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Chief Warrant Officer Bradley Johnson

Name Bradley "Rook" Johnson

Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 170
Hair Color Bro
Eye Color Bro
Physical Description On the shorter side of average height for a Terran male, Johnson has an athletic build, fit without being overly muscular. He prefers running and parkour to most exercise, but also hits the gym for weights to keep in shape. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and usually has an easy smile to go with an open, honest face. Free of tattoos, scarring and markings, he keeps his appearance within regulations


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Kevin Johnson (deceased), Glenn Barnes (adopted)
Mother Alimethea Johnson
Brother(s) LT. James Ramses Barnes, adopted
Other Family Carl Halliwell, Uncle - disowned
Peoria Halliwell, Aunt - disowned
Terry Halliwell, Cousin - disowned

Personality & Traits

General Overview Johnson grew up impoverished with a strict, but loving mother after the death of his father when he was young. He tends toward the courteous and polite interactions. He joined Starfleet to carry on the tradition of his father and (adopted) 'older brother', as well as a means to try to give back what he's been given in his life. He regrets and tries to understand the animosity his uncle's family shows toward him but hardly thinks on that anymore.

He tends to be more open, outgoing and friendly.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Open, accepting, tolerant
- Committed, follows orders to the best of his ability (maybe a little too much)
- Agile mind without narcissistic need to show off
- Beliefs strongly in his mission and that of Starfleet, is proud to serve

- Has a severe phobia regarding doctors, medical procedures and even the medical area, to the point where he may become violent to avoid it
- Follows orders
Ambitions As a recently 'adopted' member of the Barnes family, Johnson has pretty much completed his amibition, to have a family. Now he seeks a family of his own while doing his duty to protect the Federation from all enemies.
Hobbies & Interests Parkour, obstacle course races, running, family, furthering his professional skills

Personal History Kevin Johnson served in Starfleet when he met, courted and eventually married Alimethea Halliwell. At the time he was a veteran security officer in Starfleet security and she a teacher. By the time of their marriage both were already well into middle age. Whether it was their age or other factors, the couple found it hard to naturally conceive the children they both desired. Medical interventions did allow them to conceive and carry to term a son.

After Bradley's birth, Alimethea settled onto Corvanus VI where Kevin was stationed as part of a Starfleet task force to rid the area of Orion Syndicate raiders/gangsters. It happened to also be the same colony world where her only sibling, Carl, worked the family farm.

As Bradley grew it became apparent that he idolized his father which is why it became so tragic when Kevin was mortally wounded in an encounter with OS members who overtook and kidnapped him, attempting to torture him for information on the task force operations.

After Kevin's death, Alimethea relied more on her brother for help in raising her young son and moved to the farm. It became obvious that Carl did not care much for his nephew, but the reasons were never fully revealed. The attitude forced Alimethea to take her son back to the colony proper. The Task Force attempted to do what they could, but the condition of the colony continued to slide downward as the criminal enterprises gained more and more ground. Eventually Starfleet was forced to pull out.

Bradley grew in a strict, but loving, environment where he was taught a sense of duty, honor, commitment and respect. A polite child, he seemed to have an uncanny knack to make friends and accept all others for who they were. Except, as he grew and the gangs took over, it became harder and harder for Alimethea to keep Bradley safe and away from them.

When Bradley was 12, Starfleet returned. By that time, Alimethea's efforts were failing and Bradley had made 'friends' that he didn't realize were gang members. During a disastrous attempt at proving their 'gang' status, Bradley was brought to the attention of a Starfleet security ensign, James Barnes. The boys were caught and arrested. Alimethea found Barnes and, rather than beg for the release of her son, apologized to Jim and the others for the actions her son took.

Feeling empathy for the struggling mother, Jim convinced the magistrate to allow Bradley to testify against the others in exchange for a deferred sentence, promising the magistrate that Jim would take custody and guidance of the boy. Afterward, and with Bradley upset because he knew he did wrong and felt he should pay the same penalty as the others, Jim moved Bradley and his mother off Corvanus and to Earth in order to protect them from criminal retaliation. Once on Earth, Jim arranged for the two to stay with his adopted Terran parents. Glenn and Katheryn, used to taking in hard luck cases, took to the family quickly and helped them to find housing and work for Alimethea. Glenn quickly became a surrogate father for Bradley, treating him as if he were his own from only a few months after they met.

Bradley grew up as an honorary member of the Barnes family and came to understand all that he missed from having a father figure like Glenn in his life. While he didn't have many memories of his own father, he felt that Glenn was much like him. Bradley also developed a close bond with Jim who, despite his advanced El Aurian age, took to a big brother role in no time. The two developed a fast friendship and before Bradley turned fourteen, he was spending most of his time with the Barnes family, to the point where Glenn and Kathryn moved the boy and his mother into their home. This worked out as Glenn suffered from Pah Narani syndrome and Alimethea 'paid' for their room and board by helping to take care and manage Glenn's condition.

Never a standout student, Bradley didn't slouch either. He was active in sports but finding the most joy in track and field and parkour studies. He developed a taste for obstacle course races early. But his main goal was that he would join Starfleet like two of his three male mentors. As the time came to begin prepping for Starfleet Academy, Bradley realized that they would be able to open his juvenile criminal record and, despite it being the solitary incident, he felt it would derail his dreams of joining Starfleet.

While Jim assured him it wouldn't, Bradley wasn't so sure. He also felt the same record would keep him from following in Glenn's footsteps and joining civilian law enforcement.

But it didn't seem to be the same problem if he joined Starfleet as an enlisted recruit. Though she had reservations, Alimethea understood that her son was set on this path from nearly birth and gave her blessing.

Bradley enlisted and went through basic training then furthered his career with security as his MoS and completing advanced school. Though he wished he could be posted with Jim, he understood that Starfleet was large and the likelihood of that happening was very small. He served with distinction, allowing him to rise up through the ranks as well as compete to attend advanced trainings. By the time he made PO1 he was already trained in explosives, investigations, advanced security procedures, diplomatic security, advance combat training and others. It was because of his qualifications that Jim was able to tap him to join his unit on Earth for Federation Diplomatic Security. It was here that Jim saddled Bradley with the nickname of "Rook", short for 'rookie' and became how he was known ever since.

During a diplomatic mission, Rook took several shots meant for a Federation dignitary whom he was assigned to protect during contentious negotiations. Nearly dying, Rook was able to bounce back and make a full recovery. In appreciation, he was put in for commendations and given a promotional bump to Warrant. He was allowed to continue serving with Jim for the remainder of their tour and then follow Jim to the Chesapeake where the two served together.

Prior to his departure for the Chesapeake, however, the Barnes family celebrated Rook's birthday and gave him the best gift he would ever get - Glenn formally adopted him making Rook his son and a member of the Barnes family. Which also made him, officially, Jim's younger brother.

Their time on the Chesapeake would be mostly routine except for the advent of a crazed ex-Tal-Shiar agent that was hunting a civilian member of the crew. It was while trying to protect this Romulan defector that Rook made an enemy of the Romulan Lavik who promised to not just kill him but everyone he held dear. After setting up traps that nearly killed Jim, kidnapping and torturing the Chesapeake captain's wife and nearly stopping the rescue attempt, Lavik was caught in an explosion and presumed dead.

Rook would find out that was not the case later when Lavik managed to use an agent on Chesapeake to frame Rook for murder. As the investigator, Rook understood he did not kill the crewman but couldn't refute that the evidence all pointed to him. He then turned himself into the captain for charges of murder. Fortunately Jim didn't believe his brother capable of the crime despite Rook's insistence that the evidence would convict him. The truth was revealed and Rook cleared of the charges he brought against himself (which, when the case first went to the Magistrate Rook was granted an own recognize release easily, the judge reasoning that anyone who investigated and arrested himself for murder would keep to his promise to appear as ordered).

The Chesapeake was recalled for retrofitting and the crew reassigned. Jim and Rook were part of a team requested by an El Aurian ambassador to provide protection while she negotiated to obtain a habitable world on the edge of Federation space for the El Aurian people. When the ambassador returned to Earth, Jim remained as part of her security detail, but Rook was reassigned to SB47. where he continues to serve.