Captain Marcus Byrne

Name Marcus Byrne

Position Guest Star

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1 (1.85m)
Weight 190 lbs (86kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Marcus usually keeps himself in good shape because of his love for athletics. His hair is usually kept short, but he has been known to grow it out a bit. His smile can calm a room while his eyes can reflect fire. On duty, he keeps to the ideal Captain look. He's most comfortable off duty when he can be seen wearing a t-shirt, pants and a jacket.


Father Christopher Byrne (68, Starfleet Admiral - Retired)
Mother Helen Byrne (65, Starfleet Medical - M.D./Retired)
Brother(s) Lieutenant Henry Byrne (35, Utopia Planetia Shipyards - Engineering Officer)
Sister(s) Julie Sanders (38, Archaeologist)
Other Family Ryan Sanders (Brother-in-law, 36, Archaeologist)
William Sanders (Nephew, 5)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marcus has lived his career under the grand shadow of his father. Marcus has never been satisfied with his career as he always felt he had been advanced and awarded based on his father's last name instead of his own merit. Marcus usually has a very calm demeanor, though can show a temper when the right buttons are pushed.

Marcus doubts himself all of the time, though he hides this under a mask of confidence. He is slow to make friends, but can be the best of friends once the friendship has been made. He also values his crew and those entrusted to his care more than his own life.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal to those under his command
+ Values life
+ Ambitious
+ Intelligent

- Idealism crushed under impossible expectations
- Fights depression
- Can take things too personal
- Ambitious
Ambitions His goal is to become his own man, to break away from his father's shadow.
Hobbies & Interests - Athletics (may be only person alive with a holo-program collection with Football (American and Soccer), Baseball, and Basketball)
- Boxing and Parrises Squares
- Reading and poetry, surprisingly
- "Adventuring" (Camping, Hiking)
- Games (Poker, Dabo, etc)

Personal History Marcus was born on Earth's Moon in Tycho City and hates being called a "Lunar Schooner." From an early age, he was expected to follow in his father's footsteps and begin a career in Starfleet. Even as a child, those expectations led to conflicts with his father.

Marcus grew up very close to his siblings and his mother. They spent their childhood living aboard the Concord, the Excelsior-class ship under the command of Christopher Byrne as a Captain and as an Admiral. Marcus excelled in school, trying to gain his father's approval with little success.

As a teen, Marcus took various internship positions aboard the Concord spending time in almost every department. As time came for him to take the Starfleet entrance exam, Marcus passed and was admitted to the Academy on his first attempt.

At the Academy, became a skilled pilot though stayed away from competition. He graduated the Academy with honors and chose Operations because of his dual-major in Engineering and Tactical.

He is a veteran of the Dominion War. The horrors of those two years still resonate within Marcus. They, along with the expectations placed upon him, have led to his battle with depression.

From there, Marcus continued to rise through the ranks of Starfleet until he was given his first command. That was the Federation Outpost on the reclaimed colony world of Nova Europa. It wasn't the ship that he wanted and was in the backwater, though Marcus vowed to make the best of things.
Service Record USS Endeavour, Nebula-Class (2392- Present)
- Commanding Officer, Captain

Nova Europa (2387 - 2392)
- Commanding Officer, Commander

Starbase 375 (2380-2387)
- First Officer, Lt. Commander (2384-2387)
- Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Lt. Commander (2380-2384

USS Trinidad - Galaxy-Class (2374-2380)
- Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant

USS Kodiak - Akira-Class (2373 - 2374/ship's destruction)
- Chief Operations Officer, Field Promotion, Lieutenant Junior Grade (2374)
- Tactical Officer, Ensign (2373-2374)

Starfleet Academy (2369 - 2373)
- Graduated with Honors (Engineering/Tactical)
- Academy Parrisses Squares Champion (2370-2373)
- Academy Cruiserweight Boxing Champion (2371-2373, 24-0)