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Lieutenant Aikum

Name Aikum M.D

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82 m
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall with an athletic build Aikum has a slight tan color to his skin with a faint hint of yellowish green at his cheeks. His pointed ears and upswept eyebrows are characteristics of the Vulcan species. He is easy on the eyes and will occasionally smile.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Admiral Sevol
Mother Commander T'Priya, M.D
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aikum was raised as V'Tosh Ka'Tur on the USS T'Pol. Smart and dedicated Aikum was taught about starship life from the time he was born. Although a majority of the time he seems emotionless as most Vulcans, when the situation calls for it, he has been known to express his emotions. Very intelligent and highly skilled Aikum will do whatever he can to help those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Psionic abilities
+ Capable of Vulcan mind-meld
+ Vulcan physiology provides enhanced hearing, sight, strength, endurance, and higher mental functions

= Loyal

- When upset aggressive tendencies have be shown
Ambitions To earn the right to Captain his own starship.
Hobbies & Interests Helping others, learning about new cultures, making scientific discoveries, holo-deck recreation programs...

Personal History Born in the year 2367,Aikum was raised as V'Tosh Ka'Tur on the USS T'Pol where his father was the previous Captain and his mother the Chief Medical Officer. He was raised there for seven years before returning to Vulcan with his mother Doctor T'Priya to participate in the Kahs-wan ritual in Vulcan's Forge in the year 2374. The ritual was grueling and life altering for the seven year old Vulcan. As per Vulcan custom he rarely speaks of what he went through or how he manged to survive for a fortnight. After a fortnight Aikum returned from the desert and he and his mother found passage back to the USS T'Pol. When they returned to their home Aikum began to take his studies seriously. Not only was he excelling in his course work but he began to train with his mother in sickbay. After a month he was serving as a civilian medic on the ship at the age of 8.

During a routine patrol assignment in the year 2377, the USS T'Pol was attacked by Orion pirates and suffered severe damage. The ship was boarded and 10 year old Aikum refused to stay in his fathers quarters with the rest of the children. He made his way into a jeffries tube with the older children and they found their way into a corridor near the armory. One of the children a young Bolian female named Kwaneesha, hacked the lock and managed to get them in. The children armed themselves and made their way back to the rest of the children via the jeffries tubes. When they arrived the children were scared as the crewmen assigned to watch them had left the room and sealed it to keep the children safe and defend the corridor. Aikum immediately told the children to follow him to sickbay. Sadly and unbeknownst to Aikum and the other children sickbay had been taken over by Orions and when they arrived Aikum, Kwaneesha, and a Terran child Salvatore managed to sneak up on the two Orion guards and stunned them with their phasers and released the sickbay crew from their bonds. Doctor T'Priya was torn between pride and anger at her son but was none the less grateful. She decided to leave the children with one of the nurses after making them swear they wouldn't leave so that she could go help get the rest of the Orions off their ship. The young Vulcan and his two friends agreed. While his mother was gone and the nurse left to watch them distracted with tending to the younger children, allowed Aikum the time to test his psionic abilities. The young Vulcan had just began practicing mind-melds and decided to attempt to learn information from one of the stunned Orions. His technique was flawless yet the young Vulcan had never had to fight a mind. He didn't anticipate that the stunned Orion would be able to resist him nor did he think that the Orion would be so strong willed. Aikum struggled but was eventually able to overpower the Orion but it cost the Orion his life and put Aikum into a brief coma. After three weeks Aikum awoke in sickbay screaming about the horrors that he had committed until his mother melded with him to calm him down. She realized the strong psionic potential her son had and had asked one of the Betazoid crewmen from engineering to assist in training her son to cultivate and use his psionic gifts.

