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Lieutenant Tavana Daughter of Korrd

Name Tavana Daughter of Korrd

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color light Brown
Physical Description Lost of her right eye in battle during the war with the Dominion while serving on board the IKS noH. An metallic plate is bolted in place over the right socket. Ridge line not fully formed, do to the slight resistance to the Cure to Antaak's virus,
might be confused as human or half Klingon.
Hard headed at times, yet, will listen to reason, if she believes it's logical enough to prove her wrong. An equal in strength and stamina to any male warrior.


Spouse Lt. Kronyx (Died in battle)
Father Korrd son of S'ahn
Mother Bel'ta daughter of A'ng
Brother(s) Aldur (Twin and KIA in War)
Sister(s) none
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mean spirit, honored bound, and everything one excepts from a Klingon woman. A person has to prove themselves
worthy, to her, to even for her to speak to them. Still shows sighs of the Antaak virus, but she isn't weak.

Love the cries of pain, plus her special touch, to let her patients know that, their getting the right care,
even if it looks, to other space faring people, to be Barbaric.

When it comes to, Tavana, she what non Klingons would except from the people of Qo'nos. Mean spirited and honor bound. But, when she with others of the Empire, she generally kind hearted, a person that a warrior can come to and vent on current issues that pledge their mind. She can also be a voice of reason, when current issue arise, that would imped her fellow warriors. Her skills with in Klingon Medicine, which she provides with the up-most respect towards all in which she is helping, would seem barabaric, from the point of view of Non-Klingons, yet, still manage to mend broken bones and life altering injuries and have person return to duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Weakness:
Ridge line isn't fully formed do to her family slight resistance to the Cure of the Antaak virus, in which, Tavana, believes that inspite of the her family's slight resistance to Crue of the Antaak virus that she would be seen as weak in the eyes of her fellow warriors.

Strengths: The Arts (paintings, fighting, writing, Music) and doubling as science officer; All fields of Science
Ambitions To provide the best medical care possible towards the people of the Empire and to those that are apart the Federation. To be a voice of reason and a ear towards those that wish to get something off their chest.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Collecting Spores, molds, and fungus. Practices with known Klingon/several alien melee weapons
and fighting styles. The Hunt. Reading up on all forms of medical research from the Federation.

Interests: Her Mate, Kronyx. Hunting and cooking/singing (she isn't good at both) To command her own ship or
own medical/space station, and to bring glory to her house, her mates House and the Empire.

LANGUAGES: Cardassia/Romulan/Federation English with no slur, all perfect.
some Vorta and some Federation

Personal History The House of Korrd is a farming/mining house, which is a minor one compared to those on Qo'nos. The house has links spanning all of Klingon history. A dark moment, yet, still honorable is when K'norn was assigned as Praxis. K'norn was, the head mining controller and did his duties with honor, for 30 years. He helped produced more ore and other resources, up until the day the moon exploded. Yet, the one thing that still haunts the House of Korrd, is the Antaak virus (refer to Antaak files) and how the cure slowly reacting to those in her house.

At a early age,Tavana, shown a great fondness for the sciences and medicine. When she went on hunts with her father and killed her prey, she would open it up beast to begin pick through the inners and to wonder what made the beast tick. She also had a desire to be a great warrior,
like her father. So when, she turned eighteen years of age, she joined the Military Academy, to learn all she can about being a warrior and leader for the Empire.

By the time she was finished the Military Academy, Tavana, enrolled into the Empire’s Medical/Science Service to continue her childhood fondness. Within the following few years she was invited briefly to the Federation, before her house, was called into action by Gowron. When he disbanded the treaty with the Federation. Where upon, Tavana, was assigned to the IKS noH, as it's assistance Chief Medical Officer. The noH, saw many battles against several Federation ships. Which lasted briefly, before the treaty was picked up again when, Gowron, discovered that Martok was a changeling. Before long, the Empire, turned their attention to the Cardassians, when they sided with the Dominion. The Empire’s response was swift and brutal towards the Cardassians. For those years of the Dominion war, Tavana, served with honor in every engagement against the Jem’Hadar, Cardassians, and Breen.

During one of those battles, the warrior doctor, lost her right eye and in typical Klingon fashion, the noH’s Chief Doctor, bolted an metallic patch onto face over her eye socket. Several years after the Dominion war, Tavana, was transferred to the veS'In, she continues to prove to everyone that she is one tough warrior. When she meet her mate, Kronyx, on the veS 'In he was impressed with how determination a warrior, she was. This determination had helped her get the acting chief Medical Officer, when the veS 'In Chief Medical officer disappeared. Years passed, The warrior Doctor lost her mate in battle and she was soon transferred to an new assignement as the Vessels Chief medical officer, which later she had to step down as IKS Klang CMO to the Federation Doctor when the Klang was assigned to Federation Starbase 47.
Service Record Klingon War Academy
Klingon Medical Academy
Starfleet Medicine
IKS noH Ass. Medical Officer
IKS veS 'In
IKS Klang