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Commander B'rur

Name B'rur

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age April 06, 2355

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Mane: Reddish Brown; Fur coloring Yellowish Orange with pattern spots
Eye Color Golden Green
Physical Description A cheerful exception, A 'not a care in the universe' attitude towards all things. She might be small, but that doesn't stop her from getting to her goals


Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain MOn'K (R&D lab in Tacoma, Wash.)
Mother Pu'Kin
Brother(s) S'py'Dee, G’oe
Sister(s) Lily, Spo’Ka, P’ur’B’y, P’erce
Other Family Various with in the H’R’Purr clan

Personality & Traits

General Overview An scientist with the love of culture and astronomy. Willing to deal out logic towards trouble, while placing herself into harm's way. B‘rur, voice is sweet sounding which resembles that of an Earth feline. Washington State taught, Highly educated woman in five fields of science. Always looking forward, to new and exciting things in life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: All out woman with an limited telepathic abilities, her two PhD's in the fields of Science, Calm & cool while under pressure, knows a few tricks of Jerry rigging while it comes to Engineering. Medical skill is average, but lacking. Loves to tell old jokes, when the moment is right.

Weakness: naive at times, Alcohol and red dots that move quickly
Ambitions Just to be herself and to lend an hand to anyone who needs it. Providing useful data and information with in the fields of Science.
Hobbies & Interests Interests: Dancing, Mostly Earth and Klingon culture, Spores, Molds, and Fungus
Hobbies: Radio astronomy and Commutations.

Personal History April 06, 2355, B‘rur, was born to Captain MOn’K and Pu‘Kin, Tacoma Washington. Her father, an Research Analysis, and her mother, a civilian cleric, raised her on the old US Army base, Ft. Lewis. B‘rur, didn’t have much of a child’s life while living on Lewis, most of it, minus the typical childhood antics, were studies at home, provided by the Federation School Department. Even though she spent most of her childhood, behind books, data pads, and paper and pens, or out and about in Tacoma area. B‘rur, when she became eighteen provided, several good points on information for her to attend University of Washington. B’rur was also offered an spot at M.I.T. But, after the debate, she decline the offer and applied to University of Washington, just to remain close to her family.

When B'rur, enrolled into WSU, the year was 2373, which was the year Earth was attacked by the Breen and the end of the Dominion War. For the next ten years of her life, she put forth her knowledge and nearly all her free time towards all her classes. She was able to get two PhD's in the fields of Astronomy and Archaeology, with a minor in business and painting. Upon the time of her post grad doctorates, B‘rur, had applied for grants from the Federal Department of Science, to help provide testing resources, to aid in proving several of her theories, but the Science department, turned her down, which also voiced their concern about her theories. This small upset, didn’t stop her, from trying other avenues, to prove her theories. So, she gathered up some funds, got herself an Old out dated Runabout type craft and some test equipment and ventured out on the interstellar space. Of course, this venture into proving new theories had pose a few small problems, for B‘rur, but she turned to the universes fifth oldest profession, exotic dancing, to help pay for everything, she needed to finish getting her doctorates. This course of action, had her dancing herself, in and out of trouble, but into the hearts of several men, women, and cross gender species.

Within three years, the young Caitian lady, finished her studies, had saved up some cash, which a Ferengi named Quark would comment about her, "With the amount of latinum that woman has, she can down right buy an Class M planet, if not more. If she so chooses". She had proven several new ideas and gotten her PhD’s from WSU, but B‘rur, had an empty feeling inside her. She realized that dancing about in nearly or at times, nothing, clothing upon her body, wasn’t going to fill the emptiness, that traveling the stars gave her. Working for the any Science Department was an option, that would feel the void, but she knew, there was only one course of action to fill her fondness of space travel, feel an sense of family and pride, and that answer was Starfleet.

With in the span of four years, B’rur, graduated 54 out of 257. She excelled in the fields of Science and Engineering. Her first duty assignment, in 2387, was aboard the USS Oppenheimer, an Titan Class starship. Where she excelled greatly, gotten promoted to rank of Lt. JG. As much as she wanted to remain on the Oppenheimer, Starfleet decided to transfer B’rur to the USS Athena, an Prometheus class starship, for Headquarters felt the Athena was in need of an expert Science officer. A few months have past, before Starfleet transferred B'rur to the Elysium-Class Starship USS Asphodel to be her Chief Science Officer. Where, she seen first hand, what an well mix crew of people from various worlds, can come together and be an family, so to speak.

B'rur, has been recently promoted to full Lieutenant, she was also given the duties of being the Asphodel's second officer. She also was awarded three medals for her aid against the Borg. However, she continues to be the ship's top Science Officer. B'rur, so far has helped maintain crew moral as best she can with the aid of her friends on the USS Asphodel. Promoted to Lt. Commander, before being temporarily assigned to Risa starbase as First officer, on request by Captain Lancaster. During her brief assignment, Lt. Commander B'rur, was injured during an pirate raid on the Station. Where upon, she lost her right hand and other near fatal injuries at the hand of her Alternate Universe double. With quick action, Doctor Aikum and his fellow doctors, Nurses, and medics of the USS Asphodel saved her from the hands of death.

Now assigned to SB47; which the massive Spackdock was transported to delta quadrant by the cosmic being known as Q, continues to provide good moral for the crew of the station and assigned vessels, which as far as she knows is the Chevok, an Oberth class starship assigned to the station. With Kaharlas missing, B'rur is pinned Executive Officer of the station
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Oppenheimer; Titan Class; Science Officer
USS Athena; Prometheus Class; Asst. Science Chief Officer
USS Asphodel; Elysium Class: Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
Risa Station: Spacedock Class Starbase: First officer/Chief Science Officer
Starbase 47; Spacedock class Starbase; Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
-Captain of the USS Chevok; Oberth class starship
-Promoted to Commander
-Executive officer