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Lieutenant Thelin P'Trell

Name Thelin "Devilfish" P'Trell

Position Wing Commander

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 meters
Weight 81.6 kilograms
Hair Color White
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Slightly stockier in build than an average Andorian, Thelin P'Trells face has often been described as ruggedly handsome in his youth. Age and stress have conspired to insert a bit of cragginess and age-betraying lines in key positions which leads some to overestimate his age on occasion. Living on the fringe has resulted in a somewhat unkept look to his facial and cranial hair as well, although he does keep his hair and beard clean as well as reasonably in check.

Over a decade as a starfighter pilot plus the need to survive on the fringes of Federation territory have conspired to keep P'Trell in excellent physical condition. Although he doesn't have the same reserves of energy that he did when he was a young man he's managed to replace them with economy of motion and precise application of force when necessary, and this translates into any physical training he undertakes as well.

Typically P'Trell dons what counts as the "uniform" of privateer spacers; a flight suit of some muted color, a black survival/working vest, belt with upper leg holster attachments featuring various tools, and black sturdy deck boots. P'Trell is also rarely seen without some form of sunglasses and usually the ones he dons have some sort of additional "features" built into them somehow.


Spouse Lanna (deceased)
Children Unborn daughter (deceased)
Father Thakas (deceased)
Mother Ealh (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Thysa (30)
Other Family TBA

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance Thelin isn't the typical fighter pilot or independent spacer. He doesn't engage in the usual braggadocio mannerisms, rarely boasts about his accomplishments in any sense with the slightest provocation, and his wrist chronometer is of a reasonable size. Moreover he's seemingly equally at home with more sedate occupations as he is in any sort of contest of wills or physicality.

However underneath that calm persona lies a confident calculating individual. More often than not he's apt to let individuals have their say or dictate some sort of dispute in their terms, all the while sizing them up for some sort of sharp rebuke. Additionally at the end of the day he is not remiss at all to share his personal views or observations, or even execute any sort of action to address an apparent oversight or shortcoming over the objections of superior officers, albeit not overtly in a derelict fashion as opposed to a more "creative disobedience" method.

As an officer, Thelin prefers the "hands off/on" approach. More often than not he lets his subordinates operate in their own fashion provided that they don't run afoul of his rules oturight or the spirit of Starfleet's rules and regulations. He's also renowned for encouraging a "culture" of fighter pilots, albeit one that sometimes rubs certain officers the wrong way.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths; experienced and talented fighter pilot, above-average starfighter tactician, capable leader in his role, learned survival skillset from freelance operations, unswervingly loyal to understanding superior officers

Weaknesses; repeated trauma due to wartime loss, akin to "go his own way" if certain conditions pervade, absolutely no skill as a formal diplomat or mediator, latent substance abuse problems, limited patience for engineering tinkering with fighters
Ambitions Post-Starfleet; to survive from day-to-day and try and escape the memories of his loss
Hobbies & Interests Collecting small luck talismans from various cultures, riding beasts of burden (horses, zabathu, sark etc.), klingon drinking songs, Baccarat, tinkering with fighter specifications, archery/ballistic weapon marksmanship trials

Personal History Born in 2356 on the planet P'Jem, Thelin P'Trell's early life was not noticeably different than most children in the UFP experienced, cultural noms aside. The firstborn to a civilian sublight engineer father and a museum curator mother, Thelin grew up in the company of friends and family almost from the get-go thanks to their close proximity to Andoria as well as P'Jem's relatively central location in relation to most trans-sector journeys.
Although at times it seemed as though he couldn't focus specifically on one thing to excel at, be it athletic endeavors or tinkering with gadgets or proto-modernistic Andorian sculpting, one thing that did seem to stick out was his mechanical sympathy for small "utility" type craft, something that was encouraged by his father Shras. At 16 to the surprise of his family he took the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy and subsequently failed his first attempt. His next attempt was a pass, however not without a bit of controversy due to alleged manipulation of foreknowledge in some fashion. Misgivings about his entrance results aside his results were good enough to permit his entry into the academy in 2373 at the age of 17.

Although initially unsure of his path once he started at the Academy, Thelin quickly whittled things down to aerospace and then further down to fighter pilot after realizing that fighter pilots had more leeway and control of their own craft vs helmsmen in the grand scheme of things. Applying himself fully to his studies Thelin did manage to make friends and rivals as most cadets do. However the specter of the raging Dominion War hung over the academy and it was clear that Starfleet needed more able bodies than they did fully-trained officers. While this meant that some of the "enrichment" courses could be avoided in an effort to streamline the process of getting cadets in the field, certain courses on diplomatic discourse and non-combat mediation were also left out in Thelin's case given his career trajectory.
He was prepared to ship off to Fighter Weapons School in Alpha Centauri when the Breen attacked earth in 2375. Although he attempted to strap into an armed sublight trainer craft and defend the school, most of that time was spent saying goodbye to friends and instructors that were killed in the audacious strike. The war would eventually take more from Thelin, in the form of his father who was killed in another separate raid by the Jem'Hadar and Cardassians, and his mother who succumbed to the darkness of losing her husband in such a violent fashion. Compounding the loss was the notion from his extended maternal family that he deliberately chose to stay at the academy vs coming home to take care of his mother, despite Thelin's insistence that neither he nor his sister ever knew how badly his mother was wounded. These accusations caused a rift between them that has remained large and raw to this day.

With little time to mourn he eventually did ship out to Alpha Centauri and began training in the art of starfighter combat maneuvering. At FWS he displayed a certain doggedness and inqusitive aggression that eventually earned him the callsign "Devilfish", an archaic term for a multi-armed cephallopod from Earth commonly referred to as an octopus after a human instructor noted Thelin's dogged yet adaptive aggression when pursuing fighters as well as the tendency to treat the loss of certain panels or structures on his fighter as ancillary or non-critical.

Thelin graduated with distinction from FWS in late 2375, almost simultaneously with the close of official hosilities in the Dominion War. Despite this, Thelin still managed to see combat in his first tour of duty and record 1.5 "kills", along with rising in rank and responsibility at a steady rate. By the time his two years aboard the USS Foch ended in 2377 he was an experienced combat pilot and veteran element leader. Further assignments to Starbases, other ships, joint training exercises and a stint as an instructor back at Alpha Centauri further cemented his reputation as a highly adept fighter pilot and dedicated if selectively maverick commanding officer. Part of his maverick reputation was earned thanks to a developed penchant for "creative disobedience" in some situations, while the rest of it was earned thanks to honest and direct reports addressing certain perceived shortcomings in fighter pilot training at the time.
During one of his shipboard deployments he met a former Orion slave girl turned Starfleet officer and geological scientist Lanna. Their initial meetings were prickly and often confrontational, so the universal gods of irony dictated what happened next; the two fell in love and were married by 2384.

After a notable career that included combat duty as well as a turn as instructor at Alpha Centauri as well as a test pilot for a development program along with Starfleet Intelligence, Thelin and Lanna were both assigned to the USS Inkala. In 2385 the Inkala was assigned first to observe the Barzan Itinerant Wormhole after the USS Bunker Hill instigated hostilities with the alien government known as the Ryuu Confederacy. Eventually that mission changed to traversing the wormhole into the Delta quadrant. This eventually lead to multiple engagements with the Ryuu confederacy and the conferring of two ace accreditation, one of the few with such distinction since the Dominion War.
However the strain of combat would eventually prove to be too much for the Inkala, which was destroyed whilst locked in yet another engagement while protecting the USS Acamar. One of the many lost aboard the Inkala was Lanna, then pregnant with the couple's unborn child. Grief-stricken and drained, Thelin volunteered to board the USS Archon which intercepted the Acamar. However he wasn't the same pilot, frequently ignoring commands from the wing commander and going on "hunting trips" away from the ship without any authorization.

Eventually things came to a head after the Archon put in for repairs at Langley station. The JAG officer at Langley gave Thelin a choice; either face a court martial and punitive discipline, or resign his commission honorably in light of his achievements and exceptional service. Thelin chose the latter assignment and seemingly retired to a planet on the fringes of Federation space.

Since his retirement from active duty rumors have abounded regarding Thelin's activities. Although there is a ship registered in his name, the activities of said ship cannot be accurately defined thanks to "missing data" on all flight recording gear and no definitive proof of associated with known "finger" groups or individuals in non-Federation jurisdictions or any known sensor logs of his exact whereabouts while not on his declared planet of residence.
Service Record 2373-2375: Starfleet Academy aerospace program

2375: Alpha Centauri, Fighter Weapons School

2375-2377: USS Foch (Normandy Class), fighter pilot/fighter pilot element leader

2378: Starbase 616, fighter pilot/element leader

2379-2380: USS Ahn-woon (Akira Class), fighter pilot/squadron leader

2380: USS Hermes (Vikrant Class), fighter pilot/squadron leader

2381-2382: Alpha Centauri Fighter Weapons school, fighter weapons instructor/adversary pilot

2382-2383: Starbase 051, Joint Aerospace/Starfleet Intelligence research and development task force (test pilot)

2384-2385: USS Inkala (unknown), fighter pilot/wing commander

2385-2386: USS Archon (unknown), fighter pilot/element leader/squadron leader

2386: Resigns Starfleet commission

2387-2391: GCS Jade Star, Owner/pilot