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Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

Name Halaylah

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Klingon/Half Bajoran
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5"4"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Her Bajoran nose and Klingon Ridges upon her forehead are soft looking in nature. Long dark hair. Friendly, well mannered, highly motivated and eager. Right eye lost in training, metallic patch bolted over the missing eye socket.


Father Mabot Ruta (Bajoran) (killed during the Dominion war)
Mother Krenna (Klingon); Youngest daughter of the house Qua’lon (Klingon) (Killed during the Dominion war)
Other Family Various on both sides of his dual heritage

Personality & Traits

General Overview An woman born out of love and service to they're home worlds. Halaylah, is Friendly, well mannered, highly motivated and eager. She the sole heiress of an house. Despite the loss of her eye, Halaylah, continues to bring honor to herself and those around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage
Well trained in three fighting styles, Klingon, Bajoran, and Earth’s tae kwon do.

Weakness: Tribbles, Alcohol, anything that would bring her dishonor
Ambitions Explore the universe and help those with in the Federation and other non Federation worlds. Further herself in all forms of engines. Continue to bring honor to her house, despite that she the lone member
Hobbies & Interests Mechanics, Farming, Bajoran/ Cardassian/Klingon History, Fishing, Sailing, Graphic Design

Personal History The house of Duras was once an great and noble house. Yet during the time before the Empire's civil war, the house was comprised many small houses on many worlds. One such house is the Qua’lon house. Which, put forth quality warriors to serve the house of Duras. House crest bore the Twisted Ember Branch sigil received automatic respect. Krenna, the youngest daughter to Du’Chon, son of Qua’lon. She, the house of Duras and Empire served as a deep operator. Her missions, took place deep inside Cardassian space. Her assignment had an chance encounter with, Mabot Ruta, an Bajoran resistance operator, who hide as an farmer. Where upon the two develop a friendly and then blossoms into a loving relationship, which result of the two loves produced an child. The two dear loves named their daughter, Halaylah. The year was 2351.

The Klingon civil war, divided the Empire into factions. Du’Chon, now head of the houses of Qua’lon. Now served, the Duras family were called into battle. House members, helped place Toral, the illegitimate son of Duras, as Chancellor. By this time, Krenna and Mabot, weren’t overly impressed with how things had developed between the houses, let alone did not want any apart of part the fight and continued to be farmer. They continued to supply the house members with food and drink during the time of civil war. When the civil war, was finished, the Duras house was disbanded and those house loyal to the Duras house, turned they’re collective backs against their former leading house. Despite her mix heritage, the young Bajorian/Klingon was welcome with open arms.

With this choice, many in the house were upset and many disbanded the house, to find new houses or to start their own. While Krenna, who decided to remain with her house. Which she didn’t have much of a say with in her own house, she just followed the Chancellor’s orders. Krenna, so she decide to go wherever her love wanted to go. Mabot, loved his wife as much as she loved him and they both simply decided to just remind on Qo’nos and support the people of Qo’nos together. While at the same time, convince both the Federation and Empire to help free Bajor. In 2369, the year Bajor became free.

In 2369, upon graduation of Private school system, Halaylah turned of age. Bajor, was well on it’s way to be an member of the United Federation of Planets and she decided, to become an Klingon Engineer. When news came that Halaylah’s father home world free. Halaylah and her parents decided to leave Qo’nos and live their days out on Bajor. However, her mother and father were departing an trade meeting near Cardassian space. When a Dominion ship, discovered their small shuttle craft and was quickly destroyed.

For the first year, Halaylah, was proving herself to be a full blooded warriors, that she was an equal, despite her mix heritage. However, during the beginning of Halaylah’s second year at the Klingon Engineering Academy, the young woman suffered, an near fatal accident, when engine coolant line failed and took out three of her class mates, and nearly Halaylah herself. The medical staff of the Engineering Academy, patched the Bajorian/Klingon warrior to near perfect health. The loss of her right eye, was beyond their means of care. Which resulted in a metallic eye patch being bolted into place.

This action, which nearly killed Halaylah, gave the young woman, pause. However, she decided to continue onward with her education, despite her now handicap. Upon graduation, the newly pinned officer, was decline service within the Empire and placed in the Exchange service. Where upon, she was sent to Earth and attend Starfleet Academy.

As much as she hated Imperial Fleet choice, in sending her to Starfleet to learn more about engineering, but it’s leading factor that forge the young Bajoran/Klingon to become an better woman. Within an year, she had graduated the Academy and was assigned to the USS Pelican, an Steamrunner class Starship. However, her mother and father were departing an trade meeting near place Cardassian space. When a Dominion ship, discovered their small shuttle craft and was quickly destroyed.

The Pelican saw many fields of battle during the war. She also, saw action against the Borg, when an lone cube entered Sector 001. When Halaylah’s parents were murdered by the Dominion, let alone that the house she was apart of was, had died honorably in battle against the Dominion. Leaving her the sole heiress of the house Qua’lon. Though, she’s the last standing member of an minor house, she decided to continue her service within Starfleet. From that point forward, the Klingon/Bajoran become an Federation citizen, while she kept the title of her house alive and to give what reminds of the noble house, to the people of the Empire. Halaylah, served on the USS Glenn Ford, an Iwo Jima class starship and the Arizona, an Defiant class. When the time came to advance her career, Halaylah, sought out any opening to Chief Engineering Officer, which happen to be on the Asphodel.

Currently, transferred with the rest of teh Crew of the USS Aspodel, to Starbase 47 as the station chief Engieneer.
Service Record Service Record
Education: Home schooled
KDF Engineering Training: 2369-2371
-KDF Basic 2371 Graduated 18th of 411; Imperial Service declined,
Exchange duty assigned
Starfleet Academy 2372
-Primarily focus: Engineering
Service Record: Exchange duty: Starfleet Academy
-Graduated 57th of 957 Engineering Division.
USS Pelican; Steamrunner Class 2372-2376
-Engineering Officer
USS Glenn Ford Iwo Jima Class 2376-2383
-Engineer officer
USS Arizona Defiant Class 2383-2391
-associate Chief Engineer
USS Asphodel Elysium-Class Starship 2391-Present day
-Chief Engineer Officer
Starbase 47 Spacedock class Currently
-Chief Engineer Officer