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Lieutenant Liam Thompson

Name Liam Steven Thompson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 225lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Tall but not overly muscular. Has a tattoo hidden under his right sleeve.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Steven Thompson
Mother Karen Thompson
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outspoken and jovial. Quick witted, though when it comes to his work, no one is more focused or intent.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sometimes his jokes have caused a "foot in mouth" problems in the past. Though, when it comes to his work, he becomes serious and focused. Tends to think of the ships he's served on as "his ships" especially when it comes to the maintenance and enhancements made to them. Not everyone appreciates his sense of humor, it is sometimes inappropriate.
Ambitions Perfectly content in making 'his' engines the best in the fleet. Though he would like to find a way to safely pass warp ten in transwarp theories. Lately, a command of his own has been passing through his mind.
Hobbies & Interests Usually the mastermind behind most practical jokes and surprise parties played out on his close friends. Enjoys camping, fishing, just about any lively social gatherings. Alcohol.

Personal History Was born on Betazed. His father, and mother both Starfleet officers, father, Steven, being stationed to the on planet defense contingency there. His mother, Karen, just moved with her husband, and took pride in taking care of their home. Growing up on Betazed, wasn't too bad, though Liam never did get used to people reading his thoughts before he spoke them. So, as a bit of retaliation against his mind being read, he started just saying what he thought, most of it being jokes. When he was thirteen, his father retired from SF and they moved back to Earth. To a small farming community outside Dublin, Ireland. It was here that his aptitude for engineering shown through. Once they settled in on their family's farm, Liam found that he loved tinkering with the equipment, and finding ways to make them more productive...this didn't always pan out as a few of his "experiments" with the equipment literally blew up in his face.
One such incident was with a water recycler he thought he could get at 100 percent efficiency. The explosion threw him almost twenty yards into the field. At eighteen, his parents persuaded him that his talents would grow more if he went into Starfleet.
He was quickly accepted and his first couple of years at the Academy were uneventful. He was given a discplinary one week suspension for turning an upperclassman, James Williamson, green by altering his sonic shower. It was retaliatory from a practical joke that had his comm badge shock him every time it was used. No more incidents was on his record Though the feud between the still on going.
Liam graduated with honors,and was immediately stationed to space duty, though not what he had expected. He was engineering officer on one of Starfleet's long range Subspace relay stations for two years before being transferred to the USS Topeka as a warp field specialist. He spent three years there, moving up to Assistant Chief.
He was then asked to come back to the Sol system, to the Eutopia Planetia Yards as part of one of the many Runabout projects there. He stayed there, helping design and build until the Dominion Wars started.
He was then transferred as Chief Engineer to the USS Tokyo, Akira class. The Tokyo, seeing her share of battles through the war, had given Liam the opportunity to fine tune the engines among other systems. Finally, the Tokyo was lost, and the surviving crew transferred to a new Tokyo, Akira refit class. Liam has served has her Chief Engineer until her decommission last year, and has been on extended leave since that time.
Service Record Comms Relay Station Beta-5 - Engineer - Ensign

USS Topeka - Warp Field Specialist - Ensign

USS Topeka - Assistant Chief Engineer - Lieutenant(jg)

Utopia Planetia - Warp Engine/Ship Designer - Lieutenant

USS Tokyo - Chief Engineer - Lieutenant

--Extended LOA --

USS Asphodel - Chief Engineer - Lieutenant