In the year 2380, at the age of 13; Aikum's father had been promoted to the rank of Admiral and was re-assigned to Starfleet Headquarters on Terra. Doctor T'Priya took a position at Starfleet Medical Headquarters and the family moved to Terra. Aikum used to life on a starship had a difficult time adjusting to life planetside. He was still given a great education and had surpassed many of the Terran students that were his age. Not surprising given that he was Vulcan but it did cause him to get bored. It was then that he parents began to teach him heavily about the teachings of Surak so that their son could balance his emotions with more logic. As with everything, Aikum studied hard and applied his newly acquired knowledge as best he could to his daily life.

Three years later the 16 year old Vulcan completed all the requirements to earn his undergraduate degree in the field of Exobiology. On his graduation day he applied to attend Starfleet Academy. His application was accepted and the following week he began his entrance exams. Being familiar with space travel and Starfleet protocols Aikum passed his entrance exams with ease. He then attended the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program for six weeks and excelled at it as well. Afterwards he had to wait for four weeks before the term began. To honor their son, Aikum's parents allowed them to use their shuttle to travel to P'Jem and then return to Terra. Aikum was allowed to bring his childhood friends Kwaneesha and Salvatore; who would also be attending Starfleet Academy.

The trip was smooth and the three were glad for a a two week trip to P'Jem a major historical sight for the UFP and a good blend of Vulcan, Terran, and Andorian culture. The trio learned alot during their time and Salvatore and Aikum grew very close. In fact, Salvatore kissed Aikum while they were alone one day and the younng Vulcan decided that he would like to experiment with sexuality. The rest of the trip was spent with meditation and frivolities. The trio enjoyed their trip immensely and the experience allowed them a good escape before their rigorous training at Starfleet Academy would begin.

After his vacation, Aikum began his training at Starfleet Academy and excelled at all his courses. His good grades and willingness to tutor others earned him the respect of his instructors. Unlike most scientists enrolled at the Academy, Aikum excelled at his combat and tactical courses and even took more of them. Never passing on an opportunity to learn, Aikum was able to major in Bio-Medical Sciences as well Command . During his fourth year he earned the top grades on his classes Kobiyashi Maru and served as the class Captain Salvatore serving as his Executive Officer and Kwaneesha his Chief Engineer. The test involved the rescue of the freighter Kobayashi Maru form Borg attack and was very taxing and caused a few students to withdraw from the Academy. The remainding students were sent to serve on the USS Typhoon for one month for their training cruise. Aikum was assigned to the Science and Medical department. Kwaneesha to Engineering and Salvatore to Security. The trip taught the trio more of what it meant to serve on a Starship not as passengers and civilians but as Senior Cadets of Starfleet. In 2387 the trio celebrated their graduation by taking a night trip to Earth Spacedock to go dancing a new zero-g club that had recently been open. That evening Salvatore and Aikum spent the night together for the last time as Salvatore would be sent to serve on the USS Endeavor as a junior Tactical Officer and Aikum would be attending Starfleet Medical Academy. The following morning the trio were promoted to the rank of Ensign and given their new assignments during their graduation ceremony. Again the childhood friends promised to meet again and they went their separate ways.

The day after his graduation Aikum began his four year training at Starfleet Medical Academy. He was already a highly skilled medic and many had wondered why he never studied Nursing, Aikum proved that he was born to be a surgeon. Not only did he excel in learning all that he was taught, he also began to learn about alternative medical treatments from various cultures. During the year 2389 Aikum began his surgical residency on board the USS Caduceus and completed his fellowship in Trauma Surgery in the year 2391. He then graduated as Valedictorian with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Ready and eager to prove himself as a Trauma Surgeon and Starfleet Officer, Aikum applied for any ship that would take him to the frontier and give him a chance to become true command material.
Service Record 2383-2387: Starfleet Academy - 4 years, graduated summa cum laude, Bio-Medical Sciences/Command, rank of Ensign

2387-2391: Starfleet Medical Acedemy - 4 years, graduated valedictorian, Trauma Surgeon, rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade

2391: USS Asphodel - Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade