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New OF Updates

Posted on Sun Jul 30th, 2017 @ 1:26pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Hey guys,

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to you all, for sticking with us in these really difficult times. I thought I'd open with that as I feel I don't say it enough.

Now, to business.

As some of you may know and some of you may not, yesterday was "Obsidian Day", the celebration of Obsidian FLeet's Anniversary. A number of new things were announced, many of which will be released in a sum up later today, which I will share with you all as soon as I see it.

However, here is the sum up of what's important;

OF has a new website. Everyone is required to have registered on this new site NO LATER than 29/09/2017. However, we're better than that. I registered first thing this morning, and I'd like to see you all registered within 2 weeks. That's not an official deadline, it's a request from me. The site is

The next point is that the Task Force Structure has had a shake up. There's no longer a Senior Task Group CO position, and we're no longer the Flagship for 47-A. As of last night, I am now the TFXO for TF47, which moves us into the independent Task Force, with me acting as the TGCO for that group. Whether that entails a Task Group Flagship point in that Task Group for us I need to enquire. Until I'm sure, I won't be updating the home page since I am still acting as interim TGCO for 47-A, so we can still claim that point.

That is the primary information that I wanted to share with you on this today. As an aside, I'm planning on trying to get this mission completed by the end of next week, and then we'll be beginning Season 5 as of that point. I'll send out details of what it will involve in the next couple of days.

Any questions, shoot me a message.

Have a good day guys.



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