor yet again. However, she wasn’t at all pleased that her true love Kiril didn’t come on board. Erin served with Captain Rabb until his tour of duty was up with the USS Fearless due to promotion.

During the years of 2384 through 2387, all records and files about Lt. Airy are sealed by order of Starfleet Command.

From 2387 to 2389, she served on USS Perseus alongside Admiral Rabb with distinction.
Service Record Starfleet Record:
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Calif.: 2375-2379
Maj. Psychology/Philosophy Min. Security
Rank: Student

University of Psychology, El Nar, Betazed: 2379-2380
Advanced Studies
Rank: Ensign

USS Barcelona NCC 37681 CO: Commander Jason Rabb 2380-2382
Duty Title: Chief Counselor
Rank: Lt. (j.g.) 2380-2381
Lt. 2381-current

USS Chesapeake NCC (unknown) CO: Captain Michael Donahue 2382
(2 Month tour)
Duty Title: Chief Counselor
Rank: Lt.

USS Fearless NCC (unknown) CO: Captain Jason Rabb 2382-2384
Duty Title: Chief Counselor
Rank: Lt.

***Records sealed from 2384-2387 per order of Starfleet Command***

USS Perseus NCC-76767 CO: Admiral Jordan Rabb 2387-Current
Duty Title: Chief Counselor
Rank: Lt.