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Lieutenant JG Adan

Name Adan

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 1.84 m (6')
Weight 72.5 kg (160 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Adan is a handsome young man with an honest face kept shaved and clean. He takes great care with his health and appearance every day. His brown hair is regulation, uniform neatly pressed and boots polished for every shift. Clear blue eyes are likely his best feature, eager to please and quick to reveal what's on his mind. He has an athlete's build, still lean and strong with the vigor of youth.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kenth
Mother Yaxea
Brother(s) Sabin

Personality & Traits

General Overview One generally expects patience when dealing with an El-Aurian, but Adan is oftentimes the exception to the rule. He can be as mysterious and mischievous as any of his kind, and has a certain flexibility with the truth when needed. While he does have the easy going manner and friendly ear that his people are known for, Adan seems to want to see the entire galaxy in his lifetime. A distinct possibility, all things considered. Still, this eager young man might have his far-off plans but he is firmly grounded in the present as he doesn't want to miss a thing. He is a dedicated Starfleet officer if casual with his attention to protocol at times.

Sometimes irreverent, sometimes witty, he generally keeps quiet and out of the way once one has dealt with his exuberant offers of help the moment before. Adan loves to learn about the universe around him and the strange life that inhabits it. He brings a broad range of skills to bear that might be esoteric but does make him an appealing candidate for away missions, or so he hopes. The adrenaline rush of piloting a vessel massing over five-million metric tons and Adan's assorted and sometimes dangerous hobbies is every bit as good as the rush of meeting new species or seeing something or someplace new in his mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Adan has the notable abilities of his people of both a subtle form of empathy as well as an awareness of disturbances in the space-time continuum. He is a natural born pilot with a skill trained to make him one of the best of his generation over the years. Adan studied the sciences along with his piloting at the Academy and has continued to keep up on these since graduation. His best fields are astrophysics, navigation, ship design, and warp mechanics of course, but Adan also has a general familiarity with archeology, biology, geology, and meteorology. He keeps himself physically fit through dedication to Starfleet training and sharpshooting programs. There is always something more to learn is the mantra he lives by.

While Adan might have an eclectic range of skills, outside of his hobbies and his job as a pilot he is easily replaceable by just about any specialist. He may have certain insights in a discussion, and is good to have around when someone calls in sick, but he isn't the kind of man to make great leaps of thinking on his own without a long period of time. Adan isn't slow by any means, but sacrifices depth of knowledge for broadness. Also, don't let him near a replicator with a hyperspanner. Adan always cleans up the mess but the smell of burnt gel packs lingers. In fact, if the helm systems are damaged and he repairs them, it might be a good idea to check his work there too as he has little skill at engineering.
Ambitions "To see it all," is the answer Adan most likes to give when asked about his plans for the future. When someone can pin him down on specifics, he seems very interested in exploring his Starfleet career as dedicatedly as possible. To command a deep exploration vessel is something he might speak of to help him earn his next promotion. To get certified on the latest shuttlecraft Starfleet has churned out might be another. Maybe having one of his ship designs seriously looked at as a candidate for prototyping is a possible response as well.
Hobbies & Interests Rock climbing and space-jumping Adan picked up as a teenager, much to the dismay of his parents. In recent years he's picked up skiing on the holodeck. Dogfighting simulations in fighters and shuttles is both exhilarating and keeps his skills sharp in between missions. Adan enjoys building model ships of all sorts, both the physical kind to be displayed in a bottle or mounted, and those modeled only in computer simulations.

Personal History Adan was born on Earth, Stardate 45446.8, June 12th of 2368, first child to survivors of the El-Aurian refugees that had settled there nearly a century before. His father was a retired Starfleet Commander and pilot, and had served as a pilot amongst his own people during their long journey to the Alpha Quadrant before that. Adan worshipped his father and quickly took after him, though had plenty of love for his mother as well, shared both her stunning blue eyes and love of science. He was a risk taker early on and a bit of a rough child who took plenty of bumps and bruises. The thing that Adan loved best though was when his father would take him up in his shuttle. He used to try to name the layers of the atmosphere they passed through even when he was still learning how to read. As soon as his father would let him, Adan was at the helm and hasn't seen fit to leave there ever since.

Adan declared he wanted to be a Starfleet officer at the age of ten, and decided he wanted to be a captain who came up as a pilot by the age of eleven. His father was able to get him a recommendation to the Academy through his connections and old friends, but the old career officers made him work for it. When he wasn't in school, he was either in the library, laboratory, shooting range, gym, or of course practicing his piloting. The workload was intense, but spread out over the years. He made friends with these men as easily as he did with their sons and daughters, some of which joined him in the training and went on to the Academy themselves.

As a teenager, Adan's wildness grew to include a love of first rock climbing, which sent his mother's heart racing when she saw how high the cliffs he was scaling at fifteen were. The next year he couldn't get enough of space jumping, though it was technically illegal for a minor. That was enough to earn him his father's anger, but not even he could stop his son from his dangerous hobbies. Adan's studies didn't suffer as a result, and the men who had been training him had to agree the boy was good at dangerous stunts. By the age of seventeen, Adan had passed his entrance exams for Starfleet Academy and was on his way.

