Lieutenant JG John Kent

Name John Gage Kent

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kent keeps a slim and trim build, the result of a strict training regimen. He keeps his hair just long enough to be kept swept to the side. His left hand is faintly scarred along the palm, the result of a childhood injury he's refused to have healed.


Father Gage Kent
Mother Janice

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kent is over-protective, even by the standards of his position. He keeps an almost paranoid vigil over those under his protection. At times, this vigil goes too far, and Kent adopts an aggressive stance towards even the slightest of threats.

Kent eagerly embraces new technologies, believing the Federation's prosperity rests upon the efforts of its engineers and scientists. Unfortunately, Kent often begins using hardware before fully understanding it.

Kent's a holonovel aficionado, and acquiring new programs is a persistent hobby. He hopes to someday write a completely original holonovel of his own, but mostly settles with scripting elaborate training programs.

Kent keeps a collection of trophies from his previous assignments in his cluttered quarters. Among them are:

- Sets of replicated clothing from pre-warp cultures.
- Models of ships and stations he was previously assigned to.
- A preserved twig that pierced his lung during a transporter accident.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

A preference for unique solutions, believing that common strategies quickly become vulnerable to exploitation.

Quick reflexes, though usually the result of his hypervigilance.

Familiarity with the literature and myths of Earth, as well as those of a few other cultures.

A basic understanding of terraforming methods, though his knowledge is somewhat rusty and outdated.


An impulsive urge to utilize advanced, yet poorly understood, technology.

Over-protective, even when no danger is apparent.

Highly suspicious of unusual behavior.

Critical of Starfleet procedures that engender risk to personnel.
Ambitions Kent hopes to someday find the truth behind the Oregon disaster. He keeps himself updated on similar suspicious incidents, in the hope that he'll find some missing part of the puzzle.

As an aspiring holonovelist, Kent collects holodeck programs. He intends to write his own, just as soon as he comes up with a story he can get behind.
Hobbies & Interests Kent collects holonovels, and acquiring new programs is typically his first priority during shore leave. He also enjoys running simulations of older battles, often changing minor details to observe how the results are affected.

Outside of the holodeck, Kent enjoys keeping up to date with the capabilities of Starfleet's latest hardware, regardless of whether he completely understands it.

Personal History John was born on the USS Oregon, the only child of Gage and Janice Kent. His family was close to another couple, and John and the other couple's son, Paul, quickly became friends.

As a teenager, John intended to join the Federation's terraforming and colonization efforts. Re-creating a world appealed to John, and the opportunity to escape his overbearing (at least in his eyes) parents seemed thrilling.

During a routine patrol, the Oregon's captain, Kelly North, diverted the ship into the upper atmosphere of a gas giant, claiming to have received classified orders. The ship was shredded in an electrical storm, and nearly a third of the crew was killed. Paul was trapped in his quarters on one of the lower decks. John was electrocuted while attempting to open his jammed door, scarring his hand in the process. John was dragged away by a security officer, moments before the deck was lost.

After the Oregon escaped the planet's atmosphere, it spent several months undergoing repairs. A Starfleet investigation found that no classified orders had been given to Captain North. Internal Affairs closed the case, deciding that Captain North had undergone a psychotic break. Some of the crew remained unconvinced. The captain had shown no signs of illness, and the transporters had logged that they'd beamed something deep into the gas giant's atmosphere - too deep to have been beamed in from orbit. However, Internal Affairs believed the logged transport was a malfunction, or perhaps the mistake of a panicked operator.

John changed his career plans and tested for Starfleet Academy. Failing his first attempt, he applied twice more before being accepted. He pursued an assignment in Security, in the hopes that he could prevent such tragedies as the Oregon's.

The academy proved difficult for John. His sudden career change put him at a disadvantage with the other cadets. But what John lacked in knowledge, he made up for with determination, pulling himself from the bottom of his class to the top ten percent.

Ensign Kent's first assignment was back aboard the Oregon, and Kent strongly suspected his parents had somehow pulled strings to have him assigned there. Kent received a commendation for reporting a damaged EPS conduit that would've required extensive repairs if left unchecked. He politely asked for the commendation to be removed, stating that he'd only noticed the conduit after losing his tricorder in a Jeffries tube.

His next posting was on the Parracombe. The Parracombe was assigned a peacekeeping mission, overseeing a local government's peace talks. Kent first saw action when an assassin took his superior hostage. Kent was only able to defuse the situation by setting his phaser to wide beam - stunning both his superior and the assassin. To his amusement, Kent received another commendation.

Kent would later be assigned to the Aquitaine, which was on an anthropology mission. Kent found his assignment fascinating, but professionally meaningless. He consoled himself by creating non-interactive holonovels depicting the myths and histories of the cultures the Aquitaine visited, along with interactive simulations of the more noteworthy battles.

After requesting recommendations from his old shipmates on the Parracombe, Kent was attached to Starfleet Tactical. He was assigned to virtual wargames, where he developed a reputation for thoroughness and unconventional thinking - most notably by using tractor beams to slowly toss an immobilized battleship towards a hostile target.
Service Record 2378: Joined Starfleet Academy, Security Division.
2382: Graduated Starfleet Academy, asssigned to USS Oregon, Security.
2383: Transferred to USS Parracombe, Security.
2386: Transferred to USS Aquitaine, Security.
2388: Attached to Starfleet Tactical.
2390: Transferred to USS Asphodel.