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Chief Petty Officer Samuel “Doc” Renfrew

Name Samuel “Doc” Renfrew EMT-P

Position Medic

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 1in
Weight 232 lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description A tall average built man well groomed southern gentle man with dark brown hair; he keeps himself clean-shaven except for a neatly kept goatee. He has a bit of a rugged look to him like his square jaw and board cleft chin. He seems to light up a room when he walks in. He has long thin fingers that help him perform delicate surgeries, his muscle are well toned and not overdeveloped due to his hobbies and lifestyle. While not muscular in appearance, he is well toned due to his exercise regime. Always wears a talisman of the god Hermes around his neck. He also eye glasses to correct a slight problem and his server allergy to Retinax


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Fred Renfrew JR MD {deceased}
Mother Allison Jackson Renfrew
Brother(s) Fred III, Cody, Will
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is capable of great compassion, yet also cranky, superstitious, and irrational. Professes a preference toward "good ol' fashioned country medicine". Passionate, sometimes cantankerous. Proud of his southern heritage, drinking problems, bout of depression after the death of his father. Very dedicated to his profession, love of life. Passionate to the point he has long and spirited arguments on subjects he feels strongly about with anyone regardless of rank of position. He is always willing to help, always has a joke, a true southern gentleman. When asked to do things outside his comfort zone in medicine he frequently reminds whoever is around he is a medic not a (insert related profession here) . Idealistic belive in what Starfleet repersents and what is created for and trys to keep those ideals intact.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: compassion, dedication, willingness to help, humorous, knowledge of herbs and other good ol' fashioned country medicine.

Weaknesses: drinking problems, bout of depression, cranky, superstitious, and irrational, dislike of Vulcans
Ambitions To save lives!!
Hobbies & Interests Hunting, fishing, gardening, hiking, southern cooking, history, medical journals, Southern US holdeck programs, poker, horse back riding.

Personal History orn in southern Albama, he spent his childhood in back country, woods, and swamps. He spent much of his childhood learning to “listen to nature” as his great great grandfather a Miccosukee Indian medicine man used to say. Papou Renfroe taught Samuel much about herbs and the healing properties of various plants this knowledge would serve him well for the rest of his life as he used the knowledge to save a friend on his hiking trip when they were teens. Had Samuel not known that tiger moss stops bleeding and aides in healing wounds his friend would have either bleed or died from the resulting infection?

His father was the only doctor in any of three small towns surrounding the reservation. The Family moved into a restored plantation house on 15 acres of land adjacent to the reservation. In addition to their education, Samuel and his brothers helped run the plantation to provide food and such for not only themselves but also to help supplement the local Baptist mission. He and his brothers learned much from their great great grandfather and father until their father’s death when Samuel the youngest of group was only 15. Their father contracted] a rare disease on one of his calls to the old-timers on the reservation. The old timer was isolated and had little or no modern technology.

The funeral for Fred Jr. was on a dark and rainy day. Frank the oldest of the five brothers took a week off from his last year of medical school. Samuel was hurt more by his father’s sudden passing than anyone knew at the time including him. After the funeral, Frank went back to Med. School, Fred III, Cody, Will, and Samuel worked the farm on the plantation for a while. Cody and Will joined the Marines 2 months after the funeral. Samuel, who had already starting using chewing tobacco almost daily, sank deeply into depression and began drinking heavily. His depressions lead to more drinking and drinking lead to fit of rage. His father as a doctor had helped almost everyone in the county at one time or another many times for no cost] or a simple meal but when his father needed help in Samuel’s minds at least no one tried to help him.

He began to lose his faith in humanity. This went on for 2 years until after one night of drinking and being badly beaten in a barroom brawl he passed put near his father is grave where Fred III and his maternal grandfather Elton Massey found him the next morning. They intervened and helped him get his drinking under control. He had always been the most talented in medicine of the group and they convinced him to carry on their father’s legacy and join the Starfleet as a medic, his give consideration over the next year as he became a civilian paramedic.

Two years after the intervention he enlisted in the starfleet as a combat medic. He was in the top 5% medic class. He served as a medic during the war. The brutally and disregard for life he saw during this enraged him. He had inherited his Father’s moral compass, his father, the late great Leonard McCoy seemed to have a lot in common, and his Father either through genetics or through teaching passed it to Samuel. He relapsed in drinking for a few months after the war, but managed to get back on track before it cost him. After he took booth, the Starfleet advanced Combat medic and paramedic courses. Although he was top 15% of that class, his professors were amazed at his skills, particularly his ability to stay clam and collected under pressure. He was very knowledgeable about many of the subjects and was a wiz at improvising when a situation called for it.

He did some guest lecture at the academy. Meeting many of the cadets who wanted to fight the war had left many of the young people cold and indifferent with a distasteful attitude toward life in general. For Samuel’s taste, he also found he was not particularly fond of Vulcan’s. He had many debates with some of the ethics instructor about the merit of emotion in ethical decisions. His southern charm made a hit with most of the female personnel he worked with. He graduated in the top 3% of his class as Advanced Combat Medic and paramedic courses.
Service Record -Marine basic training

-Marine Corpsman/medic course

- Promoted from Recruit to Crewman

-Promoted from Petty Officer Third Class

- Complete the P02 Leadership Training Course Continuum
Promoted from Petty Officer Third Class to Petty Officer Second Class

-Demoted to Crewman Second Class for a bar room brawl he started after relapsing into alcoholism

- Graduated from Combat medic and paramedic courses.

- Assigned to medical staff on star base 64 Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class

- Transferred to FATRT Combat medic

Assigned as Paramedic USS Dowell promoted to Petty Officer Second Class

- Served on the USS Horne (4 months) Paramedic and USS Jones (5 months) Combat medic
Late 2386- Reassigned to USS Carolinian as Combat medic

Reassigned as Paramedic USS Johns

- Reassigned to first Recon group as a Combat medic

- Reassigned to the fourth Fleet anti terrorist strike team as a Combat medic

- - Reassigned as Marine Corpsman to the 75th MEU 22nd Starfleet Marine Combat Medical Detachment promoted to Petty Officer First Class shortly thereafter promoted Chief Petty Officer and position of head enlisted medic.

--Currently awaiting reassignment