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Captain Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh

Name Kahlaras Son of Mort'agh

Position Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 280
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A 6'4 Klingon male who is approximately 57 Has dark Brown hair and a large Forehead with Cranial Ridges. Built upper body which gives him a somewhat intimidating look. Has a scar on left cheek. White sharp fangs common with most Klingons.


Children Kal'prek (Son)
Father Mort'agh son of Chu'mtek
Mother Moot'ga daughter of tab'lekoth
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None that hes aware of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Respectful honorable man not as mean as he appears. Different from most Klingon due to the fact that he doesn't get aggressive toward small threats or insults although inanimate objects tend to upset him quickly when they don't work his way . Also he tends to try and help someone whenever needed which isn't a common occurrence amongst Klingons.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths are Honor and loyalty to those serving under him and those he serves under

Weaknesses are his anger gets the best of him in situations where it would be wise to not be in such a state when dealing with inanimate objects or certain people.
Ambitions To die in glorious battle.
Hobbies & Interests Battle, bat'leth training , Interacting with fellow crew members, fixing things.

Personal History Kahlaras son of Mort’agh was born on Seti Alpha 5 in 2336 leaving when he was 10 and moving with his family to one of the Klingon worlds. The colony was destroyed by a sneak Romulan attack in 2354, Kahlaras and his family almost didn’t survive the attack but managed to by the sheer luck of the building they were in not collapsing completely, and Kahlaras did receive a scar on his left cheek as a result though. After the attack he left Seti Alpha 5 and joined a freighter crew at the age of 15 where he served for several years as an apprentice engineer’s assistant.

The freighter was attacked by Orion Pirates in early 2356; Kahlaras was 20 at this time. The ship was almost lost due to the attack but was averted thanks to the heroic efforts of Kahlaras, who with his knowledge of tactical interfaces and weapon systems, was able to boost the power output on the disruptors on the ship enough to allow a powerful energy discharge to be fired. He fired the weapon striking the enemy ships engineering section destroying it instantly but resulting in all the energy on the ship being used up. They were adrift with no power and losing life support but luckily the explosion was detected by a federation starship, an excelsior class starship called the USS Kaspersky, registry NCC-1703. They were rescued but not before almost all the crew died aboard the cargo ship, Kahlaras was ultimately the sole survivor. This was Kahlaras's first experience with humans. He somewhat liked them, even though they may have had a weak exterior their insides burned with the fire of honor.
He decided to stay on board the ship and applied for Federation citizenship. He was accepted in 2360. He then joined Starfleet Academy and majored in advanced Tactical systems and Engineering at the age of 24. This made Kahlaras the second Klingon to ever join Starfleet aside from Commander Worf who was the first.

His first commission was on board the USS Venture a small but fast ship, in 2364 as a weapons specialist. After serving on her for a year he was transferred over to Starbase 23 to be a regular engineer. Kahlaras then got tired of being on a Starbase all the time and gave a transfer request to the captain of the Mombasa after another year on the base. He served on her for almost 2 years starting from 2365 as an engineer then Wolf 359 occurred in 2367. 39 ships were destroyed including the Mombasa. Kahlaras barely made it to an Escape Pod. After many hours of being adrift the Enterprise-D Entered the sector and picked up the few pods that weren't destroyed, many crew froze to death, the hatches failing due to the speedy escape, others were too badly injured and didn't receive medical treatment in time. Kahlaras was one of the lucky hundred from the Mombasa that survived out of the 500 that were on board. Kahlaras decided to take leave for a while and was able to go and see thing around the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Deep Space 9, The Klingon Home world Qo'nos, the Vulcan Home world and its wondrous Monuments, Earth, just about every sight to see. He had allotted a vast amount of leave since he hadn't used any, almost a year of it so he used more than half of it. When he finally grew tired of that life he put the uniform back on in 2368 to resume his duties on a new starship. He was offered a position on board the USS Blackbird as a night shift Supervisory Engineer.

Several years had passed since he began his commission on the Blackbird, it was now 2373, the beginning of the Dominion war. One night the ship fell under attack from the Cardassians without warning, everyone was thrown from their seats as the Red Alert Klaxons and lights begin to go off. Kahlaras was in engineering at the time when the attack had thrown him to the deck. He lifted himself up off the deck to the console in front of him to see what had just happened. They had been hit by a disruptor that had destabilized their warp core containment. He had tried to contact the bridge but communications were down and the computer had begun to blare out warnings of warp core containment failure. Kahlaras then knew he had to take it upon himself to save she ship from the core breach without the Chief’s help. He quickly brought up the master systems display and took note that the antimatter flow regulators had seized up causing a buildup of pressure in the chamber which would ultimately lead to a catastrophic failure of containment had it had been stabilized soon. Kahlaras took charge and began assigning crew members to different parts of the warp core systems to try and stabilize the core. Finally the problem had been found in a fried EPS conduit which tied into flow regulator controls. Kahlaras rerouted the power and the core stabilized. The ship sustained moderate damage and had to return to Starbase for repair but No lives had been lost and the worst injury was a broken arm. The Captain later requested to see Kahlaras and thanked him for a job well done in saving the ship and was given the Starfleet Meritorious Achievement Medal for saving the Galaxy Class ship and her crew with his quick thinking and action.

After a few more major battles crews grew thin and there were jobs that needed filling so Kahlaras was transferred to the USS Liberator in 2374 where he became Assistant Chief Engineer on board the experimental ship. He served on her for 6 months before the project was scrapped due to design flaws. A position for Chief Engineer opened up on the USS Artemis and Kahlaras couldn’t pass up the opportunity so he applied for it and was accepted. He was Chief Engineering officer for the remainder of the war and several years after. In 2378 he then transferred over to the Gladiator where he was demoted to Assistant Chief Engineer then promoted back to chief when the Chief Engineer was promoted to second officer. After serving on Gladiator for 2 years as Chief Engineer Kahlaras transferred over to the USS Oberon in the year 2382. When the Oberon was decommissioned and all crew sent to Obsidian colony, Kahlaras applied for a transfer to a ship, feeling he was better needed on a starship rather than on a colony, that's when he found the USS Athena needed a Chief Engineer. He applied for the position and got it in 2386 where he remained, even after the ship was decommissioned and the crew transferred over to the USS Paladin. Kahlaras was stationed aboard the calypso for a short time filling in for Commander Watson in 2388 per the request of its commander subsequently ending his tour on the Paladin. Once the commander returned he applied for the position of Chief Engineer on board the USS Asphodel, in 2389.

This is where Kahlaras decided a change in career path was needed. He had been in Starfleet for close to 34 years and had been an engineer for all that time. He decided command was going to be his next adventure and decided to apply for the Executive Officer position onboard the Asphodel. The Captain, formerly the XO, thought this a great idea and did the paperwork necessary for Kahlaras to get promoted to Commander and become the XO of the Asphodel in 2391. After three years on board the Asphodel, Kahlaras and the crew had been transferred over to Starbase 47 where Kahlaras remains XO under Captain Lancaster.
Service Record IKS Qo'toghn (Klingon Freighter)
USS Venture NCC-23657
Starbase 23
USS Mombasa NCC-3456
USS Blackbird NCC-23602
USS Liberator NX-85472
USS Artemis NCC-81297
USS Gladiator NCC-79818
USS Oberon NCC-80309
USS Athena NCC-80742
USS Paladin NCC-79330
USS Calypso NCC-71350
USS Asphodel NCC- 89011
Starbase 47 (Current)