Looking back, the part of the Academy Adan loved the most was the friends he made, but at the time he was thrilled to be at the start of his dream and worked himself ragged at times to meet his own high standards for himself. His sometimes manic personality served him well here, though did result in a few issues with discipline that his instructors never quite worked out. It wasn't that Adan was disobedient, or disrespectful, but he had a reputation as a joker as well as one of a prankster. Though the instructors never actually caught him, not even when he allegedly "programmed" the officer's mess replicators to produce nothing but Denebian Slime Devils during his senior year. In reality, he'd been going for Gagh, but whatever works he figured. He graduated with high marks and recommendations from his teachers, and two degrees.

Command school passed slowly for him, mostly due to commanding the transport vessel USS Plymouth, but he'd learned much from the wise officers of the USS Rembrandt before that. There had been plenty of time for him to obtain his second minor on that cargo run. It was there he also took up designing model ships doing everything with simple tools from cutting and shaping the wood, plastics, or alloy he was using, to painting and installing miniaturized power sources and lights. His crowning achievement was what Adan loving refers to as the USS Longhaul, a model transport vessel with remote controls and both antigravity and ion propulsion systems. This idea turned out to be popular, and Adan doesn't mind making more of the toys wherever he was posted after that.

The most humbling, awe-filled moments Adan experienced his his early career were with the fighter pilots of the Starfleet detachment to Corridan. Some of them were survivors of the full two years of war with the Dominion and conflicts since, and they welcome him with open arms. There was an easy camaraderie amongst the pilots, and surprising acts of compassion, but mostly there was the benefit of their experience. Simulations and tests were one thing, especially when taught by men back on the peaceful paradise that was Earth. Adan's first real combat had been with Orion pirates attacking dilithium shipments, and he had listened closely to everything that they had tried to teach him both by word and by deed. With three confirmed complete disables of enemy craft his own score, Adan earned his next promotion when the squadron was lauded for it's actions.

With the new pip on his collar, and the potential for great strides ahead, Adan left Corridan for the USS Asphodel getting ready for deep space assignment. They didn't have a pilot yet, and his name had come up on some list somewhere, the right buttons were pressed, the officers decided, and Adan had his chance. He would serve for a time under Captain Lancaster to see if he could qualify for the Chief's position. What Adan figured he lacked in seniority and experience he would make up for with working harder than ever before.
Service Record As a cadet, Adan specialized in piloting and earned his major equivalent in astrophysics. He unexpectedly set a record for the Academy Stellar Squadron as a 1st class cadet, and lead the wing later as a 4th class. The lifestyle of hard work that his family and friends had helped him build kept him busy. Adan gained his first minor equivalent as a 3rd class, after his studies on warp theory, and his second, this one in starship design, during his final year. For his cadet cruise, Adan worked and piloted ships at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards in orbit of Mars. At first he'd been disappointed that he didn't get to serve on board a starship as some other cadet's might, but quickly learned to love it when he got to put his love of ship design to the test. Flying the latest prototypes out past Pluto was icing on the cake. As he wasn't afraid to put himself forward to be a leader, and considering Adan had been a popular and sometimes bold cadet, he was graduated from the Academy into Command School.

Adan's first tour of duty with Command School was on board the USS Rembrandt, an Excelsior Class vessel deployed to the Gamma Hydra Sector, the place where the boarders of the Federation and the Klingon and Romulan empires meet and there's always something to do. Under the tutelage of the ship's senior officers, Ensign Adan wound up working heavily in the sciences divisions when they weren't giving him a turn at the helm. It was there he began to pick up a 'a decent amount of a ridiculously large amount of information' as the ship's chief engineer often said wryly. After that, he got his first taste of command on the USS Plymouth, a transport and training vessel that made the long cargo run from Tellar Prime to the distant colonies near Deep Space Three.

Later, he was sent to Coridan where he was attached to the fighter squadron based on one of the planet's moons. While Ensign Adan's piloting skills had always been notable, he didn't actually get to be one of the best until his time in the squadron. Veterans of the Dominion War, pilots who had somehow survived when the life expectancy for them was so low they could only laugh about it like it was a fairy tale, were the ones who took the overeager young man under their wings. By the time he graduated Command School, Adan had qualified on most cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and shuttles, but he specialized in fighters. Brave actions during a defense action against pirates, who thought to test the Federation's dilithium trade routes, earned Adan a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and a new posting to the USS Asphodel where he hoped to prove himself for the position of Chief Flight Control Officer.

2385-2386 Cadet 1st Class, General Studies, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2385 Became the youngest member to join Stellar Squadron at age 17
2386-2387 Cadet 2nd Class, Flight School, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2387-2388 Cadet 3rd Class, Flight School, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2388 Squadron Commander, Stellar Squadron
2388-2389 Cadet 4th Class, Flight School, Starfleet Academy, Earth; Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Mars
2389-2389 Ensign, Flight Control Officer, USS Rembrandt
2389-2390 Ensign, Acting Commanding Officer, Starfleet Training Transport USS Plymouth
2390-2391 Ensign, Fighter Officer, Corridan
2391-Present Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Asphodel